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  1. Thanks for all the advice Pards.. I followed a bunch of it.. ground the lee sizing die a bit and set it as firm against the plate as I could, seated the bullet a bit higher than I had been so total length was right, bought the redding crimp die and make sure all the dies were completely clean, and voila, just loaded 50 using brass I had a problem with, and every one of them were perfect. Now I just gotta work on the shooter
  2. So if I use this method and set up the last stage as described with sizer without deprimer, is it safe to also use with the loaded ammo I have to "fix" them?
  3. So this would mean I'm seating too deeply on some of the out of length cases and should reset the seating die?
  4. I use the factory lee crimp, I have used a couple bullets, both the same result, but mainly the big lube toggle 44 428 I get from Chytes. I didn't have the problem for a few matches, and started off with new starline brass.
  5. Hey all, I have been reloading my bp 44-40 rounds for 5 months or so now, and started having a lot of problems with my rifles not chambering smoothly, even jamming, and in one case even led to a oob on my 66 (which led me to get a 73). I thought it was my rifle, but when I started having the same issue with my new to me 73, I started chamber checking my rounds, and realized about 25% of them are not sizing right, won't go in the chamber checker without a lot of force, and in a couple instance at all. (Yes, I realize I should have been checking all along, I'm learning slowly :) ) I use a l
  6. its a taylor/uberti 18 in straight stock half octagon. has a cart ding or two, but otherwise great
  7. I'm looking for an 1873 in 44wcf, preferably already tuned up. I also have a codymatic 38/357 that's about a year old I might consider trading for the right deal.
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