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  1. Funny, I prefer Bud Light, although on our moose hunting trips, we traditionally bring Moosehead.
  2. So Pat, at one time you were a corn rustler. Glad you learned the error of your ways.
  3. Only in summer. Rum is the winter drink and we get a lot of it. Bambu; Bacardi 8 or 10 year old. Old Canadian saying: Six months good sledding; six months poor sledding. And by the way:
  4. I'm interested in the part mentioned that his aircraft, 42-104949 has been restored and is now registered as N 537BR That would be an interesting story.
  5. Something that should be read world-wide, every day, by every person on the planet. I wonder how long the despots and dictatorships would last?
  6. SIGH. Page Three. Again. And Yes, sadly, this is true. Be glad you have the NRA working for you.
  7. I don't know; If someone was having a mental breakdown, seeing that thing coming at them, I think that might really freak them out. Still, better than risking an officers life.
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