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  1. Druther cut my own leg off with a wooden spoon.
  2. Wait! What, guns are weird? Not in my world they ain't.
  3. Probably! Whether he rode that thing or not. He's just at that age.
  4. That would be my choice. Park it and don't worry about it being somewhere you won't be. Drive it like a car or small truck. Pull over to rest, etc., without worrying about finding a place to leave the trailer. Have almost all you need right behind you and convenient. Don't fret about getting the rig all hooked up when you're ready to leave and storing it when you get home. Put a small motorcycle on the back for short trips, like to the store, if that suits you. Add a roof rack for an awning or small storage on your trip.
  5. Never trust a cowgirl with zippers in her boots.
  6. When I read the title of this post I thought "Hey! That's a great idea!" Silent movie stars wouldn't be in every form of news, and information media, and in no form of entertainment, spewing their leftist crap all over my nation and influencing our our children and the weak-minded among us and destroying our history, culture and values. Let's try it for a change.
  7. Sorry. Couldn't get past all the stupid and inappropriate ads to see it.
  8. Mine too, and they set the sun by them.
  9. I can't see me building a new house big enough to have any of these....but it is beautiful and impressive work.
  10. As Willy (or Joe. Never could tell them apart) said: a moving foxhole attracts the eye.
  11. OVERthinking? Remember who you're talking about. I don't know about Alpo, but at my age I don't "OVER" anything.
  12. I feel the same about Arizona. I'm not even all the comfortable outside of Yavapai County.
  13. Nope. That's where the wood screw goes to hold the butt on.
  14. And they said you weren't observant. Knock knock!
  15. Looking for one empty case and one jacketed bullet. Making a black lacquered swagger stick like I had when I was a 2LT in 1965. My kid sister gave to me when I was commissioned and it just vanished about 35 years ago. No one seems to make them any more, but I met this guy with a lathe, the skills, and the dimensions.
  16. Does anyone here load these rounds?
  17. Launched 5 months after my wife and I bought our first house and ten months before I left the Marine Corps. That was over half my lifetime ago.
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