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  1. OK, I've heard of Cow Tipping, but that there is something else!
  2. We have the same kinda friends don't we? Oh well! It's all fun, even if I'm never in the running to win the Caddie or the SUV.
  3. Be careful if you see them sharpening wooden stakes and casting silver bullets.
  4. Loophole Larue: I called my former co-workers with the City and they are packaging up some snow for you. NO-NO, Don't thank me!
  5. I think I knew her when she was an Ottawa Police Officer. (Still love ya Edna!)
  6. You can have some of mine! Wind swept back yard and the driveway in front of the house. 12 HP, two augers and an impellor equipped snow blower can't get it any higher!
  7. I don't get to shoot the amounts many mentioned in here, but I think I better start using gloves and a lead filter mask, when I tumble and handle brass etc. I have a RCBS sonic tumbler, I sometimes use, but getting solution up here has become an issue, so the dry tumbling Frankford Arsenal tumbler and brass/media separator are used most of the time. Any thoughts and opinions about washing the cases in plain hot or cold water before tumbling and depriming?
  8. Too bad they don't have engineers and technicians who know how to build retention ponds.
  9. I'd like to and I'm thinking about it. After all, someone has to come last place. MAN! I've been looking at the times for EOT etc. and those folks TOTAL MATCH times are what I shoot for a STAGE! I am thinking about driving the motor home out though, but I'm pretty much alone now for a long trip. My son, Big Red is working and saving his vacation time for a winter trip to visit friends in Florida and my riding partners; fellow Trail Boss (West) for the Wranglers and the TG for the area have commitments and responsibilities around here. I'm also waiting to hear about my knee replacements, so I'll have to play it by ear. Getting old sucks!
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