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  1. Like I said they never asked me for an email and I’ve had the app for at least 6-7 years maybe more. This must be a new thing!
  2. What a beautiful and smart lady! Good for her!
  3. Sure but when the power is on which is 99% of the time a home charge does the trick. I know a couple people that have EVs and they charge them at home, one guy has a plug in hybrid, which is really dumb but that’s another story!
  4. You’re absolutely correct! An exterminator told me that exact same thing.
  5. They’ve never sent me an email and I’ve never given them my email’ How do they have it? Sorry I don’t agree! I’ve had the app for at least 6-7 years!!
  6. Hmm, I just read about 10 articles this morning and none asked me for my email…….just sayin I read Fox News almost everyday on the app.
  7. My son bought one a few months ago in Nashville. Great truck.
  8. The Hooters here was pretty darn good. Food wasn't bad either but the girls were........hubba hubba
  9. Well, they should have ponied up for a charger at home. https://www.consumerreports.org/hybrids-evs/how-to-charge-electric-car-at-home/
  10. We've had any kind of snow and ice you can imagine here in NE Ohio. We know snow here, trust me!
  11. Cleveland this morning, we’ll probably wind up with an inch or maybe two. Very light snowfall
  12. Another Steely Dan from their first album Can’t Buy A Thrill. I had the 8 track!
  13. Me too, I’ve flown exactly 4 times, that includes there and back.
  14. I’m not saying NASA is making the planes but someone is making the planes because of NASA. That’s my point. I don’t know what your point is!
  15. That’s what my son said! He’s hunkered down.
  16. I understand but there’s people working right now because of NASA! I don’t understand what point you’re making. All I’m saying is NASA creates jobs. Who does the testing and analysis? People do! Those are jobs!!
  17. Those are jobs aren’t they? If they contract out they’re still creating jobs!
  18. My first thought was how come your friend didn’t teach his son to change a tire? It’s partially his fault for not teaching him. I taught both my sons to change tires when they were in their teens!
  19. Here in NE Ohio one mile from Lake Erie. Sorry for the dirty window
  20. It's Springfield something or another, Ol Lumpy Grits can't spell so he uses initials!
  21. It's straight up on my computer after I edited it.
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