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  1. Copperhead, just printed off both applications and noticed Outlaw was omitted. Granted I am tired of Creek kicking my butt but this may be my year. Is it going to be offered can we just write it in on the form?
  2. Copperhead, just printed off both applications and noticed Outlaw was omitted. Granted I am tired of Creek kicking my butt but this may be my year. Is it going to be offered can we just write it in on the form?
  3. Lighting McCoy, This is also one of our partners from the Oak Ridge Outlaws and Smoky Mountain Shootist Society and the Ocoee Rangers. He was the voice of SMSO for many years on awards night. Hard worker, incredibly pleasant to be around. The expression "He would give you the shirt off of his back on a cold day" fits him to a T. A true Classic Cowboy. RIP my friend.
  4. Thank you, I will take this opportunity to post the first one. We lost Preacher Red in early December of 2020 (the year from hell) He was a wonderful father, grandfather, and friend. He was very instrumental in making the Smoky Mountain Shoot Out a success. If you ever attended one of our shoots he was the one that kept the fire buckets going and you would see him riding around on a green Gator making sure everyone was having a great time. He was always a pleasure to be around, had a kind word for everyone and knew how to tell a story. He shot a Spenser so always had to load 3 roun
  5. Do not listen to Garman, take the parkway East out of London to Manchester and turn right. About 3 miles on the right.
  6. Do you all still have a couple of campsites on the range? We can always stay at the campground we use in OK City but would like to spend a few days on the range.
  7. This one is not in my region but I have been to Land Run 3 or so times. It is a great venue and I am looking forward to the National being held there. I am trying to get a few of my fellow Outlaws to come over and beat up on the Gunfighters if we can, OK the Senior Gunfighters. Those young punks make me feel my age. Looks like we can leave Copperhead Joes place after the KY State on Monday, get there on Wednesday, then stay in OK City for a week or so after the match. Okie, looking forward to seeing you and Mae again, it has been a few years.
  8. I have two, both run well, the 45 feeds better due to the weight of the bullet. I have been know to stove pipe the 38. Lots of fun to shoot.
  9. Johnny Harlan, it was great shooting with you and Jim Powder. Mighty fine shooting partners. Come back anytime, workers like you two would be welcome anywhere.
  10. The last time if flew which was a few years ago the required method of carrying ammo was either in the clips with clips out of the gun or in the original package. Clips and guns had to be in a locked hard side case. Could be in the same case. This was a non CAS gun of course. Also, the airports did not have a standard way of handling guns. When I was flying my CAS guns around the country, Our airport did not even look at the guns, I opened the case and they laid a form I had signed saying the guns were unloaded and locked the case back up. At the Dallas airport they took the whole case ba
  11. Come on over the East Tennessee, mountains (small by your definition) green, green and more green, plenty of SASS clubs to play in and it hardly ever snows and when it does it goes away in a few days.
  12. Very nice Billy, hope you get to love it, I never developed a good relationship with mine. I once got a Colt for my first wife, thought it was a good trade.
  13. this is his address, it is also his work address


  14. Good to hear from you, if you are ever in my area come shoot with us, Outlaw is one of the largest catagorys in Tennessee.

    If I can be of any help let me know. I will be shooting Boardertown and OK State this year if you will be at either one of those

    1. Tn Tombstone

      Tn Tombstone

      We are a long ways from EOT but we would love to have you come visit and shoot. There is a monthly match every weekend within 60 or so miles from Knoxville. Our State shoot is in middle Tennessee in a little town called Wartrace. It is the second weekend in October. Black Gold is in Mancherster KY third weekend in July, KY State is held at the same range and I think it is the last of May First of April.

      Let me know if you are over this far, we would love to have you join us at a few of our matches.

    2. K C WOODY

      K C WOODY

      ok Tn i will be looking in to visit and join in with some fun , i did hear Black gold was one to shoot, i have a trip in the planing to visit the wall you can see from space , and EoT this year , do you know JM brown ?

    3. Tn Tombstone

      Tn Tombstone

      I know JM quite well, he was my RO instructor instructor. He travels more than I ever will be able too.

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