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  1. Anyone interested in this, looks like it might be okay. Ignore the 15 second commercial https://m.imdb.com/title/tt13287846/
  2. Exactly! That money from the ARPA fund can go to the police where it would really help. I don’t see where a college study would do anything to address violence. It’s a dumb idea and I’ve told them as much.
  3. Okay I found out it’s from ARPA funds which is a government program to help from COVID . There’s a broad amount of things this can fund. It’s still tax dollars. https://home.treasury.gov/policy-issues/coronavirus/assistance-for-state-local-and-tribal-governments/state-and-local-fiscal-recovery-funds BTW this community group does have its own facebook page and also posts on another community page.
  4. I thought only us Italians talked with their hands.
  5. Great idea! They’re probably too lazy to do that. I think it’s a bunch of liberals who like to spend other people’s money!
  6. There’s a group here in my town that’s called A Better Euclid. They want signatures to submit a letter to city council requesting funds to give to Case Western Reserve college to work on a program to reduce violence. I’ve spoken against it online on Facebook where they posted this. They want MY tax money to give to a college? Am I wrong to be 100% against this? What would you do?
  7. I watch the game not the Half Time show! I love a good game!
  8. If I have to go through a bunch of nonsense to give them a compliment on their product I'll just give up!
  9. I use Clays International, 17 grs with 1 Oz of 7 1/2 shot.
  10. I forgot you’re 3 hrs behind. This is a pretty good flick , nothing else on! Love the lady reporter
  11. I’ve got it on now. I haven’t seen this in years!!! Don’t know if I’ll hang in there
  12. Was it a handgun or a carbine ? I know that’s a problem with the handguns for sure!
  13. We're not exactly Northeast here in Ohio, we're considered Midwest but we do have a firearm company right here in Mansfield Ohio. Lots of people love these affordable guns. Actually the High Point carbine is pretty nice and reliable as well. https://www.hi-pointfirearms.com/hi-point-carbines/hi-point-10mm-carbine.php https://www.hi-pointfirearms.com/about-hi-point-firearms/about-hi-point-firearms.php
  14. Shouldn’t you have made a police report? I know he said he would pay but just to be sure a police report would help.
  15. You’re right, You don’t bow on the neck you bow on the strings down by the sound board just above the bridge.
  16. I’m planning on it, if there’s no snowstorm you’ll have to put up with me. I promise not to drop my gun!
  17. Me too In fact I’m a legend in my own mind!
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