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  1. Dust will increase as you continue to use the tumbling media. The tumbling media will slowly break down and powder residue, corrosion and dirt from the brass will all contribute dust. The dryer sheets help control dust buildup.
  2. They were right. The newest manual is online in pdf format. The 45 Colt data follows. There is a load that meets your specs.
  3. I wear Pro Ears behind the neck muffs when shooting with a cowboy hat. They amplify up to to 8X with a 30dB noise reduction in the muffs. A circuit with a 1.5 millisecond response time suppresses gunshot noise. I barely hear a gunshot but can easily hear steel ring. I can also easily hear a squib.
  4. Locally we paint after each shooter. We have time and this eliminates some scoring errors. Clays frequently break when launched. Using soda cans on pop-ups eliminates this problem. Of course clays launched with a thrower need to be clays. As a spotter I wear amplified hearing protection. Both hearing and seeing targets improves my scoring.
  5. Looks like a good range for a black powder match - no trees and a light breeze.
  6. I too run a CPAP off an inverter hooked to a marine battery. The CPAP only draws 20% of the battery capacity nightly. I could run the CPAP two nights without recharging the battery though I charge the CPAP battery and trailer batteries every morning anyway.
  7. I sent out an e-mail regarding AA availability and a local shooter searched and found a case available at an online retailer. (They are now sold out.) At least I helped one shooter keep competing this summer. It seems Winchester Ammunition is currently producing low noise, low recoil shells. Those needing them should check with their suppliers regularly.
  8. Winchester Ammunition's rebate site only shows rebates for turkey and goose loads. Of course a rebate on unavailable ammunition isn't worth anything. At Utah State I saw women and youngsters shooting Federal 1 1/8 oz loads that were beating them up. They sure could have used some low noise, low recoil AAs. Locally I know of shooters who are searching for low noise, low recoil AAs for their wives.
  9. AA low noise, low recoil shotgun shells were in stock at the ABQ Sportsman. Too bad no rebate this year. (I did not buy them as I have enough on hand.)
  10. I've had flaming plastic wads when shooting BP and subs. The fire hazard is not just limited to fiber wads. I've also seen a fire start from a spark off a steel target. The ground around the target had not been cleared. I'd supplement the sprayers with shovels. Loose dirt piled on burning vegetation can help snuff a fire. At a range where I am an officer we operate on leased state land. We follow statewide fire restrictions faithfully knowing a wildland fire started on our range would result in termination of our lease. We keep the front gate locked knowing some bubbas would
  11. I have one. A few years ago it recorded an accident in an intersection I was approaching. The insurance adjusters were delighted to have video. It made them eye witnesses to the wreck. High resolution video is important. You need to read the license plate numbers on other vehicles.
  12. Seemingly arbitrary rule changes cause shooters to leave a sport. Try putting on a local match match with the shotgun rules you propose then ask for feedback from the club. Let us know their opinions.
  13. When I stopped at a Wal*Mart in Price, UT on my way to Utah State there was plenty of Winchester .22 ammo on the shelf. Didn't buy any but was pleased to see ammo stocked.
  14. Nice meeting you at Utah State. Tell us who gifted you with a complete set of leather so we can hold this pard in high regard. I am pulling for you to win the blackhawks in the raffle.
  15. FYI, since you are new to the game. Nickle-plated brass with any headstamp is more prone to splitting than unplated brass. Don't buy nickle-plated brass, but if you end up with some just use them in your revolvers where a split won't stop you from shooting.
  16. If submitted electronically you should see your card in June. If USPS, who knows. Your mail will travel by jet to DFW, open-cockpit bi-plane to ABQ, then ox cart to Moriarty with a lunch stop at Molly's Bar in Tijeras followed by a long siesta.
  17. I bought an umbrella holder and umbrella from a local, discount golf shop. It fit perfectly. BTW you can buy a 6-ft diameter golf umbrella with the logo of your favorite sports team online.
  18. Restrictions won't end with firearms. Consider the limits on knives in the UK.
  19. I've attended several EOTs. You might cross paths with a few well-known gunsmiths but not many vendors selling gun parts. Some will do action jobs on your guns at the match and engravers will make them pretty. You can also get your grips checkered. Vendors mostly sell leather, guns and clothes.
  20. FYI, I posted the link only to provide a source on the handgun magazines used. I in no way agree with the editorial statements of the author. I also don't consider 15-round mags as high-cap. Prayers for families of the victims.
  21. Fox News reported the shooter had 32 mags that could hold 12-15 rounds each.
  22. Not to buy: cheap Chinese knockoffs off of any of the products mentioned in this thread. BTW, I find a jewelers screwdriver on a swiss army knife quite handy in repairing eyeglasses while on travel.
  23. I have a copy of Alliant's 2004 edition of reloading data. On page 45 there is load data for cowboy action. For a 125 grain Laser Cast bullet in a .357 mag case the starting load is 3.3 grains for 764 fps with a max load of 3.9 grain for 856 fps. Primer was not specified. American Select is a suitable powder for CAS. I would buy that 8-lb jug. I load lots of it in 38 Special cases with good results.
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