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  1. True but my point was it's not anything like Spam, it tastes waaaay better too!
  2. Two of my good pards have them CoffinMaker and Prairie Dawg! I think Coffinmaker modified the Henry's for them.
  3. It would totally depend on who I'm lending the guns to. Someone I've shot with for years and trust them and their reloads fine, otherwise if it's someone I don't know very well, my guns=my ammo. I generally don't bring enough ammo to supply someone else though that's that!
  4. These are pretty good! Had some this morning!
  5. Chicken fried steak here in Northeast Ohio at almost every restaurant.
  6. Superman’s son is coming out as bisexual. Superman apparently is busy on another planet do his son is taking care of Earth! This is coming to a comic book store bear you!
  7. I didn’t mean to dig on WV, I just think 12k is not enough to make me move anywhere! I’m not rich but 12k to relocate is not that much of an incentive unless I was going there anyway. Pat, if you’re planning on moving there by all means take advantage of it!
  8. No not a computer glitch at all just some really dumba%& people!!
  9. Anyone try these? 150 gr for a 9mm sounds pretty heavy but it says less recoil because of the bullet etc.
  10. I have a supplement plan to my medicare which is $25.80 a month. (It's actually a penalty for not signing up for Part D when I got Medicare.) I pay this directly to the company that has my Medicare( Medical Mutual) ANYWAY........I sent a check a couple months ago and MY mistake I sent it for $25.60 instead of $25.80, they sent a bill a few weeks later for 20 cents and said if I didn't pay it they would cancel my account because I was in arrears! I sent them a check for the 20 cents. It cost them postage to send me the bill and cost me to mail it in! Crazy!!!!
  11. Wish you could make it for real!! We all miss you and Lady Crossdraw too! BTW Hershey is getting back to shooting!! I sold him my wooden cart for $50.00, I wanted to give it to him but he insisted on paying me! I gave him some .38 brass and some SG shells. He's got most everything he needs now. What a character! Hope the hurricanes and tropical storms and big a%^ bugs don't bother you too much! How's the mosquitos down there? I heard you could ride on them! Any flying cockroaches yet?? Just kidding enjoy your new home!
  12. Pat, there’s a great shoot I go to that’s in Midvale,Ohio. It’s very close to PA and WV. We get shooters from WV and PA there all the time. Check out Tusco Long Riders Tusco Rifle and Pistol club.
  13. 1996 $350 for a brand new Ruger Blackhawk. $400 for a new Winchester Trapper and $250 for a new Stoeger shotgun!
  14. They spend twice or three times more on sending me mail for more money than I sent in the first place! Ridiculous!
  15. https://www.businessinsider.com/william-shatner-cries-telling-jeff-bezos-about-spaceflight-2021-10
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