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  1. My friend had a double bypass and it was a slow recovery. Be patient and good luck with your healing!
  2. How come in the movies when someone finds someone dying of thirst in the dessert or wherever they give them a small swallow of water and say , “That’s enough”.?? Why is it bad to guzzle down water if you’re thirsty and haven’t had water for a long time. I can’t find anything about it.
  3. Well not for everyone, palm trees are either where it’s hot and humid with hurricanes, alligators and bugs galore or in a dry desert climate that’s too hot for many folks including me. I’ll take a few snowstorms a year and otherwise pretty mild weather and you can have the palm trees. Just MHO Of course then there’s California but that’s another whole bag of worms!
  4. We have tornado sirens here in Ohio but they very very rarely go off here in the Northern area , I think Lake Erie has something to do with them fizzling out before they get up here. It’s mostly in southern Ohio. There was just a bad one a few weeks ago about 4 hours southwest of here. Lots of damage in a small town. They said it was a half mile wide!! Yikes!!!
  5. It's actually a non partisan channel that has senate and congressional hearings and anything related to government. I think he may have meant CNN https://www.c-span.org/networks/
  6. Stouffer's has some pretty darn good tv dinners. https://www.goodnes.com/stouffers/products/?category=18316
  7. Okay I checked and it's weird I have "promotions" on my computer but not on my phone. Now that's kind strange. There was only two emails on there from months ago. NRA and SAF and that's it. Weird!
  8. Almost as ridiculous as the Lone Ranger shooting a gun out of someone's hand from 50 yds away on horseback or some of the westerns that get 10-15 rounds out of a six-shooter. How about Wanted Dead or Alive with that little rifle and .45-70 cartridges on his belt that won't fit in the gun. How about the knock out drag down fights that would kill an average guy but they take 20 punches and get up with a little blood on their lip and their hat is still on! I'm just messin' with ya Pat!
  9. That’s strange, I find it easy to use on my phone and computer. I’ve tried yahoo and others but Gmail is the easiest to use for me. I have an Apple phone and computer. I don’t know if that makes a difference or not. (???)
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