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  1. Has anyone seen he new Walmart remodeling that is supposed to" make checking out faster and more convenient"? It doesn't. It slows things down, did away with several checkout spaces, makes me walk an extra 100 feet or so (a challenge in and of itself), blocks the way into the checkout stands with stupidly placed counter and shelves of things that should be almost anywhere else, and gives a bunch of useless employees a place to get in the way while supposedly helping the customers find an open cash register. Some people are paid a lot of money to design there abominations.
  2. I have dozens of washable canvas bags that my daughter picked up a trade shows from her customers who didn't want to shop them back home. I'm not allowed to use them in Kroger stores and Safeway doesn't like them, either. The COVID terrors did away with those around here, but I can buy a single use bag (but I can't use them a second time) from the Kroger stores because "they are less likely to be contaminated".....by everyone who has beeen involved in the manufacture, transportation, distribution, and any other handling, plus being out in a public area (the checkout stands) where everyone that goes near them can infect them just by being there. It's all pure, unmitigated star spangled, diamond studded, gold plated BS.
  3. I just came home from a very frustrating hour and a half at my nearby "super market"......where nothing whatsoever is "super". Just because, I emptied 13 nearly useless wimpy plastic bags that had just cost me $135.56 after I had "saved" $29.40 with my store card. I am firmly convinced that they do that deliberately so it looks we are getting more while actually getting less. I emptied all the purchases and re-bagged them the was I was taught during my dozen years of working at such markets as American Food Sore, Davis Food Mart, Safeway, Smith's Food King, and finally Albertson's. I used the same sacks I brought the groceries home in, and packed them as I had been taught. (BTH way I got two broken eggs, and yes I do check them and very well designed but very flimsy "frame" that Cesar dog food comes in was smashed and twisted beyond use, making in worthless for me to store the dog food in). I used four bags and had a half gallon of milk and a carton of eggs which I didn't bag. If the eggs are handled properly they will not be broken when the customer gets home It's a bit more difficult now because we used sturdy brown paper bags in five different sizes. They had squared bottoms and would stand up by themselves most of the time. WE used almost all of the space in each bag, and if we had a propers size we would stand them up a cardboard box and, is asked, would carry them to the customer's car...or for some older people who lived close by we would carry them home and unload then in the kitchen. We would deliver the inside the town limits for a quarter a load and outside of town for four bits....using the manager's or owner's car. All this plus stocking shelves, unloading deliveries and carrying them upstairs to the store room, cleaning up the store from the peal of the roof to the cellar and washing the windows every Saturday morning for $1.10, later we all got a raise to $1.20. NO ONE TEACHES ANYONE HOW TO BAG GROCERIES ANY MORE! Most of the time the aisles are jammed and totally blocked by vendor's carts with their in-the-aisle displays and who will look you in the eye and refuse to move, no one knows anydamnthing without looking it up on their magic box and if they misspell it or for any other reason it doesn't match the computer name of the item, they can't find it...and God help us if we ask to see a manager. Very few even smile, so many (who could be running a check out stand....of which there are one one or two open) spend time BSing with each other or people who stop traffic for some other reason. There are usually a couple of drones at self check out stands who are about as useful as tits on a chicken and who slow things down while they call someone who actually knows something. "Quicker than the normal check out stands"? BS. BTW, the $26.40 I "saved" tells me that they are over charging any one who doesn't have a card. Why do they want you to have a card? So their computer can send you more coupons and you'll but more stuff. RANT MODE OFF!
  4. WHAT KIND OF MODELS? Cars? Trains? Airplanes and space ships? Military? Super heroes? Boats and ships? I can't see this dork dating much of anything else.
  5. Been using it for a year. IT WORKS!
  6. In the mid 50s you could buy a lot of "kit" vehicles that had been intended for our troops overseas but never got delivered when the war ended. Jeeps were the most common but I saw a few 3/4 ton trucks, some Power Wagons, a few light cargo trailers, an ambulance, and at least one deuce and a half. There was one half track and a couple of weasels and DUWKs that I suspect were bought and assembled the same way. The amphibs were seen up at a defunct dude ranch a few miles from Yellowstone.
  7. We wasted it playing donkey baseball.... a game that caused my first broken ribs when I was about thirteen.
  8. Looks like the unnatural offspring of a Toyota, a beach ball, a large mixing spoon, a sprig of flowers, and a pygmy hippo. Throw in some wax lips, some kind of weird Halloween eyes, shoot the front full of holes, and give the whole thing an ugly paint job and this is the result.
  9. Those trucks (the wheel and side frame assemblies) look very much like American designs.
  10. Even more who are never recognized. They are shoved aside by people who should be recognized as an ornament at the end of a noose, nothing more.
  11. So many! So very many! I Majored in English (One Major of three) and am annoyed by roughly half of the words misused amongst those who should know better.
  12. And I thought the five story high one down the road a couple of miles was big.
  13. Bill Aruss Bella Russ Bella Russell
  14. You're going to be stuck with BP ammo at that period. The Webley would be a good choice but I'd shy away from the '76. It's a massive, heavy, and uncomfortable beast and the caliber selection would make it difficult to find ammo. I have one in .45-60 and love it but I'd not want it in Europe. Look into some of the more common double rifles from England, and unless he'd be hunting very big game a '73 might be a better choice. It would also make a '73 Colt SAA a better match. I must be getting old. I keep finding myself agreeing with Alpo way too frequently any more.
  15. My daughter had a cat that my son got her for Christmas when she was about eight years old. He got it because the lady that had the cat also had big dogs and they killed the other three kittens before she could stop them. She was named Penelope Pitstop for a black smear on her chin. Anyway this little girl cat was a very low maintainence pet. She learned very early on to use the doggy door so we put her litter box under the shed where we had a hot tub. It got emptied (the litter box, not the hot tub) about once a week before we realized she was also using our cactus garden, then it got be whenever we thought about it. We kept her water dish full and filled a big pan fell of kibble once a week or so and she foraged for critters in the garden. Most of the time she slept by the sliding doors to the patio. (BTW, I have known a couple of New Yorkers who moved to California. Both pronounced "PATIO" PAY shee oh until they were corrected. Not a word in their former world.)
  16. Yeah, I did, but it was too much and a bunch got burned. The filling was fair, but the rest went down the garbage eater. I'll try again later.
  17. Saw a bunch of those in 'Nam. Jerry rigged and no two were alike.
  18. Asked and answered the question in two lines.
  19. Is there any viable reason those idiots kept on blabbering after the story had been told?
  20. Why is there no horizon for reference?
  21. Haven't made quesadillas in many moons. Dug out an old recipe from my college days. Spent an hour getting everything together. End results: 1 pound ground sirloin. 1 can diced tomatoes and Hatch peppers. 1 half cup finely chopped white onion. 1 half cup of home made guacamole. 1 tablespoon assorted spices and seasonings. 1 tablespoon Kerry Gold salted butter. 1 half cup Mexican four cheese blend. A large dash of hot sauce. 2 large half flour and half corn tortillas. ALL IN THE TRASH! Totally nasty and unfit even for hogs. Maybe next time.......................!
  22. The swivel isn't right.....the ones I want are not designed to be inlet into the stock and are very sturdy and simple: a plain flat strap with half circular place so the one piece "loop" can be mounted, the "loop", and two wood screws. But I have a call out to two of the patch makers. Thanks.
  23. My Life Alert system has four units: a base unit, a remote in the bathroom, a pendulum to wear around my neck, and an "off site" GPS satellite unit that is good anywhere in the country. The system has saved my life twice in the two and a half years I've had it and sent help seven more times. I call in for system check the first of every month. Monday the GPS didn't work so I called the service line about 3:pm and they agreed to send me a new one which was due to arrive next Friday or Saturday. It got here just after noon today and I had it actuated, service checked, and packed for return by 1400 hrs. They will pick up the one that was replaced before 1500 hrs tomorrow. And the people I spoke to were friendly, efficient and apologetic for the failure and inconvenience. My only complaint with them is it sometimes it takes forever to get someone on the line....once took six minutes, usually it's under two, but when you're bleeding, in pain, or nearly unconscious it seems much longer. The County Fire and EMT station is just three blocks away so I'm well cared for.
  24. The SSR is the pickup i spoke of in a recent message. It's a cute little truck that belongs to a friend's wife...well, actually they are both friends ... and it's got a spectacular flame paint job on a traffic light yellow body.
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