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  1. I won two bucks on the Ohio Classic Lottery! I can hardly wait to go collect my money!
  2. I bought a dozen Dunkin Donuts a few months ago to bring to the range , they were $14.00!!!
  3. Humus is a great dip for crackers, chips, pretzels etc. Healthier snack than the other cheese dips etc. It also comes in different flavors.
  4. Browns got Joe Flacco as QB, he’s looking good. They’re 8-5
  5. After reassembly it would probably be at least twice as much!
  6. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad doughnut! Krispy Kreme is okay in my book. To each his own I guess!
  7. My mom would open the can and use the water in there to make soup. She’d would add garlic and some onions We would dunk bread in there. Garbanzo bean soup! Loved it! I still do it occasionally!
  8. Good luck with them finding guns , I say but what you can afford and what you can find and go shoot! You can always sell guns you don’t want anymore.
  9. You eat spaghetti and pizza and tacos and chop suey? That ain’t ‘Muriican food!
  10. Why didn’t they edit out the dumb repeating of their names then? No one talks like that !
  11. That pretty much goes for all democrat cities all over the USA !
  12. My father's home remedy was wine! He said it kept him from getting sick. Now that I look back he was hardly ever sick!! Good old Dago red wine!
  13. Love them things! I can eat 'em right out of the can! I use them in salads and sometimes with pasta fagioli
  14. Did you ever notice in Gunsmoke how many times they state their names during one conversations? EXAMPLE: Chester: Mr. Dillon are we going after those three bad guys? Matt: Well yes Chester we need to catch those guys Chester: Well Mr. Dillon we don't know which way they went Matt; Well Chester, we'll have to track em down Chester; Okay Mr. Dillon I trust you Matt: Well Chester, you should because I know what I'm doing Chester: I know you do Mr. Dillon This is just a made up conversation but anyone that watches Gunsmoke knows this is how they converse with each other. How may times do you have to say the person's name in ONE CONVERSATION???? Geeeeeezzzzz.............. OKAY RANT OVER (BTW I do love the show)
  15. No he specifically mentions the 73, he just opens up by saying he's a 92 guy. He's asking about the Miroku and Uberti 73, better read it again!
  16. My mom's too and we're here in NE OHIO!
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