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  1. Imis,

    Would you mind sharing exactly where you got those shooting glasses you described?





    1. Imis Twohofon,SASS # 46646

      Imis Twohofon,SASS # 46646

      Al The glasses are Safety Yellow, wrap around safety glasses with readers, so you can see the loaded round in the revolvers at the LT.  They came from Lowes but can also be had from Home Depot, Menards etc. As I recall they were about $18, bought earlier this year. I dont have the original packaging and they only have GTV 287 on the frames. We have a match today but I can send a picture later if you want.  

      My best




    2. Ninety Caliber Al, 50218

      Ninety Caliber Al, 50218

      Do they give you a choice on the strength of the reader portion?

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