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  1. Well, I have one and my son has one. I gotta wonder when I hear about guys complaining about the loading gate ~ wimpy thumbs? Ours are just fine. Some folk seem to be comparing them to competition revolvers. All in all, out of the box they're no worse than any other new Ruger I've ever had. "Race ready?" Nope. Functional? Absolutely. I've changed springs in other Rugers and I could change 'em in the Wrangler if I wanted to compete with 'em. But for just plinking, heck, I'm not going to bother. If you haven't handled one, try one. They work. They're not Sing
  2. I know and have known a number of former and career "swabbies" who would whole-heartedly disagree. They'd not like that chump any more than you do, and would seriously take exception to being likened to him.
  3. I had thought that Rush coined the term... however, research shows that it even predates Mr Limbaugh:
  4. And for a REAL snicker, we'd break out the beer and chips and tune in Mexican "wrestling." The totally serious and astonished looks on the audience's faces was the best part of the show!
  5. @J.D. Daily made some good observations about the production issues Remington had to deal with. That said, and for what it's worth, I bought a Marlin 336 in 1971. About 2002 I bought a Model 94, and a second about 2005. In 2018 I bought my son a Remington built Model 95 Cowboy .45-70. Of these four rifles the only one that had any mechanical issue was the 1971 built 336; from the day it was purchased it had frequent FTF's that required gunsmithing to correct. The 94's both functioned flawlessly, as has my son's 95. I've personally never seen, but have
  6. Mebbe we should start a pool for which breakfast cereal mascot will be targeted first: Cap'n Crunch or Lucky Charms. Cap'n Crunch ~ Captain Horatio Magellan Crunch. Middle-aged, bordering on "Senior Citizen" status, white guy with militaristic bearing. Obviously his rank was attained via his "white privilege." With his age he is probably a drudge on society, requiring more than his share of health resources. He is also undoubtedly conservative and all that being such entails. Bad. Very bad indeed. Lucky Charms ~ Sir Charms, aka "Lucky the Leprechaun." Spokespers
  7. That was terrific! But... as Bob Dylan said... "The times, they are a-changin'."
  8. Thanks, Joe! I enjoyed the heck outta that~! I just might try making it myownself... Oh - and Grandma was terrific!
  9. I once again successfully resisted blurting "Son.... Yo' Mama Riiiiides Tonight~!"
  10. Well, Mike... many have said that good work is worth a wait. But isn't telling someone 2 - 3 months then taking 2 1/2 to 3 years just a bit "over the top?" Especially after requiring "up-front payment?" After a bunch of "It'll be shipped by the end of the week!" promises over that time period?? So Jeeze, man... finish Palouse's unfired 2nd Generation Colt Navy (NOT an Italian reproduction) and send it back to him. That is NOT a low-quality, out-of-spec piece of junk requiring any "extra" work.
  11. Um... Wasn't this the job that you were assured would take just two to three months??
  12. Wow...! Just knowing that there are people and organizations like this is seriously alarming.
  13. I'm hopeful, but not confident. And I'd rather see the court resolve Newsom's despotic ammunition purchase law.
  14. Totally out of character for me ("Buy high ~ sell low!" ), I bought my li'l cottage at the nadir of the market. Supposedly, it's "value" has increased to about 2 1/2 times what I paid for it just under ten years ago. I'm sure this'll be changing in the not too distant future. Let it. Like Forty, I ain't goin' anywhere.
  15. Well... she's only human, don'tcha know...
  16. One of the few good things about California is our "Proposition" process. Ordinary citizens can gather signatures and petition to have things put on the ballot that the wethers in the state legislature might not want to address. Because of this and to the great annoyance of today's political "leaders" in the state, we have Proposition 13, passed in 1978 in a taxpayer's revolt. Proposition 13 severely limits the amount residential properties can be re-assessed for taxation purposes - something like a maximum of 2% per year, until the property was sold. This was needed... I knew pe
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