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  1. Well we’ve had disaster movies before, Red Dawn, Independence Day, hurricane and earthquake movies etc etc. It’s only a movie!
  2. Yep, up to this point it’s been “civil”
  3. New word for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS,,,,,, Newcomers This administration came up with that one!
  4. Her parents were not exactly rich but they certainly weren’t poor. She went to a private school.
  5. Meanwhile she’s got some dough https://www.thelist.com/388507/greta-thunbergs-net-worth-the-activist-is-worth-more-than-you-think/
  6. I somewhat agree but there’s a few democrats that are leaving the party or at least openly disagreeing with the policies . I think the farther left they go you’ll see more dems leave. Same thing if it went too far right.
  7. This looks interesting, I'll probably go see it! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt17279496/
  8. I had to replace my hot water tank after only 8 years, it was leaking from the bottom, it was a piece of junk. Hopefully the one I got is better so I was told. I stayed with the old natural gas whole house heater. The tankless option was way more expensive and since I’m by myself I didn’t think I needed it.
  9. I was actually surprised that UPS had the delivery since I ordered it from Amazon. They always deliver their own stuff but I guess it’s where it actually comes from??
  10. My top 5 1.Tombstone 2. Open Range 3. Unforgiven 4. Josey Wales 5. Quigley down under
  11. Don’t come to Northeast Ohio which is directly in the path of the eclipse. All the gas stations will be closed that day!
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