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  1. I remember him being interviewed by some one who commented on his unusual name. "Unusual? I never thought it was unusual. It's an old family name." The interviewer asked if that were true. Parnelli answered " Oh, yeah We have a lot of Joneses in our family." When I was trying to be a racer I had three heroes: Parnelli Jones, Sterling Moss, and Wolfgang von Trips. I was pretty good but nowhere near their caliber. There were a lot of really fine drivers in those days and most were drivers, not designers of greatly modified super cars.
  2. I bought a cube steak last week. The first in many decades. It was very good. Now I'll have to go find a round steak.
  3. Being a vet twice I hired a Veteran owned landscaping company that bragged that they only hired vets. Okay, Three guys showed up. One never came back from lunch and the other two didn't come back the next day. They left all their tools there. I called the office the next day and the guy told me he wanted the tools back and I'd have to bring them by his office. He gaot a full load of my PO'ed Gunny comments and lingo that may have melted his phone wires. I put the tools on the curb and they vanished that afternoon. Never saw or heard from him again. I don't get suckered very often, but Pobody's Nerfect.
  4. Long Beach, CA had an amusement park called The Pike. It was in the harbor area and was a great place if you wanted get robbed or beaten...or both. One of the attractions was a museum, wax museum, and sort of a house of horrors. There was a "mummified sailor" hanging in one of the alcoves there, but when they closed The Pike and were tearing teat attraction down they discovered it was a real body. As far as I know it was never identified.
  5. Mine has a black handle but looks identical otherwise. Very common in some circles. I also have a Mister Coffee that my kids prefer when they come to visit. I'm not real fond of it but can't tell you why. Maybe it's the paper filters that it needs. BTW, thanks for the info.
  6. Look at what I suggested to Finagler.
  7. And that's an early BAR 1918: no carrying handle, no bipod, strange rear sight.
  8. You don't owe ME an apology and heaven knows I'm in arrears for apologizing. Now, about that dip wad TV guy who seems to be blaming the buff: He needs to be told by someone who can seriously damage him that the bison were here first and we damn near annihilated all of them. I wouldn't blame any wild animal for attacking people, but I will defend myself and most others on the wild turf, especially these useless pukes that have access to the media.....but most wild animals won't harm a human without cause. And that's the cause in their eyes, not yours.
  9. I have an old Hamilton Beech electric percolator. No on / off switch, just plug it in to turn it on, unplug it to turn it off. Red light comes on when it's done. Pot, power cord, the hollow shaft thingy that I don't know the name of, the hopper thingy that I don't know the name of either, and the lid. It's even easy to clean, simple to use and it makes good coffee if I use the right brand (Farmer Brothers 100% Arabica Medium Roast), in the right proportions, with the right amount of sugar, and in the right cup. (Mine! Nothing special about it, but it's MINE!) If I'm out 'boondocking' I have a similar one that you heat over an open fire. Just as good, but more of a PITA to use and clean.
  10. Get in touch with Cliff Hanger. He seemed to have a magic touch with those SxS shotguns.
  11. I could only see one (Jupiter? Big and bright.), the rest were behind everything but the Eiffel Tower: trees, a high school building, Walmart, etc. I just couldn't get situated right. I don't expect to be around for the next one. Then again..........
  12. These idiots are blaming everyone for crime and labeling us racist, anti-gay, etc while all the while THEY ARE THE ONES PROMOTING DIVISIVENESS OF EVERY KIND IMAGINABLE and lying through their teeth about their true motives.....the downfall of this nation.
  13. Sorry, but is NOT the "Congressional" medal of honor. Just the Medal of Honor. Check it out, but you are right: no one wins it.
  14. Make sure the scale is right ( 1/48) and sell them to model railroaders
  15. Doesn't matter how you phrase it as long coffee and hash browns and Tabasco sauce are alongside, and salt and pepper are available. I prefer my eggs scrambled, but I'm not all that concerned and as long as the bacon is firm but not crunchy.
  16. Look to Arizona, preferably in the center of the state...around Prescott or Prescott Valley. Had a couple of new guns shops open up here recently.
  17. I'm rereading this and it comes to mind that if the maximum of 13 BMG.50 are all firing at once, all four engines are running at capacity, explosions (even if the plane isn't hit directly), God's own air turbulence, rapid changes in weight when the bombs are dropped, and a number of other common occurances going on all at the same time, and the materials used..........well, this thing shouldn't have survived any mission whatsoever to fly a second time, even if made it back home. And that doesn't take any combat damage into consideration.
  18. Hey, you know that Father's Day is coming. If you're looking for a present for me you could get me one of these. Pleeeeeese!
  19. I never stated a religion and almost always got Presby (Presbyterian) on my dog tags by default. It never bothered me but drove my sister nuts....being the good Mormon that she is.
  20. How long until this becomes an Olympic event? Seems like almost anything else has qualified....for some idiotic reason.
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