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  1. Originally posted two or three years ago - hc Celebrating Saint Patrick “Hey Fellas! We need to have a St Patrick’s party!” And with those fateful words the die was cast. O Lord, five years since we’d become Kappa Phi Delta frat bros, and we hadn’t learned yet… Okay. It was early February, 1975, and Ray “Fu Man” Gee (“Fu-Man,” after his very sad attempt to grow a Fu Manchu mustache), Bill “Wynuts” Wyant and I were sharing an apartment in Pacifica. Neat place, the complex was literally perched atop about an 80 foot cliff o
  2. Naw, Ike, you can't use Chicago as an example. According to reports in the media, they've done their part to control gun violence; it's all the fault of the cretin politicians in Indiana and Kentucky and the other surrounding states who won't pass wonderful anti-gun laws of their own. Oh. And Texas. Mustn't forget that Chicago's awful problems are largely due to those folks in Texas...
  3. Wondering if anyone here has any experience with scanning film or slides... An early passion of mine was photography, and my preferred processing output was slides. I have many, many boxes of 35mm (135mm) slides. "Tons" of slides! And I still have a functional slide projector, but for practical purposes I'd like to digitize a bunch of those old pictures. Having this done professionally is prohibitively expensive. So, the question... any suggestions on scanners? Preferably something affordable, but better than the cardboard phone camera adaptors. Thank
  4. READ MY LIPS--NEW TAXES https://www.foxbusiness.com/economy/biden-reportedly-planning-first-major-tax-hike-in-next-economic-package
  5. My doctor told me that I should avoid alcohol - sez it's bad for my heart. My cardiologist told me that if I wanted a drink, go ahead - in moderation it's good for my heart. Guess which one I chose to believe!
  6. Second Pfizer today just before noon. Wanted a short nap this afternoon (I never take naps); a slight, vague "achey" feeling in my chest. All in all, less discomfort than a hangnail. So far!
  7. Looks like it's wantin' a can of Krylon. Preferably black.
  8. Corrected my above ~ have not had a credit card in years. I do use a debit card; debit cards were in their early days when I left the "industry." I told my son at an early age that if he even so much as thought about following his old man's footsteps I'd thump 'im.
  9. I started my banking career fifty years ago, working in the mailroom at Western States BankCard Association ~ the original Master Charge company. About twenty-two years and four companies later I came to my senses and bailed out, by then a VP-grade department head and project manager with Bank of America. Haven't had a bankcard credit card in years... just the thought gives me chills.
  10. Oh my.... We've come to this. Thankfully, winter's almost over~!!
  11. Do you have Medicare? Any supplemental coverage? I found out the hard way that if you do have supplemental coverage, it'll suck you down the gopher hole with ancillary BS requirements (policy group number, personal policy number, BIN number, PCN number, upload pictures of front and back of insurance care, etc). Third time, I just clicked the "Medicare" box and did NOT indicate that I had anything else, and in a couple of minutes had my appointment. On the sore arm: You may significantly reduce the "sore arm effect" by totally relaxing the muscles in your arm receivin
  12. Years ago, champagne cake was always my go-to contribution for gatherings of a theater group I used to be with ~ always enjoyed immensely by everyone. And yes, sometimes they were pink. And no, I did not bake 'em ~ always bought 'em from a local bakery. Although I never made one myself, they were REALLY yummy! If you find a good recipe, be sure to share it!
  13. Thankee for the research, Pat! Dangit... I was within a quarter mile of Sportsman's Warehouse in Fresno just yesterday - but it's a sixty mile round trip from home. But I'll be back in Fresno next Toosday!
  14. I'm pretty sure you know more about baseball than I know about cricket~!
  15. "Gun ownership in Albania?" Well... if you check 'em out, be sure to report back. While you're at it, can you see what sorta pepper spray them Albanians use?
  16. Might anyone have any recommendations on effective pepper spray products for protection against large, aggressive, loose-running dogs? No, I don't want to shoot 'em.
  17. I know that... YOU know that... but since they don't have 'em down that-a-way, Wallaby might not know that....
  18. But you guys don't have mitts... uh... do ya?
  19. Did any of you fellas opt for Toric lenses...?
  20. Well poop. I tried to, but when I attempted to log in it said that my password was invalid. Pretty sure I entered it correctly, but I went ahead and clicked on "Forgot Password" (again!)... and got the message that they did not recognize my email address. On that note: Last December, I tried to order a bayonet from them - they said they had no record of me (although they did once sell me a Garand). But with four phone calls and the help of a couple of really nice ladies at the CMP I successfully re-established my existence with the organization, and on January 01, I
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