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  1. After deciding to not send mine back, because I had replaced all the recall parts with custom parts, Ruger has called me twice asking where the gun was. I told them I was not returning it to them because I had replaced the parts with custom parts. They seemed unhappy with that. I then got another letter from them warning me that the gun has not been converted and that if sold, the new buyer should be notified. They are indeed concerned about their liability. I have 5, 3 screw Blackhawks, that never went back either.
  2. Shipper finally came but I have decided not to send it back. I have already replaced the trigger, sear and other custom parts and the problem parts were in the mix. No need to send to remove the parts, send it back then remove their parts and put mine back again.
  3. Lumpy, I just got an E-mail from Ruger. It states that I will be receiving my shipping box "soon." I guess the checks in the mail. Maybe they read the Wire!?!?
  4. I am not sure at this point. There is apparently a back log and they my be dividing up the work?
  5. Lumpy, I agree, and they said they were sending repair return boxes in the order the requests were received. Guess I was to slow!
  6. Just an update. Sent my request for a Recall Repair on June 26th. That is over two months ago. Ruger has told owners to not use their guns until they have been repaired. At this point I certainly am not impressed with the speed of the recall. Got to shoot it once. No mailer to date.
  7. DO NOT MESS WITH THE QUEEN OF THE WIRE...........she has secret powers only know to the man upstairs.
  8. Correcto Mundo. Dealers can ship USPS where non-dealers cannot. Most gun manufacturers do not use the post office anyway.
  9. They supply the box and shipping. Even if it was the frame, which it is not, when the factory sends you the pre-paid shipping box, it is all that is needed.
  10. Once you sign up for the recall on their web site, and have included your serial number for verification that it is part of the recall, they put you on a waiting list. Once they have you scheduled and the parts are available, they will ship you a prepaid shipping notice. They claim they will only have the gun for 1 week. They also suggest that you not use the gun until it has been repaired. If you have already had custom work (like my Volquartsen parts) do not ship them with the gun. They will remove them and if it is a trigger or sear, they say they will not return them. The only thing that ticks me off is if you paid a gunsmith to do the action work, you will have to pay them again. Ruger refused to send the new replacement parts to a gunsmith. Although I did my own, there are folks that will have to shell out money to have the action work redone. The free magazine is not enough of a present to pay for two action jobs. They are not necessarily doing this because they are nice guys. They are 100% liability driven, hence not shipping the replacement parts to a gunsmith. Don't get me wrong, I like Ruger products and would buy another in a heartbeat but I am not applauding them on this recall.
  11. I have vertical gun racks that were purchased from a sporting goods store. They bolt to the floor and have Velcro straps to secure the long guns. I also have a steel cage on the front for other items. They can be purchased from any golf cart dealer.
  12. Prayers up, from the east coast, for a short trip in the hospital. Hang tough PW.
  13. In response to how many people shoot real Colts, I would venture to say less that 8% of the shooters use real Colts all the time. For one, they are a little on the pricey side. When you can buy 3 Rugers (also American) or any of the clones for the same price, they are not in many folks budget. If you want new ones, the wait can be very long while they also hold your money. I have 6 pairs of Colts but I prefer shooting my 3 screw Rugers only because they fit me better. I use the Colts occasionally only.
  14. Annie May,

    You are welcome, hope you come back!


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