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  1. Ever watch Shotgun Boogie work..... a drop of Mobil 1 here and there if it slides, spins.. I was and am a convert to Mobil 1. As he said don't you think the automotive industry would use the best.
  2. I have run a pair of Vaqueros (after the magic of Boomstick Arms) for years. If you want it to smoothy... go bang every time. These guys know their stuff.
  3. Well it worked most of the time..... I took it apart and ran the action through a ultrasonic cleaner with hoppe's then strained the liquid through a coffee filter to see if I could find any dirt. -0- nothing, So I made a few calls to folks that know more than me (long list). The take away was check for wood from the stock rubbing on the action parts. Well what do you know. I could see how the hammers had polished the wood as they were working. Now that's a close fit. A light touch with a dremel tool on the inner stock wood, better than new. Just sharing my continuing education. :-)
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