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  1. Raylan, I think you left Mexico off your list above.
  2. I gotta share this: One of the requirements of earning the Eagle rank is the Eagle Project. Simple or very complex, the main requirement of the project is that the candidate demonstrate leadership of at least two other individuals. I've seen some amazing projects, but one of my favorites was the young man who organized a Senior Prom. Senior Prom?? How can this be?? I asked in my mind when we were told of the project. When I was handed his Project Report, I was astonished: Indeed, the lad had organized a Senior Prom... for true Seniors!
  3. Dennis is right, ya know~! An Eagle is an Eagle for life. From April, 2019: I'm pretty proud to be able to say that I have chaired or participated in well over a hundred Eagle Scout Boards of Review.
  4. Back in 1984 Hank and I made this bumper for my then-new Ford Ranger. Walls were 1/2" with 5/8" plate "plugs" welded into the ends. I was once rear-ended by a gal in a new Buick Regal. Her car was totaled; I did major repairs to my rig by replacing the four 5/8" bolts that fastened it to the frame, and buying a rattle-can of paint. Another time a some guy cut it too close trying to park next to me in a parking structure. Nicely creased the side of his new Mercedes. "Gee, fella... that's too bad!"
  5. I wish they'd put OUR governor in quarantine. Long-term quarantine. And forget where they put 'im.
  6. Workin' on it. Meanwhile... some faces to go with the names. Hank (with our frat brother Ray G.), and Half-Breed Pete (either before the explosion or after the whiskers grew back) Hardpan Chris
  7. It's been a while... HALF BREED PETE and the RHUBARB PIE One springtime many years ago, Hank and I decided we were long overdue for a visit to our ol’ pard, Half Breed Pete. So, after a warning phone call, we packed up our toys and toothbrushes and hit the road for the drive from Pacifica to San Luis Obispo. Several hours later, we found ourselves at Pete’s girlfriend’s house in Los Osos. We’d never met Chris before, but to our absolute delight she turned out to be a great cook, and was just plumb tickled
  8. Guaranteed ticket to Dessert Heaven~! COOKIE CRUST LEMON PIE Dbl batch sugar cookie dough, refrigerated (make your own or buy Pillsbury – much easier! And for a deep dish pie increase ingredients by 1/2) 1 1/3 cups sugar 1/3 cup cornstarch 2 eggs ½ cup lemon juice 1 ½ cups boiling water 2 tablespoons butter or margarine (butter preferred) Yellow food coloring (optional) Additional sprinkling sugar (colored sprinkles work well) Preheat oven to 350'. Between floured (or powdered sugar) waxed paper, pre
  9. A couple hours late, but sincere wishes for a most Happy Birthday~! (You done good, Bob!)
  10. Mid to late 70's - I was having a beer with a buddy one afternoon, planning a hunting trip. Don was a patrol officer with the San Francisco PD (back when SF was just weird, before it went totally nuts). "So I pulled this guy over last night in a Mercedes, after he ran a red light right in front of me" Don said. "The high-falutin' S.O.B. started giving me a ration and said 'Look, you! I'm a taxpayer! I pay your salary!'" "So wha'd ya do, Don?" "Well, I looked the snob in the eye and said 'Mister, statistically, in a year's time, about ten cents of your ta
  11. You do realize, don't you, that it is potentially easier for some Mexican citizens to vote in California than Mexico...?
  12. 'Tain't Harris no mo'. Emperor Newsom replaced her with Alex Padilla... noted for toeing the party line.
  13. "Candy coated popcorn, peanuts and a..." Oops!
  14. I once had one rod bent - certainly not THAT severely - and another twisted about 4-5 degrees. The car? My 1500 cc 1968 VW Beetle. Swallowed a valve - No. 1 intake, at about 70 mph. The event was so violent that the valve shattered the piston; shrapnel travelled through the intake manifold to the opposite head and bent both intake valves. The engine instantly siezed; I instinctively mashed the clutch and whipped across the lanes right in front of a horn-blasting semi-truck. Salvaging only the crankcase and crankshaft, I successfully rebuilt the engine
  15. It'll come apart. And remember... there's a special place in heaven for anyone who rescues a Model 12. Check out Mark Novak's "Model 12 Conservancy" here. I've known many; have but one. And yes, it is a Model 12.
  16. You get bonus points for that one, Joe! It WILL be used~!
  17. That actually should be "speak no evil." All in all a wise philosophy. The "woke" knotheads just continue to display their idiocy.
  18. So... just how DID she know your account information?? Did you use a "swipe or insert" card with PIN?
  19. "Elliott James?" Was that an alias or his name? Can you post a picture of the page?
  20. I've had enough "buzzworm" encounters to last me a lifetime ~ but I suspect I may not be done. About... oh... I dunno, maybe 20 years ago, I showed up one morning for a shoot with the Kings River Regulators. I'd already dumped off my cart and gear, and was walking back from the parking area when I spotted ol' Beanpot (RIP) up ahead about forty yards. I called and waved to him, he turned and smiled then grinned as I closed the distance. "Damn, Hardpan! That was the coolest thing I ever did see!" he said. "Huh? Whazzat?" "Why... the way you j
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