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    Any place where I can send lead down range !

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    cas, nascar, fishing, hunting, country music and dance, RODEO ! Never chase good whiskey with water; less'in you are out of good whiskey.

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  1. Question...Can any one tell me if the gun cart you use....the guns have to be carried up ? I have seen quite a few with them pointing down.


    Quite frankly, I don't like the mussel in my face.

  2. Hey thar Blackwater...got my 10 gauge at long last !  But now I have to git somethang to load up wif.  Got any iders ? How much you spect them'll run ?

    1. Blackwater 53393

      Blackwater 53393

      You can get 10ga black powder ammo from Gad Custom Ammunition.  They're on the inter web. I bought 2 boxes of 25 rounds and a bag of 100 Federal hulls cut to fit my chamber length.  The old guy that runs it is pretty unique and I haven't bought anything from him in several years, but his stuff is first rate!!

  3. Howdy folks...got some question(s) fer y'all.

    Can any y'all tell me whar I can buy a 10 gauge shot shell plate & 10 gauge brass shells ?

    Been lookin' mighty hard fer'em & always comin' up short.

  4. Like how we bander about !

  5. Happy New Year! Hope to see you at the next match. We have "The Great Chili Shootout" comin up soon.. Jan 28th. Have a promo movie on the GCG web site at www.gcgunslingers.com. Look under videos and then view the Event flyer. It's gonna be a great time. Last year we made the "Cowboy Chronicle" with this event.. See ya on down the trail.. Amen S.

  6. Pard, lookin' forward to meetin ya in person and tryin' to help ya as much as I can !

  7. Pard, lookin' forward to meetin ya in person and tryin' to help ya as much as I can !

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