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  1. Come on, guys. Let's play nice. After all the Navy is sort of like an ally. Hell, they declared war on Japan the same time we did....and if it weren't for the Navy we'd have to find doctors and corpsmen some place else, swab decks, spend money on those huge cruise ships the Navy uses, and wear funny uniforms.
  2. I remember the time when my son, a seventh grader, came home and was screwing around at the breakfast bar in our kitchen. My wife scolded him for something and he told her to "go ...... yourself." I was right at his elbow and he never saw the slap that took him off the stool and ran part of his retainer through his top lip. He got up, staggered around a few seconds, and apologized to his Mom and asked her to call our family doctor. She told him she'd drive him downtown and he said "I'll ride my bike down. I have some thinking to do." He never made that mistake again and I never mentioned it to him again. He is 58 years old now and turned out alright after some dead ends and U turns.
  3. I already have a stash of incandescents (Heavy duty made for using on machinery like ceiling fans) that do work better....and as to how far away do I want to open my door? Depends on who's chasing me and how fast I'm going!
  4. The light bulbs are on the motor. The man who does the work for the door company explained that it reduces the signal from the remote to about half and sometimes simply won't recognize the signal for my remote. The wall switch isn't effected. I put the new bulbs in and found I can open the door form about 400 feet out now. With the LEDs it was more like 175 feet, so I guess he knows his business. He also said the very powerful LEDs like parking lot lights can screw up openers all over a neighborhood, but I', not near those. I do have a 3600 lumen flag pole light, but it doesn't seem to bother anthing.
  5. Two days max and dry it with warm, NOT HOT air, then let it sit for a couple of hours before seasoning it. I season mine with plain old Crisco applied hot and rubbed in. A couple of coats usually does it. When you're ready to use it, heat it again and wipe it down to get any excess Crisco off and go to cooking. I have two or three Lodge pans, a German set (Werther?) and a tiny little 4.5" pan I bought in a cafe in Idaho a LOOOOONG time ago.
  6. They can take pictures anywhere they want around my place. It all depends on whether or not they want a broken nose or risk being banned from ever visiting me again.
  7. Thanks, but I found some at a local place whose specialty is finding things electrical that no one else can find....like batteries for lawn trimmers, out of production lights, a small motor for operating toys, etc. I'd forgotten them until man at Ace Hardware reminded me....and they are only a half block west of Ace so I didn't even have to drive there.
  8. The Navy was disbanded and then reinstated a few years later, making the Marines the oldest continuous military force in the USA.
  9. The federal government has crossed a line. They are messing with my garage door opener now and interfering with free trade and commerce. I just had it rebuilt and the tech who did the work said I'd have to get rid of my LED lights because they interfere with the signal. He said the twisty ones will work if I can find them. I can't. I also can't find any incandescent lights any more. I cannibalized some other lamps in my house until I can fins another solution. I'M, SORRY, BUT I DON'T THINK THAT IT'S ANY OF THE GOVERNMENT'S BUSINESS.....like 99 44/100% of the things they get involved in every single day.
  10. Vigilante time. Catch them and hang them from a light post. Dead or alive, hang them and let them stay there until they rot. Of course the cops and courts would go into action then and arrest the wrong people.
  11. Just one more cheese and lunch meat platter and I'm going to hurt someone's feelings.
  12. Careful! My SIL retired from the Corps as a CW5 (only went to 4 when I was in) and he's not someone you want to take offense at you.
  13. Why not? I do and have had NO negative problems. Simply dry it well, re-season it, and use the bejabbers out of it,
  14. JFWIW, my solar panels face east and work just fine. When we had them installed they said we needed 23 panels. I insisted on 30 because everything is going electrical and I didn't want to run short down the line. We leased the panels, but were I to do it again I'd buy them outright. I'd have then paid for by now and I'd be getting free electricity about 10 months out of the year and very low bills the other two months. I'm not paying much but I'd have a gun a year extra cash.
  15. Ugly....including he mkeup....like most modern styles.
  16. As a stand alone sentence I'm still reading it the same way and it's a BS statement....... as it stands. If you want it to read differently, rewrite the statement so it's understandable.
  17. Hooray for solar panels. With the rebates I get from the electric company for electricity that I generate more than I use I get free electricity about seven months out of the year. It often is enough to pay the lease on the panels, too.
  18. I use salt and baking soda for the first brushing and dab of Sensodine to get the taste out of my mouth. A tube of toothpaste lasts me about four months. I'm not about to waste my time on the itsy bitsy gob of toothpaste left when it's gone.
  19. I'm betting that a lot more of Texas is owned by the state and federal governments than a puny 7% that would be left over from your 93%. Likely that much or more is military bases, interstate highways, state highways, public streets, and major airports. Throw in government buildings, national parks, public schools and colleges, and a host of other places and your percentage goes WAY down!
  20. At almost 82 years old I have so much to be thankful for, wll beyond counting. Even though I'm now "enjoying" some rough physical problems, I have very little to gripe about. I had wonderful parents, the Lord's best woman for a wife for 51 years, good (and a few not so good) experiences that have brought me to where I am today, friends all over the world (including many right here on this site who I owe a lot of my happiness to), enough money to live on, a good house and workshop in a great town in the best nation on Earth despite its many problems....all in all, a wonderful life and I'm happy with what I have. I wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving Day and a marvelous life. God bless you all.
  21. Eden, hands down. And Marky Post just to make sure.
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