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  1. Can somebody tell me why any number of sass guns are scribbled with a number into the metal?
  2. Pat, I'm from NJ. I took a trip out west in the summer of 2015. I was short of ammo I loaded on the way to a long distance CB dinger shoot in WA. So I stopped at a Cabelas in MT. Saw some .45-70 ammo in 405 gr 20 to the box for less than $30.00, so I bought 2-3 of them. They were very good quality stuff that I would not hesitate to buy again. Recently I bought a Marlin 1893 in .32-40. I have seen brass go for $2-$3 a piece! I found this site https://www.venturamunitions.com/ and they had a lot of CB ammo and other western calibers at decent prices. They had boxes of .32-40 AMMO fo
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