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  1. As the title says, I'm selling 20 boxes of the Winchester AA Low Noise/Low Recoil shotgun shells (factory new) in .12 gauge. Unfortunately, due to the cost of shipping this is for the Raleigh NC area only. $240
  2. SPF

    1. Sam Jones

      Sam Jones

      If you'll reconsider, I really would like to but this ammo to keep shooting CAS!  I'll certainly pay the shipping, too.


      Michael Irwin

      Westerville, Ohio

  3. CORRECTION: Thanks to a pard who pointed out that the grips aren't Eagle grips; they are Altamont grips.
  4. Selling my OMV Rugers in .357, 4 1/2 " barrels. Longhunter did a premium action job on both, including the power custom free reverse spin pawls in both. Both come with Eagle grips. $2,200 shipped to CONUS.
  5. Selling my consecutive serial numbered SASS Ruger NMV revolvers in.357 High Glass Stainless, that have Jimmy Spurs action jobs on both . Jimmy did a full race action job on both Rugers and installed the 4 click half-cock hammer, beveled the cylinder ejector rod, ejector rod housing and widened the rear sight, as well as diamond cut the front sights and jewel hammered the hammers and triggers. They both have Eagle grips, and the original SASS grips are included. The revolvers have 4 1/2" barrels. The pictures are not duplicates of the same revolver; they show both revolvers. $2,900 shipped to CONUS. No trades; thanks for looking!
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