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  1. Federal quartermasters were quite generous in supplying the CSA for the first two years of the war.
  2. Now, that is just the hard crackers. Add in the meat, the "desecrated" vegetables, flour, salt, sugar (if they were lucky), coffee, soap, candles, clothing, munitions, tools, arms. and lord knows what else, and you have quite a load out.
  3. A great way to detail what it took to feed an army.
  4. Let's all pray that next year there be no ornaments on that persons tree.
  5. The standard answer to that is, "Well, the Germans and Italians didn't launch a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor!" But that simplistic answer ignores the Nazi spies, and attempted sabotage, in the US. The Japanese agent in Hawaii, Takeo Yoshikawa (under the cover of being vice-counsel Tadashi Morimura) found the local Japanese in Hawaii to be " unanimously uncooperative."
  6. The precision of placement, the steady hand, the even pressure on the piping bag, astounding! Amazing!
  7. Eagles/Redskins is being a heck of a game! Back and forth all day. Aaaannnnnd....with 21 seconds to Eagles fumble, 'skins recover. Redskins up 27 - 22.
  8. A comment from a Navy-heavy group I'm in: " I blame the SecNav, CNO, and the MCPON... After removing Traditional ratings and going with meaningless occupation codes.... Navy thought they were Army and thus lost."
  9. Some does. The rest, nice big patties to go on top of the biscuits and under the gravy.
  10. That is, the Flag's own right. Heraldically, to dexter. That is, to sinister. I know it's been more than a few decades since the change, but I still don't care for it. OH! The Invocation and Anthem: OOOPS! That 1st Youtube was last years. Here is this years: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7kjw9DaOL4
  11. I hear that the Anthem was well done. I tuned in a few minutes too late to catch it.
  12. Yep, that it was. I was born in '57 and I know that the parents of some of my classmates had been there.
  13. http://countercurrentnews.com/2016/12/censored-photos-from-inside-u-s-japanese-concentration-camps/
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