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  1. Lost my nearly full hospital parking pass card in the console of my Dodge Caravan the same way. Too expensive to try to pull the console to retrieve the parking card.
  2. Or, they could just fake it as they have been caught doing in the past.
  3. Dad was at the crash scene and noticed the tail was separated from the A/C and had a unique dent in it. He went over photos of previous Crane crashes and saw the same thing and alerted the engineers.
  4. My Father was an RCAF/CEPE crash investigator and worked on the crashes. He was one of those who ID'd a similar issue, (metal fatigue) in WWII with the Cessna Crane., so the issue was not totally unknown.
  5. Hitting steel too! I wonder how old he actually is?
  6. Once the poor buggers are there, I hope they are able to surrender and escape. Question: Is there any record or history of Russian troops fragging their unpopular or dangerous officers?
  7. From the little I have read or heard, I think it's likely Subdeacon Joe's posting, will turn out to be the answer.
  8. An early model SunSeeker. I wonder if they have all the problems fixed yet?
  9. Well have to introduce you to Tim Horton's! A Double-Double and a honey Cruller will make you a believer!
  10. So instead of just one pot of coffee for me today, I'll make two! Thanks.
  11. Imagine being the Father of the girl who brings that fellow home, as her new boyfriend, just to introduce you !
  12. No .25s or .32s either. Prohibited along with ARs and all their derivatives.
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