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  1. I think you’d enjoy this team, they don’t swing for the fences, they hit, run, steal bases, have good defense and good pitching. They’re fun to watch! Hope you can catch them in the playoffs.
  2. 16 players on this team are rookies playing their first year in MLB! Pretty amazing!
  3. 2 oldest quarterbacks going at it! Packers 14-6 over the Bucs for now
  4. Cleveland clinched the AL Central!!! Youngest team in baseball!! Congratulations guys!!
  5. Boston, then New York and then Deep Crap Omaha and then you'll see it!
  6. Supper was every night, Dinner was on Sunday about 1:00 Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving were also dinner,
  7. This may throw you off a little…….
  8. I'm going to go along with their nonsense and order online and have it shipped free. I already saw it in person so that's a plus. I'm getting it delivered nexy week. I could get it delivered tomorrow but I'm going to a shoot in the morning. BTW my son has the same one from HD and it was delivered by UPS!! Go figure!
  9. The difference is we have a Second Amendment and Canada doesn't. I sure wish you did have a second amendment so Trudeau and his ilk couldn't just do what they want. I feel for you folks! This is just a proposal that will go absolutely nowhere. I don't even think this could pass in New York.
  10. https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/federal-assault-weapons-licensing-act-introduced/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=20220923_FridayDigest_401g&utm_campaign=/digest/federal-assault-weapons-licensing-act-introduced/
  11. Oh okay, my backup to my SW 637 is a SW 37 which is an older version of the 637. Both are .38 special snubs.
  12. Pretty impressive website! If you can’t use a CC I’d be leery though.
  13. I carry a SW snubby.38 I have a KelTec .380 for a backup. I keep it in the back of my SUV.
  14. I think they farm out deliveries to independent people. I don’t think they use their employees to deliver. They use contractors for delivery and setup of washing machines, dryers, stoves etc,
  15. I understand HD is competing with Amazon, WalMart etc BUT they’re actually turning away customers who like to go in and buy from the store. Why should delivery be free ONLY on line? That’s kind of punishing their brick snd mortar customers. It makes no sense to me. It’s a bad policy, make delivery free no matter how you buy!
  16. I never saw that one, never knew it existed! The new one was terrible !
  17. There’s not much to assemble just the chute and the handles etc. I can’t imagine they would mess that up but I get what you’re saying. I can inspect it in the store before I take it.
  18. Another added diddy, if they deliver it’s in the box so there’s some assembly on my part. However, if I pick it up they’ll put it together for me FREE! It will fit in my SUV so I may just do that. This is so ridiculous!
  19. Don’t know about all that!! It would be coming from the store that’s close to me so I guess I’d have to take it back. Good question! I’ll have to ask! It’s so confusing!!
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