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  1. Check out their website for new releases.
  2. Gave up on most TV stuff a couple of years back. My local library is part of a network of other libraries throughout the county including school and colleges. They keep me fixed up with dozens at all times. I miss out (or maybe not so much from comments on my web connections) on all the newer stuff.
  3. Other than the mother of plastic grips it looks to be in good shape. I'd say it's a keeper
  4. Yeah. Didn't you get my message? Tell me what I owe you and I'll get it in the mail ASAP. Thanks. 4T
  5. I learned to knife fight early on and practiced with rubber knives daily for years. Never had to use it and I am now over forty five years out of practice, so I'm not adept enough to use a knife for much more than cutting food and trimming my finger nails any more. I learned how to throw a knife, too, but I gave that up when I saw a man catch a knife that had been thrown at him (real knife, classroom demonstration) and give it back to the thrower. He said throwing away a weapon and possibly arming your opponent with it was "criminal foolishness". RIP MSgt Woolems
  6. Lessee now: the IRS has agents with guns and if you don't pay your taxes they can come and arrest you and put you in jail and take your property. Right? That sounds like armed robbery to me. Is that why IRS stands for Its Really Stealing?
  7. Your dad was a true gentleman and, I might add, he appears to have been a mighty fine husband, too.
  8. John Allen was a genius and I used a number of his ideas over the years. My favorite is a 90 degree front refletion mirror under and underpass to make the most amazing trick image you could imagine.
  9. I need some "paint" or other coating to put on the bottom of the rockers on an antiqued rocking chair I just refinished. It turned out very nicely but doesn't move well on a hardwood floor. Kinds drags. I want it to slide and glide like a cloud, and I'd like it to be invisible. Any suggestions?
  10. Roger Wilco Bob Frapples Benton Battered Nash Rambler Pike Speek Vic Torius Claude Buster Saul E. Everhad Ollie Needed
  11. As much as a I hate to disagree with anything Marine this is way overly simplistic. If you are in a knife fight (or any other kind) you had better be so practiced that anything you do is reflexive. You won't have time to remember or think about all this fancy dancing around. If you take the rime to think all of this over you're going to be too dead to regret it.
  12. Watab, Old Son, don't you know who you are? If you don't know for sure ask your Momma. She's bound yo remember you. Whether or not she'll admit is another thing.
  13. Peterson Auro Museum in L. A. has a propeller driven car. Don't know if it's the same kind as that one. but it sure looks the same. They also had dozens of strange and wonderful wheeled beasties, like a Dymaxion, a Studebaker electric like my grandfather owned, a Fiat 600 pickup, an Amphicar, a couple of Messerschmidt two seat fore-and-aft cars, a Stanley Steamer and another steam driven car, a pair of 1965ish Honda cars...and coupe and a roadster... with chain drives from the seat back to the differential, a German WWII vintage coal fired car, and a six wheel town car of great elegance and no practicality. Als had the only Hispano Suissa town car (or any other Hispano) that I ever saw. If you have ever seen The Phryne Fisher Mysteries, and Aussie TV series, that's the car she drives. Big monster with a top speed of a screaming 94 mph. I love old time cars and trucks.
  14. I've only had two encounters with bike gangs. My wife and I were traveling to the east coast for new posting and had the kids with us. We stopped for a night in some little no 'count town somewhere west of the Mississippi River. Next morning I was loading the roof rack (remember them?) and tied off one end and tossed the rest over the roof. Someone took up the slack and tossed it back. I bent down to see who it was and the hairy face grinned at me. We got it done and I walked around to thank the guy and down the hill below the motel were a whole herd of bikes, bikers, bikers' chicks, and a couple of kids. They were packing up and we all left about the same time. They left pretty fast but an hour later we passed them where they were resting beside the highway. We honked and waved and they waved back. A bit later they passed us and the kids made a fuss and waved and yelled. The bikers laughed, honked, and waved back. Another hour down the road was a toll bridge and the gate keeper told us a whole mess of bikers had paid our fare and told the man at the gate to wish us good luck. Another time we were living in Pekin, Ill on the north side of town. Behind us to the north was a huge vacant lot and a half mile north of that was gigantic cemetery. I got home from work one evening and my son came running in screaming about some one wanting to talk to me. I walked out and another group about size of the one one that we had met seven years before was sitting and standing by their bikes by the road, and a young lady maybe 20-25 years old came over and said I was the only adult they'd seen here and could they spend a night on this lot. I told her it wasn't my property but if they treated it well and didn't cause any commotion I figured it would be alright. Next morning there was a knock on the patio door and this same lady was standing there telling me that they had "policed up" the area and had put their trash in the dumpster out by the road. My kids came out to wave goodbye and the bikers revved their engines, honked their horns and yelled goodbyes. Those two crowds pretty well destroyed the image of outlaw bikers in my eyes.
  15. I always wear gloves to protect my delicate hands and fingers. Nothing can cause you grief much more than getting a hand set afire. Maybe getting your face burned off.....maybe!
  16. Had a "coon skin" hat and USA (blue)and CSA (gray) kepis, too. Cheap pressed and flocked paper.
  17. Yes, and a great lesson for my life later on. Mr. Rindlesbacher (SP?) came over with his "box" and tested the tubes, replaced one, and charged Dad three dollars. "Three dollars for a tube, Dan? That seems a lot." "Tom, the tube is seventy cents. The difference is for knowing which tube to change." Dad grinned and told me "Remember this. It's the old 'I know more than you do. Pay me.' principle." I made a decent living by charging folks for what I knew that they didn't. Most of then become long time clients and sent their friends to me as well.
  18. I remember one in a gas station where my dad went that had no electricity in it: a block of ice and a mechanical chute. I's go in after school and the owner would give me a coke for getting a black of ice (maybe 25 pounds) and putting it in the machine. I had to drain the water into a pan underneath first and haul it outside to empty it in the flower bed by the office and mop up afterward. All for a dime's worth of Coke. We'd keep the caps and pull the cork out then put the cap on our shirt and use the cork on the inside to hold it in place.
  19. I never hears that. Some LEOs didn't like them because if you were running the gun really fast the empty round being ejected would hit the front arm of the shooter and slow things down. Went through a few cases of ammo at the Seal Beach Rod and Gun range, along with some other shooters, and could never run the gun that fast.
  20. And a coffee can (metal, not plastic) full of these in the work shop.
  21. I remember it at half that during some price wars in the late 50s.
  22. Every time I buy a can of paint I get one. Must have fice or six dozen of them now.....BUT none of the new ones have the slot for opening wind-off lids.
  23. I only need one flag: Old Glory. I also have a guidon that flew outside my office window when I was a Company Commander. It was new when I took command. The day I left my First Sergeant had a new guidon raised and the company made me a gift of the one that had been there the whole time I was. It's ratty, faded moth-eaten, and worn but it hangs next to my desk these days, a reminder of one of my proudest years.
  24. I like the original Ithaca Model 37 because it too can be slam fired and loads and ejects from the bottom...ideal for right or left handed shooters. It's also one of the slickest pump gun actions ever.
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