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  1. Automobile line named after the Ottawa war chief Pontiac (1714 - 1769)
  2. I'm sure they tried. (If it was California, they'd find 'em next week.)
  3. Kind of an illusion... Our vantage point is abaft her port beam - she's actually headed away from us a bit to starboard. The wind is forward of her starboard beam - try to visualize the sails as airfoils. The flag is probably waving sinuously, and the camera caught it at the perfectly picturesque position.
  4. Cousin's young son reeeally wanted a Garand. So, he saved up, did everything to qualify, and ordered a Service Grade IHC from the CMP last March, just days before they removed the IHC's from the availability list. I'd like to say that he waited patiently; but the reality is, at 21 years of age, it's mighty hard to be patient when waiting for an M1. But he internalized his frustrations. Well... not exactly... actually, his Dad absorbed a bunch of it while kindly preaching patience to the lad. He did call the nice lady at the CMP about six months after his order went in, just to verify that it had been received and politely inquired of its status; he even mentioned to the nice lady that he wanted it because his grand-dad had carried one in the Army, and he intended to keep it forever. (Many, many Garands are being "flipped" these days) Well, after seven months it arrived! Sorta. It had to be shipped to a dealer for the ten day California Confinement. But the kid got to visit it when he completed the California paperwork. I think he done good. Finish on the metal parts is uniform. The stock (all pieces are dark but match), receiver (1953), bolt, front and rear sights, trigger group, and trigger guard are all IHC. The barrel is a correct LMR (1/54), and is tagged Muzzle 1+, Throat 2. Needless to say, the kid is delighted. I wish I could remember the last time I was that happy!
  5. So... to sum it up, I bet we could all guess (with confidence!) who this fella voted for in the last election....
  6. The good ol' Kappa Phi Delta house was... well, if not haunted, it certainly did seem to have a resident "spirit." Not so much scary, but definitely a capricious soul. Most of the fellas who lived in the house as well as non-resident frat guys had passive experiences - we all had heard feetsteps from upstairs (all three levels of upstairs; it was a four-story "Edwardian Mansion") when no one was there, as well as faint voices. And a few of us had more personal interactions. Including me - I had three of note. The first was about 1971. Lurch and Bill and I were about to head up to Tahoe for a fun weekend. Ed (Lurch) had a brand new Ford Pinto, and we all had about forty bucks apiece in our wallets - the equivalent of over $250 in today's dollars. Gas was cheap, about 35¢ a gallon, Motel 6 was literally six bucks, and food was almost free in the casinos. We were set. I'd just come home from work, and Bill and Lurch left to make a dash to the local liquor store while I showered and got ready. But there was a problem. When I dressed, I discovered my wallet was missing. It had been in my trousers pocket; I'd had it out to count my money just before the fellas left. Well... they made the trip without me. They did donate a few dollars for beer money, which I appreciated; on Monday, I set about replacing my driver's license, school ID, credit card, etc. Two months later, I was vacuuming my room, and decided to move the extra bed to clean the carpet underneath. But hello - what's this? An odd lump under the carpet... which, after pulling the carpet up, turned out to be my wallet. With all contents intact. Evidently our resident phantom had not wanted to be alone that weekend. The Second was the Saturday before Easter, 1972. Which also happened to be April 01. Hank and I had just returned home, after an enjoyable afternoon at Pacifica's Sharp Park shooting range. Pulling up in front of the Kappa Phi Delta house, we noted that no one else was home - everyone was gone to Mom's for the holiday; I had no mom to go home to, and Hank's was too far. We walked up the marble steps, and just as I was shoving my key into the lock, we clearly heard a thump from the other side of the door followed by footsteps running up the stairs. Burglar! Without hesitation, we threw the door open and gave chase, with the feetsteps always just around the corner on the square spiral staircase. But when we reached the top of the stairs at the long landing on the fourth floor... there was nobody there. We had a quick discussion; Hank took the door to the left, Bill's room, and I took the one to the right - the attic, or "rustic chalet" room. Bills door was unlocked; the "chalet" door was locked, but I had a key. I waited while Hank cleared Bill's room - no sign of an intruder. I unlocked the second door, and we rushed in. Empty. Door locked, windows locked. "Well, I reckon it was just 'him' again," Hank said. We unloaded our gear and fetched a couple beers. The third (and final) personal experience was on my final night in the house, October 1973. Our lease on the magnificent old place had finally expired. Sadly, in the face of growing opposition and the beginning of persecution by the changing administration and student body of San Francisco State University, our board decided to bring to an end the grand experience of Kappa Phi Delta. Channel 7 even featured us on the evening news. Right after the news crew left, the few of us still in residence headed out for a party in Pacifica. after midnight, I came home - and was the only person in the house. I walked up to my room on the third floor - which had at one time been the master suite of the house. I unlocked and opened the door... and immediately felt a chill. My head swiveled and my gaze was pulled toward a dark, cherrywood hutch across the room. This piece of furniture was old, battered, and had been in the house (and that room) as long as anyone remembered. It had been used by a number of my predecessors to store everything from textbooks to reloading supplies, with the latter being MY contribution. The glass upper and wooden doors of the lower featured a "skeleton key" type lock. But, there had never been a key. Nobody who had ever lived in that room had ever seen a key. But, this night, I was drawn to the piece. I looked down, and there, visible in the ambient light from the windows, lay a small skeleton key on the floor in front of the hutch. The key fit the locks perfectly. Something wanted me to have it. Even though it would never match other furniture purchases, forty-eight years later I still have the old hutch. And it still houses miscellaneous reloading and shooting supplies. And a few books.
  7. Good grief. Remember when it was not only socially acceptable, but commonplace and expected to collectively refer to males as "boys?" "Dear, I'm gonna go bowling with the boys after work!" Or, what about the old Civil War song "The Battle Cry of Freedom," advocating the Union and abolitionism?
  8. I am absolutely not a "conspiracy theorist." But something just piqued my interest. There is an article on Fox News about the Biden administration proposing to do away with most cash bail as part of a "gender equality" plan: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-releases-gender-equity-plan-that-calls-for-eliminating-cash-bail This in itself is interesting. Actually, it might be kind of startling. But for those of us in California, well... this is nothing new. Under the Brown/Newsom Reichs, legislation was enacted and approved to pretty much do away with the bail system in California. During the early planning stages, the state Attorney General was none other than Kamala Harris. In 2016 California senator Barbara Boxer decided to not run for re-election. Thanks to California's "Jungle Primary" system, Harris easily replaced Boxer. When Harris moved into her senator role, she was replaced as Attorney General by Xavier Becerra. It was under Mr Becerra's watch that the radical state bail plan became a reality; Mr Becerra now holds the position of Secretary of Health and Human Services in the Biden Administration. And we all know what Kamala's current job is. My point here is that we should be alert for any inordinate level of California influence on national policy. We would all be well advised to be watchful. I pray we don't see any attempts to apply California "logic" to Federal gun laws. The Brown/Newsom - Harris/Becerra reigns saw California's already restrictive gun laws became shockingly draconian. Hopefully this present move will not be a portent of things to come. But please... be vigilant.
  9. Home alone, on a dark and chilly Hallowe'en night, I am wondering.... Have any of y'all ever experienced anything of a "supernatural" nature? Anything strange... unexplained... perhaps something you may or may not have before shared?
  10. Sorry, Forty, but I gotta disagree. It's not an attempt to gain control ~ the mindless clods had done gone and gotten control! Buckshot, Prop 65 is one of a long list of mindless, idiotic things that the "controlling party" (approximately 75% of the legislature) have imposed upon the common man in this state; another example of my earlier observation that no matter what cockamamie idea one of 'em proposes, they're guaranteed passage by their "mutual admiration and support society." Jackasses. The same "asphalt jungle" denizens who made it a requirement to have a background check to buy ammunition (and many related restrictions), wait ten days to "cool off" before taking possession of a firearm, banned us from hunting with any ammunition containing lead (and soon target shooting), and are now outlawing the sale of gasoline powered lawn mowers, rototillers, chainsaws, weedeaters, leaf blowers, generators, welders, and any number of tools critical to "getting the job done." Why? Why, to save the world from Global Warming! Er... 'scuse me. "Climate Change." Seems they couldn't come up with any tangible, realistic evidence of that warming thing. But back to that Prop 65 thing. It's what everyone above has said... and it's a total joke. I recall the day my son came home with something he'd bought at the auto supply store - they'd even stuck a Prop 65 sticker on the receipt. Oh - and do NOT eat or suck on your cell phone. According to the State of California, it might cause cancer. Same applies to your golf clubs, too.
  11. Is that like the one about the three nuns on a bicycle...?
  12. Dude! Get thyself to that cardiologist ASAP!! (And welcome to MY world, by the way...) And prepare for some significant lifestyle changes - and prepare yourself to ultimately feeling better than you've ever felt. Your history sounds just like mine. Cardiologists since my teens; even flunked my Air Force physical 'cuz of Mr Pump. Had one bad event in my early 20's. But it finally reached a point in my mid 60's, with a middle of the night ER visit and a couple days in the cardiac ward, and those aforementioned lifestyle changes. With one subsequent middle of the night ER visit about a year ago. And by the way... my numbers were not as extreme as yours. In fact, my cholesterol has historically been notably low. TFJ mentioned Metropolol; I take that twice a day as well as a hatful of other meds and feel great; last month's annual physical went well (but with the doc's annual "watch the weight" comment). Be thankful for your PA. And thank him for that referral. Hang in, Trapper, and best to ya!
  13. That's about the simplest thing you could ever do... I try to use an "egg" fishing sinker, just slightly larger than bore size. If you can't find one slightly larger, take one slightly smaller, hold it on its end and smack it with a hammer a few times 'til it "fills out." Lube it (heck, use Vaseline if nothing else!), start it with a mallet then drive it all the way through 'til it pops out of the chamber. Grab your micrometer or dial caliper (or vernier caliper, if you're up to it!) and there y'are!
  14. Those are absolutely gorgeous!! But what EVER you do... do not bring that pistol with those grips to California. You might or might not be arrested, the pistol would be confiscated, and the grips would be given an official state funeral.
  15. CLK, you be sure to let Ms Sherron know that she's still on the receiving end of many, many good thoughts and prayers.
  16. Two "seasoned citizen" ladies are out for an afternoon drive, happily chatting as they merrily roll along through the countryside. Eventually, the driver came to realize that she was pretty much supporting the conversation alone; her passenger had not spoken for several minutes. Finally, she looked at her and asked, "Is there anything wrong, my dear...? You've become awfully quiet!" The passenger gave her a forlorn look, and finally said "I just don't know how to say this. I am so ashamed! We've been dear friends since we were children, and I suddenly realized that I cannot recall your name!" The lady driving was shocked. Her head swiveled from watching the road and looking at her friend, who was sitting there gazing back expectantly. Finally, she sighed, and asked... "Um... how soon do you need to know?"
  17. Helen Brimstone and I saw Dune tonight - the first movie in about two years. I thought it was well done - they nailed the "thopters!" Two things, though: First, I would really recommend reading the book - or at least a synopsis - before seeing the film. Ms Brimstone enjoyed the film, but whe was fairly lost. Second, be aware that this is PART ONE! It is NOT a full rendition of the book; the second half of the story is scheduled for release October 2023. Even so, it's still a shade over 2 1/2 hours runtime.
  18. Had my annual physical early last month and asked my doc (popular and highly regarded HMO) for the Pfizer booster. Doc said that I was prioritized several weeks out. Two days later I walked into the local county health department - "roll up your sleeve!" I will say that it kicked my butt. Muscle and headaches for two days. I will also say that I'll be at the head of the line should we need another. Ironically, at the beginning of October I got sick. REAL sick. Doc had me COVID tested; negative. Smoke and crappy air from the forest fires triggered asthmatic bronchitis. Still wheezing and hacking and coughing, but no COVID. My thoughts and prayers for those affected and who have lost people. I know quite a few.
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