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  1. E mail me at diabloslimshootist@ yahoo.com JB....i cant seem to get into my mailbox
  2. I need thin grips....arthritis is making it hard to grip ....
  3. I totally understand what you are saying ...im hoping a lot of shooters that use to come to the Fort come back thats all Charlie.....
  4. We will continue having our regular shoot this sat.....we need all the Texas shooters that can please come and shoot with us . We need to keep this venue going.I promise fast fun stages.So if you have not been shooting with us please try to come by and support the Fort. Thanks ...Diablo Slim
  5. got a question...how did you cut down your Lee mold 200gr to 160..mill off bottom?would like to try this on my 44/40 bullets.Thanks Diablo Slim.

  6. I am interested in those hammers if you still have them.Diablo Slim

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