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  1. Thanks Yul, But will a 16ga fit a 12ga E takedown? This is Molly's gun and we have had problems with the slide before. I think you are right about a new slide. My understanding that all slides are not the same though. This is a 12ga E take down solid forearm (not the 3 screw) type. Thanks R.J.
  2. My findings are the action slide tip that slides in the carrier is worn. When pulling back the slide, (when cocked) the action slide lock slips past the tip, resulting in being able to pull the slide back without pushing the release button. So off to a gunsmith for a weld and tip shaping job. R.J. McRuger
  3. I am leaning that way. I will have to check tonight after work. Thank you, R.J.
  4. Good video, more things to check tonight, Thank you R.J.
  5. Yes, the slide can go back with the hammer cocked. The rod is there. Will it fire out of battery? Have not tried it. Rod does not have pinch marks. I will have to check if it moves or stuck. Lefty you gave me some things to check, Thank You R.J.
  6. On an original Winchester 1897 E model. When the action slide is closed to the fire position, you can just pull the slide to open it back up without pushing the slide release button. It should not do this. What part is worn or out of adjustment? Thank You R.J. McRuger
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