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  1. The XRN gripframe was the primary gripframe (stainless) used on the old full sized Vaquero and may very well been used on other large frame Rugers ..as it say I want a take off not a new unfitted/unpolished one Thanks Bear
  2. Oklahoma Dee is a straight shooter, man of his word, hope I get to deal with him again! Broken Bear
  3. Want to buy a "take-off" BLUE NEW MODEL VAQUERO gripframe ...Grip Frame Thanks Bear
  4. Well that's one interpretation Pard ..I used the 550 Dillon to abbreviate this explanation ..A four station machine or a 4 pass process is working for me in that station #1 is size/decap/cap ..station #2 is case mouth function and powder drop ..station #3 is bullet seat ..station #4 is crimp RL550 Dillon has 11 characters and I think most folks have seen real life or in pictures a 550 and it's configuration ..the above has about 160 characters The RCBS dies just happen to come set up for a 4 pass process ...or maybe they know what they are doing ..more likely the later than the former Bear
  5. All very good information on the 44wcf.. and a special thanks to those who take the time to add pics and graphics during this discussion. The one thing that has always mystified me is the trouble folks have loading the 38wcf and 44wcf ..in particular the case buckle problem as well as the special dies etc folks seem to need to solve the problems I dumb and happily load both of the above calibers 1000/per cal at a time on my Dillon RL550 ..and amazingly I use plain Jane RCBS dies on the above with zero loading problens ..zero magazine problems ..zero feed problems in rifles and no set back or bullet jump in my Single Actions .. With that said ..and I'm not knocking anyone's ideas here ..me thinks the secret is seat the bullet separately from the crimp ..and I guess it's just lucky that RCBS set does in fact seat in one station and crimp in the last and seems compatible to both of the above calibers I do use an original 1892 Winchester carbines in both calibers for my "go in the brush" mode when bucks lock down ..the loads are very hot ..and very effective ..the result is however brass stretch ..so those I meticulously keep separated and trim as needed ..other wise the dreaded wrinkle will eventually catch up with you ..I just don't have brass stretch with my normal SASS loads Bear
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