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  1. Usher is one of the singers, not crazy about his music but he is a singer, songwriter and piano player. He’s not a rapper! I have to go with KC because Travis Kelce is from here in Cleveland (actually Cleveland Hts) I also think Mahomes is one heckuva quarterback! So go Chiefs! https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/super-bowl-58-halftime-show-history-2024-las-vegas-usher/36045c8302ef48af4adf24ce P.S. my son Frank was a co-writer on a song for Ushers album in 2013. The song was There goes my baby. He made some really good money on that song!
  2. Allie Mo was a good moderator!! She was a little strict but always explained herself. RIP Aliie
  3. Even though there's more than one drummer this is pretty cool.
  4. So that's why you guys get the big bucks??
  5. I'll watch, I love a good football game, hope this is one.
  6. In the old days they would have been shot! I’m talking the 50’s 60’s even the 70’s or 80’s
  7. Hey they get paid good money to moderate this place!!
  8. We have them at a couple of WalMarts around here. I haven't heard anyhting about discontinuing them.
  9. The Lone Ranger and Tonto were suddenly confronted by 100 hostile Indians. The Lone Ranger asked Tonto.” What should we do Kemosabe?” Tonto said “ What are you talking about White Man”?
  10. Not only could Karen Carpenter sing but she was also an accomplished drummer.
  11. Didn’t they hire a bunch of people for the Holidays?? Those were pretty much temporary jobs, I assume those are included in this.
  12. Sounds like a lie detector is in order here! Put that shooter under bright lights and grill him until you get the truth!! I'd give him a P and leave it at that!
  13. Tales of the Old West had a documentary about her,
  14. I’ve always used Zildjian cymbals although I did have Paiste crash cymbal that I liked. They’re also a great cymbal company. https://www.paiste.com/en/products/series/signature
  15. I’ve been reloading for 20+ yrs and Federals have always been packaged like that !
  16. I had one , actually I had a couple of them. My first gun cart for cowboy shooting was my old Radio Flyer!!
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