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  1. Asa true newbie, that fb page helped me so much and next to attending was by far the best resource, dare I say,more than even these forums
  2. I am very much a newbie, I only just got in my own guns and plan to actually participate in my first match in the coming weeks rather than just watch. I only came to know about it as my range has a little cowboy town and I happened to be shooting clays next to it and saw a crowd, and wandered over. I mean as a guy that loves the west and loves all things cowboys I was enthralled, and the folks there purposely came over to me and my kids and welcomed us in, explained it all and then let us shoot their guns afterward!! The main thing that did it for me was cigar smoking seemed not only ok but advocated at the match I looked all over social media trying to learn more afterward and found only a few outdated sites from my club and a few others and little else. I found a few you tube videos too but not much, mainly because being so new I had no idea of the terminology (or even to know "sass" to search for. I had lot of questions but basically just waited to the next match. Only after that did I find this site plus more in depth info once I knew what to google I already have a guy I guess I'd call a mentor who comes over during the matches and gave me some advice. I have a 16 year old nephew I'm the guardian of and a 15 yo daughter who both are totally blown away by it and excited as well. "Red dead redemption" is a pretty popular game and they referenced it too my advice is a lot more online presence for newbies. Maybe covid impacted keeping things updated, but I think that can go a long way. I can tell you I wish I had heard of this whole thing years ago! I tried to find used stuff, and stalked the classifieds here, but goodness the stuff sells before you can blink, and didn't seem like I'd save much anyway, so I just bought a couple smoke wagons and a 73 from Codys, and a stoeger sxs from longhunt based on recomendations from the club and here, and put together an outfit from wild west mercantile... so I guess we're ready!
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