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  1. Anyone use HS6 for .357 loads? If so, do you have a recipe for .357 using HS6 with 158 gr bullets? I've got a bunch of HS6 & would like to use it to load 158 gr in my rifle. Thanks General Ledger
  2. UPDATE-PROBLEM FIXED! Well, the problem was the retaining screw on the loading gate. Singin' Sue had the fix! Thanks for the input.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. One question: what is a ladle?
  4. While loading my Uberti '73 at a match yesterday, I noticed the loading gate wasn't closing all the way. I didn't think much of it 'til I went to the line to shoot. The lever was occasionally not closing easily, and when I got home, I noticed that the lever wouldn't close if the loading gate wasn't fully closed (dry firing, of course). Do I need to replace the loading gate? Is there an adjustment I can make? Thanks! General Ledger
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