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  1. Well the Yul Lose "Texas Cart" with a St. Michael and Thin Blue Line tribute has made it to Texas! Jeff Jackson, aka Colorado Jackson, won a YL cart in 2020 during the LOCAS fundraiser. He told Yul he wanted it to be Texas Themed and the best cart YL had ever made. I won a cart in 2021 and shortly after, we lost CJ. YL wanted me to finish out CJs cart as he had already started it and then they could raffle mine off as a fundraiser for Melissa Jackson. Luckily Missy was kind enough to agree. I kept everything Jeff asked for but added St. Michael, a thin blue line running from El Paso to Beaumont, my alias, and a CJ as close to Colorado as they could get it. Yul Lose nailed this along with his leather pard, Double Diamond. @Yul Losethank you für EVERYTHING!
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