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  1. Alpo old son, you gotta stop smoking that stuff before you do yourself some real damage.
  2. They don't get it. They don't understand, don't care, and won't discuss it. I had a manager in fits one day when he told me could check myself out. I told him he could open another line and I wouldn't have to. He started giving me hard time and I told him if I had wanted to do that I would have applied for a job, but he couldn't afford me. He asked what I thought I was worth. I told him that when I retired I was making right at $12,000.00 a month. He told me that was ridiculous. I told him he and his store were ridiculous. He told me I could always shop somewhere else and I said I would do that from now on and started to walk away from about $350.00 worth of merchandise in my cart. He asked me if I was going to put it all back where I got it. "Mister, I don't work here and you just essentially threw me out of your store." Then I showed him my cell phone which was still recording the whole thing. A couple of dozen people watched this encounter and a few even clapped. Have you ever seen a mind being boggled? It's a show worth buying tickets for. Walmart won't get another cent out of me....ever again.
  3. One more idiot to add to the very huge, and rapidly growing, list. Why, they must be growing six or seven million a day across the country. (Do you know hard it is say that with your tongue in your cheek?)
  4. Tell her she needn't bother. I'll shoot you just for the fun of it. (I hope you know I'm kidding. I don't want you to take preventive measures and shoot me.)
  5. You'll notice that the same planes keep getting shot down throughout the series, and some of our P-51 fighters will go from "razor backs" to bubble tops from angle to angle in the same raid. Otherwise it's a really good series.
  6. I had one way back when they first came out. It may have been improved, but there was one fault: if you had any respect for your right thumb you would have to grind down and polish the cylinder latch. I did after the first few rounds and loved the ugly little brute. After I got to where I wasn't comfortable with the recoil I sold it to my son, who found some oversize softer grips for it He has since sold it to his son who at six foot five and two hundred eighty solid pounds thinks its just perfect for him.
  7. Saw a Navy CPO do something similar with a 1911 in 1976. He got four rounds in backward before he asked me for help.
  8. Ingenious...and much cheaper than a real mail box
  9. And you'd look crappy and foolish in that dress....but you wear what you want when you want. I won't judge you sweety.
  10. I've been saying that for years, but before we bail put in a clause that states the UN MUST meet i whatever country the head of the UN (Secretary General?) is from. Let them live and operate under some of the backwoods countries and the laws, driving conditions. squalor , etc that the new country offers. Give them 90 days to get out, then turn the UN buildings into something useful, like a home for unwed stray cats......ot a vacant lot.
  11. I left California when I realized their "gold" was turning my finger green.
  12. Both are beautiful in their own way.
  13. Doesn't much irratate me. I never heard of her until I read this post.
  14. My thought is very simple: I simply don't have room for under-the-counter-heaters....and the cost saving isn't enough and the convenience isn't enough to justfy it.
  15. I go to a cafe with a bunch of like minded folks once a week. I started ordering a quarter pound patty with country gravy about a year ago. It just went to $12.00 US dollars and I'm not going to eat there any more. Maybe toast and coffee, but then again, maybe not. I also go to Denny's on Wednesday morning and a short stack with a scrambled egg and two slices of bacon is only half that much. Sorry Zeke, I just can't afford you any more.
  16. But they get really pissed when someone tries to take any control whatsoever over their lives...like the cops f'rinstance.
  17. Don't just sit there, Go buy him his first shootin' iron.
  18. Shoot the entire committee or department or whatever. My wife and daughter visited Ireland many years ago and my wife caused a commotion when she tried to buy Bunratti (SP?) Castle. She was kidding but the people there have no sense of humor.
  19. Roland Baggit Roland Smokkit Riley A. Goodguy Duncan Donuts Smokey Fyre Leslie Vitalone
  20. T. Bone I. B. Durnd O. U. Kidd Sonny Morning O. G. Whizz U. Ben Hadd Con Fusion Con Script I. P. Yeller
  21. What are you smoking that generates all these fun questions? When I was a 2LT I was told that rank among "shavetails" is like virtue among prostitutes: it doesn't exist.
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