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  1. Just to be fair I think all of Biden's security people should be given the week off, with pay, in celebration of his BD, and with no outside replacements.
  2. Well..............! Back to the drawing board. I've always been a good cook and an excellent baker. Did well with gas fired grills too, due to a stint as a steak house manager. This time I failed rather spectacularly. I thought I had followed the directions to the letter, but ended up flushing about $45.00 worth of sea food down the drain. The raisin bran I ended up eating for supper worked well.
  3. Yes it is, but that doesn't seem to matter to the left wing politicians (and too often others as well) who have been violating the Constitution since it was written.
  4. Your choice. God will still get the message.
  5. Both. We got a little rain, but can use a lot more.......BUT I dread the Arizona monsoons season which is right around the corner. Thanks to AAA and my new roofs on both buildings I'll at least be dry indoors. Remember that Noah was called a conspiracy theorist....until the rain started.
  6. I signed a blank check. Thank God I didn't have to use it all. A lot of good people did and I thahk God for them, too.
  7. I learned that selling black powder for The Flintlock in Hobby City
  8. I don't drink anymore but I just paid $23.00 each for two 750ml bottles of Glayva. That will last me the rest of my life for a spoonful over ice cream or on Malt-O-Meal. It wasn't imported into the US for several years, but Total Wine found these for me at a supplier in Canada. They are also the only reliable source for sarsaparilla in this area. I drink A LOT of that!
  9. I like beef or calf's liver, but can't stand them with onions. With a good country sausage gravy they are a once a month thing, but my wife wouldn't have it in the house nor let me order it at a restaurant if she was with me.
  10. Just more BS aimed at controlling people. Need that like we need a mumps epidemic.
  11. Saw a female black bear trying to climb a fallen tree. She was determined to get to the top, but finally wandered off looking amazingly like some human drunk.
  12. Wear it proudly and apologize to no one about it....nor to most things people of low breeding and poor social skills say about anything you do.
  13. Anything with pumpkins and most other squash-type things. String beans, boiled tomatoes, and potato soup.
  14. I don't understand how so many people can be cajoled into mass idiocy in almost everything around the world today.
  15. That sounds great, but I probably am too lazy to tackle it. Then, again.............maybe not. Thanks
  16. Used to get some bottle simmering sauce for seafood from Smart and Final in Ontario, CA. It was something special and we'd put it in a pot with shrimp, scallops, salmon, crab, and almost any other seafood. Add a dash or several Tabasco and some butter and in a short time we had a marvelous meal. Hadn't thought of it in years until this morning: I awoke with THE URGE! Anyone know of a source or have recipe for such a mess?
  17. I have handled but never fired a Webley - Fosbury .455. It's not only UUUGLY, it's also about as graceful as a bear cub on a roller skates. I owned and fired a Mouse Handled Broomer in 7.63 mm (30 cal. Mauser). With the original factory load it was a match for the early .357 Magnum velocity-wise, but with a lighter bullet.
  18. My sister and BIL were horrifed when the visited Hanoi and were told the US killed civilians. "WE DON'T DO THAT!!!" Really? Ask the people of Berlin, Rome, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, most of North and a lot of SouthKorea, much of France, The Netherlands, Italy, Romania, North Africa, and maybe several thousand other places.....just in MY life time! You'll find the statement to not only be false, but downright uneducated and foolish.
  19. Yep, she's crazy! I used to see that same look on my wife's face...and never understood why. We were together 51 years before she passed. Would have been 57 last July. I always said I was smarter than she was. After all, look who I married and look who she married. Congratulations my friend. Give her a hug.
  20. And why would I subject myself to FB BS when I have an email and a telephone...or, God forbid, someone might still use snail mail....or drive a few miles for a face-to-face visit. I know, I know Forty Rod = dinosaur. What will they do, cut my hair and send me back to 'Nam?
  21. I've never had a problem with the Facebook version. On the other hand I Never use Facebook....and never will.
  22. They scream bloody murder if we infringe on their "church and state" Constitution guarantees but freely turn it around to infringe on our equally guaranteed Constitutional rights. This is the epitome of hypocrasy....and it's not just this particular religion, but many others, mostst all of the "free" news, most other governmental agencies who side with them and a huge majority of today's voters.
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