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  1. Big boy loads down the tube....you would have to load three like a 97 Winchester...or just take 3 misses
  2. I see these in 44 for under $400 nib......any one use one ? Are they good for SASS?
  3. Grandson wants to shoot my back up rifle..need old stock to cut down.help me out you guys
  4. Anyone got one to sell...Grandson has latched on to my back up rifle...lol
  5. Im going to use it in shot gun only....im thinking 15grains over 1oz .....
  6. Anyone been using this Shooters World clean shot powder in their 12 gage...if so whats a good load?
  7. got a question...how did you cut down your Lee mold 200gr to 160..mill off bottom?would like to try this on my 44/40 bullets.Thanks Diablo Slim.

  8. I am interested in those hammers if you still have them.Diablo Slim

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