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  1. I'm quickly learning if I ask 10 cowboys a question, I get 10 different answers and they are all probably right in their own way so far I've heard stay away from replica schoefields for bp at all cost as well as schoefield's have served me for 20 years with no issues in fc
  2. I have no illusions of winning a lot, if ever, for sure definitely looking for the wisdom to keep it simple
  3. I'm looking to get a couple of cartrdge pistols (preferably 44-40 to match my rifle) to shoot frontier cartridge when I dont want to shoot the cap and balls. Couple of guys have mentioned they had trouble with some guns vs. others when using real bp. Is there anything to that? I was thinking 1875s.. Obviously they all originally shot bp but I could see how some of the replicas might have more trouble than others with residue, or at least how some might be less prone to issues after a long day of shooting. Sorry if that seems like a dumb question (it seems dumb in my head, but I have no sh
  4. Wanted to thank you all for the advice in this thread, its been like my frontiersman Bible lol. More than a few dollars more and a curious wife on my secret activities later, slightly delayed due to a bout with covid, but I'm now armed up with a couple of 1860s, a, 1866 44-40 and I've built plenty of bp rounds and shells for a few matches. I've practiced up and learned a few more lessons (with many more to learn) and ready to make some smoke in January events should the weather hold out here in west tennessee!
  5. I got in on that midway stock last week for large pistols (pays to wake up early) and just got 1k delivered with tax and shippinng fees, 85 smackers. (I think they were match grade magnum)
  6. Please don't laugh at me, but what do yall mean by annealing the cases and how is that done?
  7. I have a new 1860 army with the fluted cylinder.. was looking for spare cylinders for match day but they don't seem to be available, just wondering if anyone knew if non fluted cylinders would work? Sorry if thats a dumb question
  8. Looking for spare fluted 1860 Army cylinders if anyone has some "lying around"
  9. I just bought the through die for my loadmaster. Do you run 38? Use wads?
  10. Need a second 44 cap and ball to finish my ensemble for Frontierman fun. I've got so many projects, so was hoping I might find one someone has been using and tuned up, so I won't have to tinker too much with it (relatively speaking). Would like an 1860 Army, but anything 44 to yet me started is great. Ambush Andy
  11. Jedi i been watching all your videos, learned so much! Thanks much!
  12. At some point you wonder if the industry is making a strategic mistake not increasing their prices (margins) and supplying components to the reloading market rather than keeping all the supply for fully loaded ammo. The reloading community is a steady sustainable market, and many might give up or never get started should this continue too long, but at some point one has to think supply will catch up as they invest in capacity. But maybe not...
  13. This sure seems like the safe approach. I guess I was looking to shortcut which I know better than
  14. i guess next loaded question, pun intended... I use a lee load master progressive to load 38 now.. seems like conventional wisdom says not to use a progressive for real BP because of static, or at least not the powder charge station.. is that true?
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