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  1. I read that Singer quit making 1911's because their ability to make sewing machines made them perfect for making the bomb sight.
  2. I've heard the snakes weren't reptiles, but druid priests.
  3. My buddy had one for him and his wife, she never got the hang of it and he sold them. There are a lot of bike trails local, one shop rents them, you should see if that's the case near you, Rent before you buy.
  4. If you were running 500 of those, might be worth it. But only one part, end mill flip it end mill, done. Did you notice no safety glasses, with those high speed cutters I'd be scared to death.
  5. That couldn't have taken more that a 10 hour shift.
  6. You sure? https://www.thetrace.org/2015/07/hollow-point-ammunition-us-army/
  7. Are you sure? I thought it was some treaty or other for rules of war, since that was not a declared war it didn't count and we didn't sign it anyway.
  8. I would say the rules for basements are the same near any body of water. You are going to need the bottom of the basement above the highest level of the water. That said many places around Lake Superior rise quite fast as you move away from the lake, you could be 20' away and 20' higher, The church I go to up there is about a mile from the lake but a good 100' above it, it has a basement.
  9. Pretty common in NE Ohio back in the day. A good number of guys in my apprenticeship learned from their mothers.
  10. Seems that some south American cinnamon producers are adding lead to their product to increase its weight since it is sold buy the pound. https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-takes-steps-ensure-safety-cinnamon-products-sold-us
  11. You should have know better, this is cowboy action shooting, not rocket science.
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