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  1. You can't have one. Well... not 'til you get to West-by-God Virginia! Edit: Oops ~ wrong Pat!
  2. Reminiscing... Perhaps my most cherished Thanksgiving memory is from about 1978. Much to the confusion of a hatful of relatives, Thanksgiving Dinner that day was two Swanson turkey TV dinners shared with my old pal, Woody the Wonderdog. Cooked on a Coleman stove in a duck blind near the Butte Sink in Northern California. That was special. And I did have the opportunity to take a bunch of ducks and a few geese - but I passed. Mine was just too good a day to ruin theirs.
  3. JJ, this is a good question and topic, one I've oft pondered myownself. Extremely important matters discussed there - or rather, brought to light. Too little actual discussion, I'd agree. There are a few of us "hardcore" denizens of the Wire that visit the Team SASS page regularly, and we do take note of what's brought up and I'm sure share it outside SASS circles. If you think about it, much of the stuff is probably too "dry" for the average soul to digest; no problem for the lawyers in our group. However, it's often lengthy, complex, duplicated, and not likely to catch and keep the attention of most people I know. It would be terrific if someone could write, post, and identify synopses of the major issues. Until then, I'll keep muddling through and be thankful for the hard work and contributions of Charlie T. Waite and occasionally others. It IS appreciated.
  4. Decided to watch The Battle of Britain (1969) this evening ~ and Tabitha the Tabby Cat joined me! She sat in this spot and watched over twenty minutes of the film. She also likes cowboys - 'specially the old Roy Rogers TV series.
  5. Reckon it's gonna be right quiet 'round these parts. Several invites, but I'm just staying home. Son be out for his second dinner of the day. Meanwhile, the cats will learn they like turkey and I'll have about ten days of leftovers to look forward to.
  6. To put it as kindly and gently as I can, the dude's an idiot. And in the extremely unlikely event he should ever find himself in the Governor's Mansion, I expect he'd find himself markedly befuddled at the general population's reaction to his plans. "Hell yes, we're going to take your AR-15!" ?? Hell no, you ain't!!!
  7. Weatherby moved from Southern California to Atascadero/ Paso Robles in 1986; in 2018, they came to their corporate senses and bailed for Sheridan, Wyoming. The early rifles were actually built on Mauser actions (including the extra long Brevex actions for African cartridges). And as @Gracos Kid mentioned, the Vanguards are Japanese Howas. Nice rifles, as far as I can tell from the two my son has.
  8. The recent Cyrus Cassidy threads sparked a memory ~ a fun movie I hadn't seen since I was a little kid: William Bendix in "Kill the Umpire!" Here's a trailer, followed by the full movie.
  9. There is actually a potentially scary aspect to this: the stated qualifying ages of 17 - 45. The referenced section 313 of title 32 allows for militia service for people up to age 64 if they had prior service, "or under 64 years of age and a former member of the Regular Army, Regular Navy, Regular Air Force, or Regular Marine Corps. To be eligible for reenlistment, a person must be under 64 years of age." Believe it or not, there have been rumblings among politicians of a certain bent that people beyond age 64 should not be qualified to own or possess firearms. Or even age 45, if they had no prior service. Idiots.
  10. Living in the Bay Area in the late 60's and 70's (and attending San Francisco State College/University), I've seen demonstrations and riots. MANY demonstrations and riots. Up close and personal. (And no, I was not a demonstrator or rioter) I clearly remember police interaction. I've seen the old San Francisco Tac Squad in action. I've seen mounted police swinging what I'd describe as blunt wooden sabers. I've smelled the tear gas. But I saw very little of the damage and destruction and looting we see today - it just wasn't tolerated. The police interaction I saw was always reactive - response to attempts of damage, destruction, and looting, and actual attacks on the police themselves with thrown rocks, bottles, and such. Tactics have certainly changed in our modern world - "Stand down. Let the 'peaceful demonstrators' express themselves." S. F. State Tac Squad Girl
  11. Whoopee. Just got this from "Amazon-Report@Amazon.Com" Following this was an attachment which I previewed but did not download nor open, wanting me to click on a "button" and provide updated account information. Actually, this was supposedly addressed to "amazonservice@amazon.com," with me blind copied. Nice try, bozoes.
  12. Review On, Jerry! Maybe he'll remember some of the stuff he studied in his first year of law school. First semester, even. Or first DAY! Hell... high school civics class, even - if he paid any attention.
  13. Hopefully they didn't tell her 'til Joe was back on the job... to whatever extent he ever is.
  14. The Quick And the Dead The Cowboys 3:10 To Yuma remake Appaloosa McCabe and Mrs Miller (how this thing was ever named the 8th best western ever by the AFI is beyond comprehension) And a whole bunch I never bothered to watch (Wild Wild West and others of that ilk). The Spaghetti Westerns actually were more fun to watch as an adult than when I was younger - I "learned" to look at 'em as just spoofs.
  15. I wonder what the response would have been if a juror or two had immediately and loudly voiced their disapproval of such an action... "Hey!! Watch were you point that thing, you bleeping idiot!!"
  16. Well... it seems the President acknowledges there's a problem with the border: Border Crisis
  17. Wot @sassnetguy50 sez. These codes have been around for a loooong time, presumably for such innocent reasons as tracking purchases for cardholder rewards. Codes could be easily added to the tables.
  18. I'm proud and feel honored to have known a bunch of 'em while they were still here.
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