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  1. Maybe because Standing Bear is not the lead actor in the series. If they casted a short man playing Longmire people would probably have complained. I think Cruise does a great job as Jack Reacher but I've never read the books. How about Denzel Washington playing Chris in the Magnificent Seven? I thought he did a great job, there you have a black man playing a part that was always portrayed as a white guy.
  2. Is your city on the list? Mine is #10,Cleveland ugh https://www.redfin.com/blog/cloudiest-cities-in-the-us/
  3. My keys with a fob are never in my pocket at home, there’s a special place for them on the kitchen counter. The only time the keys are in my pocket is when I’m in the car. If I’m inside a restaurant or shooting range or mall or wherever they’re in my pocket and nothing ever happens because I’m too far from the car. I don’t see a problem here.
  4. Turns out the teenager that raped the woman earlier was 18! I thought 18 was an adult? He wound up getting put away. If all the officers drew their weapons I think these punk kids would have froze! To my knowledge none of the punks had weapons and if they did and drew them , well then, oh well you shall reap what you sow boys!
  5. I still see taxi cabs at the airport and also those hotel buses that take people to the airport. I'm sure there's plenty of Ubers too. In fact my neighbors just went to the airport last week and took an Uber.
  6. When will they get it through their thick skulls that laws only will be followed by law abiding citizens? To bring up a race inspired shooting by a nut case is ignorant and race baiting in it's own right! These AG's need to be stopped!
  7. Friend of mine wears one of those CopperFit gloves on his arthritic hand but takes it off to shoot then puts it right back on. He says it gives him some relief. I also have arthritis in my right hand so I'm mostly shooting two handed these days cocking the hammer with my left. I take a couple Advil before the shoot or an Alleve works for me too.
  8. Well they figured when the sun was at the top of the dial it was noon so they went from there? They guessed it was an hour for it to move to the next spot which would have been One O'clock maybe? I'm just guessing here.
  9. This was on Law and Order SVU last night. They were holding an 18 yr old accused of rape. He raped a girl in a department store during a flash mob robbery. So anyway, this angry mob shows up at the NYC precinct and gets by the Sgt. at the front desk, there's about 12 of them. They were destroying papers, laptops, throwing chairs through windows etc etc. total anarchy! One female officer draws her weapon and tells one of them to stop and get down! Sgt. Benson (Mariska Hargitay) yells "Put the gun away" No one is to draw your guns, these are teenagers"! They supposedly arrested 8 of the 12 that broke in but they never showed you how they caught them. I know this a TV show but do you think this could ever happen in real life? Would the cops shoot?
  10. They went by the sun! Sun dials were around way before clocks!
  11. I had that record as a kid and guess what the B side was? Nellybelle sung by Pat Brady!
  12. I’ve never been in an Uber and the last time I was in a cab was when my cousin and I were in NYC. We parked our car and took a cab most of the time. That was in 1966.
  13. In elementary school if I got all A's my parents would buy me a new toy of some kind. Car, plane, etc. It didn't happen very often except a few times. Later in Jr High or HS, no rewards but punishment if I skipped school which I did a few times. Grounded for a week or so!! BTW I never got all A's in Jr high or HS!
  14. I get it but my situation was a little different since I knew the salesman and the owner. I could trust them. I’ve been dealing with them for 20 years. In fact the salesman is a cowboy shooter and the one that got me into it. I still don’t think they covered up stuff because of who they are. Just my opinion. Some of the salespeople and mechanics came to the range that I worked at part time. I got to know them very well. Not all car people are out to screw the public!
  15. This is a bill to pay students to go to school! Thoughts??? https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/other/i-am-shaking-paying-kids-to-go-to-school-a-very-bad-idea/ar-BB1heNrh
  16. Crazy! That's never happened to me. Maybe you better get a better dealer!
  17. I don’t know much at all about the airline industry but isn’t there some blame on the maintenance crew at the airports? Don’t they check the planes before they go out? It seems to me it’s not all Boeings fault. Car dealerships check out cars before you drive them off. Same thing no??
  18. I was kinda surprised at her discography too. She was working on an album of cover tunes according to the article. I liked her voice, she was a cutie too!
  19. A real pro from the 60’s https://variety.com/2024/music/obituaries-people-news/melanie-dead-brand-new-key-singer-woodstock-1235886892/
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