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  1. My best friend/brother from another Mother/God-Father to my son and I used to shoot at an indoor range, where Linda, a very pretty college student would join us, learning to shoot handgun. One evening, after the thundering herd had left, Linda was shooting her .22 and Bill and I decided to shoot our S & W model 52's either side of her, as she wanted to get used to the distraction. At a wink and a nod, Bill and I both opened on her 20 yard target and shot the black from it. Linda had to put her gun and cease, she was laughing so hard. We then knew her as Linda Malcolm. S
  2. A take-off from that deck would be....................................................challengng.
  3. A preliminary report of a ground breaking study from an unnamed California University:
  4. And, Sadly, they are quickly out breeding us, in both our countries.
  5. Curses! Perro Del Diablo has found my secret communication method ! I and my minions, plotting to take over the Saloon will have to find another way I wonder if anyone will find this?
  6. Shooting rifle from seated, I couldn't get comfy and kept shifting around, due to a minor injury. Finally got settled and opened, shooting two at each bull on a five bull target. Uncoiled from my position and looked through the spotting scope - at an untouched target! "What the????? I had a good sight picture when I fired. " The older shooter beside me laughed and said; "Young fellow, have a look at my target!" You scored 100, but on mine!" I bought him a beer later.
  7. No CCW or even open carry in Canada now, so usually toted this. Handy little thing.
  8. So Pat, will this be you, or am I the only one this fits????????
  9. Hard, even heart-breaking decision to have to make. I/we have had to put down a number of pets, including budgies. Never had the heart to do it myself; always had the vet do it as we cuddled them.
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