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  1. Garage doors left open. Goodies left lying around, even for a moment. Lights left off at night when not home. Stuff left on the doorstep and not picked up for a day or two. Neighbours/neighbourhoods that don't keep an eye open for prowlers.
  2. Working for a highly politicized City for 40+ years, I had to sit through many such sessions on anything that was the issue De Jour or for whatever group had their underwear in a knot at that particular moment and for who city council gave a sympathetic hearing. You have my sympathy and understanding.
  3. OK, I'm jealous. Here in Ontario, scheduled CAS matches are cancelled, due to COVID restrictions and currently, even the ranges themselves are closed.
  4. Had a look at my ammo stash, I've been loading since the start of this CRAP-19 and this one struck a cord:
  5. We still have ours scheduled, but have had to cancel a couple, due to Lock-Downs. I post ours on CGN and we have a mailing list to get the word out if needed.
  6. I hope you can get that fixed and bounce back Pard.
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