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  1. EOT 2022 had several vendors with primers on their tables for sale. Johnny is spot on with his plan to meet with purchasers at his trailer. Eliminates the potential for a situation, so to speak. Regards, Chas B
  2. I always leaned towards Dr Miguelito Loveless. I saw him as a role model. We actually have a fluffy orange tabby named Artemus and a sinister, all black cat named Miguelito.
  3. The Redhead and I went to Costco yesterday. Just inside the entrance was a pallet of Weller Special Reserve, 90 proof. Each store here had one pallet with a case limit of twelve bottles per customer. $19.99 per bottle. This usually retails at $69.99 per bottle on up to over $100.00. Not a normal Costco item. WhooHoo! Chas B
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