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  1. I have two of those...I'll let you have them for $5000...lmao
  2. I specialize in making new shooter entry level leather rigs...you can see my work on Facebook at ,,"Diablo Leather designs" Or just call me at 214 695 1946
  3. Anyone got one in 44caliber they can part with?
  4. Truth is I have a 1858 Remington on the way....be nice to have matching pair...but the 1860 colts are so nice looking...
  5. Had one...traded for a Marlin...now I shoot a 73.....it was not a good SASS rifle...only held 9 rounds.
  6. Been using the same 12gage load all for probably 15 yrs...it works
  7. Yep...too bad... I would snatch up that deal if they were.
  8. I own a Witness 10mm....as close as you can get to a Bren 10.....
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