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  1. The state can void the contract in the event it is a safety concern. This year they could use Covid, next year they could use global warming caused by so many guns in one area. I'm just glad the Paradise Pass was able to step up on a truly short notice and help us not have to go through another EOT withdrawal.
  2. Exactly Billy, not like they contract it out to a call center. You cancel one little EOT and it opens the gates for everyone to get in for a 2021 extravaganza.
  3. Night sights are legal, fiber optics are not. I've run a TLEII for years to include WR and EOT. Never had an issue with it.
  4. It has absolutely nothing to do with "OKC crew has the Nationals, great, now are they going to ignore others and just say we are more important than you so just deal with it". They are having their match at the same time they have always had it. So I guess they should now take into consideration their 5 state matches, Nationals, World, the awards venue, the 4 state matches for your region, the 4 corners, then all the other regionals also so that they don't get offended. There is a reason this match draws 400 hundred shooters annually and often have to close it. If you are slighted because they
  5. Rude and thoughtless, really? They have both been at the same time period. The OKC crew has to try and find the best time to have the match with regards to 5 other state matches, the National Championship and the World Championship. The October 2020 match was an anomaly based on CV19. Throwing out comments like yours is actually rude and VERY thoughtless with regards to a fine club. I guess I can counter claim that hosting the Four Corners on the same weekend as the SWR is rude and thoughtless, would not be a true statement but I guess that doesn't really matter though does it? Flat Top Okie,
  6. You truly are getting a work of art. Beautiful and top level performance quality.
  7. Prayers up for my friend. Saw him a couple of times at WR after he moved. Good guy.
  8. Saw one today at Sportman's Finest for $800.00. I'm a 38 guy so no interest but I know others like them so passing on the info. No affiliation with them. Big Iron Patnode
  9. I use the cylinder too and my Bond barrels in 45 acp for my 1911 ammo.
  10. Whiskey, that 10 AM hammer down will be welcomed with the cool early mornings this week. See ya there.
  11. Looking forward to this one! Darby Rough Regulators is a great club to shoot.
  12. Come on down and visit the Darby Rough Regulators. Great place to shoot. Convenient to Houston and Austin. Beautiful working cattle ranch.
  13. Are you back in Arkansas?? Getting out completely?

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