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  1. Well... last wind storm we had decided to strip a LOT of the ridge caps off my roof; gonna replace 'em this weekend. Turns out there are actual specialized "ridge cap" shingles available - about $63 for a box that'll cover about 20+ feet. On the other hand, I can buy 3-tab shingles for less than $35 for a bundle of at least 25, each of which I can cut into three "caps." They just wouldn't be pre-bent like tacos. Anyone have any roofing experience more current than mine? Any reason I shouldn't make my own? By the way - the originals were the expensive, folded and pre-bent type. And they were only stapled in place... no nails! Sheesh.
  2. I seem to recall that a standard coffee cup is something like six or seven ounces; this one is significantly smaller. For perspective, the coffee cup on the right is a "standard" dinner-table size; it holds about seven ounces. The mug on the left has a capacity of twelve ounces. And in the middle is my li'l "demitasse" Navy cup. It'd make a nice rum vessel.... Wish I had me some Pusser's~!! Edit: Take a peek at this one: https://www.etsy.com/listing/161870090/us-navy-3pc-6oz-coffee-set-w-fouled
  3. Re-measured. Reckon you can get almost four ounces in it - a Naval Demitasse? Careful, don't spill!
  4. I suspects you're right... 'specially with that rascal wearing a Civil War era Midshipman's Wheel Cap pattern hat atop that pointy haid.
  5. Gotta love Navy crockery~! Cutest dang li'l cup... holds two ounces. For Navy Espresso~?
  6. Fun topic! But when I saw the title I honestly expected the thread to be about odd confections sold at county fairs! Oh man, have they come up with some strange ones.... Deep-Fried Jello... Krispy Kreme Burgers... Deep-Fried Pickles... whatever. Personally, I gave up on fairs long ago - and just saw a post yesterday about The Big Fresno Fair featuring foot-long corn dogs for a mere $fifteen bucks.
  7. My Gosh ~ I haven't seen one o' them in ages!!
  8. "Back In the Day," I did a lot of shooting with my .50 TC Hawken. Oddly (according to some), I had the best accuracy with Maxi-Balls and 3f. Be glad you're no longer in the Golden tarnished, peeling brass-plate state, where we're limited to a maximum possession of one pound of black powder.
  9. It's a demonstrated fact that the R office holders represent their constituents, and the D office holders represent their bosses. The former generally vote in accordance to the wants of those said constituents; the latter as they are instructed.
  10. Well... got 'er done. Attempted to go the "no sealant" route, but ended up coating one side of the gasket lightly to hold it in place while starting a couple of bolts - that danged think had seven of 'em! BUT! When I got the old pump off it was itself just fine - the earlier gasket had failed. Hunh! Put the new one on anyway.
  11. Okay, so that's one vote for no sealant, and one Uncle Joe (yes, I had an Uncle Joe ~ ace shadetree mechanic!) suggestion. Except he used cardboard shoe boxes instead of paper bags. Keep 'em coming, folks!
  12. Weather permitting, I plan on replacing the water pump in my '01 Dodge Ram 3.9 V-6 tomorrow. So... it's been a while, but I've changed a bunch of water pumps in my life. And I've always applied a sealant to the gasket. But now, it seems that this simple process has become a bit controversial - some say sealant on both sides of the gasket, some say only on one side, and some say DON'T use a sealant. Heck... Half-Breed Pete sez he recommends something called Gaskacinch. "We used to use that back in the 'sixties - we liked it 'cuz it had a girl's legs on the label! Plus it'll stop yer belts from squealing." So, what do y'all do? And if you used a sealant, which? I seem to recall using Permatex #2 quite a lot back "in the day."
  13. Close to forty years ago I was hunting up in northern california's Siskiyou County. It had been a looong day, and I was hiking back to the ranch headquarters where Hank and I were staying. Anyway, I carrying my Arisaka Type 99, and a day pack with necessities and a canteen. But nothing to munch on - and I was hungry. I finally realized that I was skirting a potato field! And I'm here to tell you, a fresh, dug-up, raw spud made an appreciated snack. Peel and all. (I did get a buck the next day )
  14. I grew up bein' told "all the vitamins are in the peel!" True or not, I like 'em unpeeled. And the 'skins with trimmings. Don' matter much... ain't allowed to eat 'em anymore anyhow.
  15. My all-time favorite .22. Middle of my junior year of high school I transferred to one of the worst schools in the nation - Castlemont, in Oakland, california. The only thing that saved my sanity was JROTC. Toward the end of the year I happened to be in the armory one afternoon when the rifle team was doing some post-season fun "practice," and one of the team members asked the coach if I could take a few shots. So, I was handed ear muffs, a Remington 40x, and a loading block with ten rounds of .22 target ammo. With a bare rifle (no shooting jacket, gloves, palm rest, or other enhancing equipment) I proceeded to shoot the targets in order, offhand. The coach gazed through his spotting scope, had me safe the rifle then ordered another target hung. "Do that again." I did. My first ten rounds scored 79, the second 89. Well, I was invited to join the team, and at the beginning of my senior year I was issued the sweetest Model 52, and whatever else I wanted - sights, sling, jacket, glove, adjustable butthook, aluminum palm rest - which I immedietly scrapped in favor of one I carved from a hunk of 2x4. As I recall, we came out on top that season - I was high scorer on our team, and second highest in the Greater Bay Area for 1968 - '69. I've lusted after a Model 52 of my very own ever since - never happened, and not likely to at this point in my life. I'll have to be happy with the Model 75 laagering in my safe - the '75 used to be referred to as "the poor man's 52."
  16. Not to cast a pallor on the celebration, but... remember, gavin gets to appoint her successor. And you can be sure we won't like it.
  17. "Temu." Never looked for 'em, but every time I fire up my computer there are pop-up screens for Temu. Annoying as hell; can't figure out how to stop it. And no, I have never ordered anything from 'em, and not likely to.
  18. 'Tis at that - nine nine ounce "jars." Now, if he mis-typed and accidently added an extra zero, it would still be $60/ pound. Which MIGHT be almost believable in today's already absurd world.
  19. This has gotta be a joke. If it is, someone needs a humor adjustment. If it ain't, someone needs an attitude adjustment. https://www.gunbroker.com/Ammunition-Reloading/search?Keywords=trail boss powder
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