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  1. I lost the reply to your email from early this year when you said your machine was down for winter Maint. I just wanted to touch base with you I’d you have a time line when you will be up and running? I need to get new tops with the correct name. I cant find my order receipt so if I need to pay for the new ones no problem. 

    They had LEFY TEX LARUE

    and should be: LEFTY TEX LARUE 

    Thank you and looking forward to your reply.


    1. Lefty Tex Larue,SASS#25594

      Lefty Tex Larue,SASS#25594

      This memory is getting tough, but I forgot to tell you I have 6 blocks.

      Tanks again


  2. Michigan Slim as soon as you deliver them to Troubletown Texas I will think about payin ya Thanks for the offer
  3. I will take them just let me know where to send gold Thanks pard
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