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  1. How much more will you tolerate before bailing and moving over here?
  2. Find that driver and I'll buy him a drink.
  3. As long as you look good and have great guns most people will never question how well you shoot....and a lot of them (none that are CAS shooters, though) will be afraid to find out.
  4. I like that last one. Jittery Jim and Deja Vu gave me a mat that says "Come back with a warrant."
  5. Sounds like something my dad would do. I think your dad and mine would like each other.
  6. I wore my family kilt and tartan to a formal dance when I was in college. Most of the brothers and their ladies took it in stride. One young lady (who later married my frat brother) asked me, in front of a dozen or so guests, what a Scotsman wore beneath his kilt. I answered with something I read somewhere and had waited for a proper time to use it: "Och, you're a bold one. A proper lassie would no' ask and a naughty lassie would no' have to." She did a masterful job of blushing, and every time I saw her after that afterwards she repeated that performance. My parents were guests that night, and Mom who was usually very reserved, laughed so hard Dad had to help her sit down until she got over the hiccups.
  7. I will die believing that a doctor at our local hospital and their branch over hill (and all the other people there) were responsible for my wife dying way before her time. They finally sent her to a Banner hospital in Phoenix, but it was too late. The doctor here had missed double pneumonia when she went in for a routine heart murmur checkup. It included a chest X-ray that showed the problem perfectly. He was gone when I went back to confront him after she died. I was told he was no longer there, and they told me that he had retired and they had no idea where he had gone. I tried to trace him through his retirement check and got no satisfaction. I have instructions to my family and friends that I am not to be taken there under any circumstances. If the VA can't take me I'll wait in the parking lot until they can. Be your own advocate and don't let ANYONE intimidate you or try to explain something away without a challenge.
  8. How about: I'm retired. I have nowhere to be and all day to get there.
  9. I bought one from another Marine who had the seven and a half inch barrel Mag-na-ported. He couldn't handle the noise and after a few months I couldn't, either. People wouldn't shoot next to me because the ports made the noise go sideways more more than the other non-ported model that another guy had.
  10. I solved that problem: I cancelled my TV and have just two channels left from my computer contract, and I never watch them. I dropped my newspaper, too. The local gives me a free paper every Wednesday. I get our small town news and a passel of coupons. I get enough news from the car radio, this site, and the once in awhile when I use my computer to check the weather. Some people keep me updated by phone or email. My blood pressure is way down, I sleep better, and my life is merrier.
  11. Just when we think the daydreamers can't come with anything stupider, they fool around and outdo themselves.
  12. I've seen a lot of real people, accidents where people are injured of trapped, when someone encounters a body etc. I have been with other people when they have had similar experiences. I have NEVER heard anyone scream unless they are themselves injured, yet on almost any movies show someone unexpected and stealing something or encountering someone away from the herd or some to help. Screaming seems to be the unusual reaction any such encounter, even when a load of something is in no danger.
  13. Not a tee shirt, but a bumper sticker: Nuke a gay whale for Jesus! (Is there anyone I didn't piss off? Another one many years back: Save the trees. Wipe your ass with a spotted owl.
  14. Well! You and I do think alike. I managed a couple of restaurants in my time and they are full of a plethora of things to fight back with. A couple of my guys were on the way to put an out of control college guy face down on the grill for pulling a knife on a waitress. I reallu considered walking away and letting them do it. A pair of LEOs in plain clothes saved the guy from some serious burns.
  15. Slowly and with great care.
  16. Yeah! Ain't that a form of elder abuse? I had to by CD player because I don't have one in my computer nor my vastly over-priced and crap-loaded car. Seems like almost every manufacturer of almost any product thinks the population of this entire planet is 25 years old.....or younger.
  17. Never liked beer, but I put Black Flag rum in a good financial position
  18. I think I dated his sister once..........but ONLY once.
  19. I agree and I apologize. I'm sorry, kitty. You deserve better than that. However. whoever put that mop on you should be pilloried.
  20. I still have about a thousand that I bought when I was working at The Flintlock in Anaheim. Had more but I either used them up or gave them away when stopped shooting so much.
  21. I'm rapidly approaching the "if I can't pronounce I don'r want to eat it". time of my life. I have a lot of additives on my own: salt, pepper, sugar, water, Tabasco sauce, butter, honey, ......you know, the essentials. I still get a lot of stuff, but i generally know what it really is.
  22. i'm not from this planet, either, but I don't recognize him....nor his species
  23. There was a folding stock version, too. I had a cousin, quite a bit older than I, who finally retired from the USMC as a Brigadier General. When he first went in shortly after Pearl Harbor some of our Marines were issued Reising guns and he told stories about how hated they were. He said the Marines would trade them for (or steal) Tommy guns, Garands, anything they could get just to get the Reisings out of their way. He wasn't in the field long because the Corps taught him how to fly. He found a way to get an M-1 carbine aboard a Hellcat but never found room when thy put him in a corsair
  24. Get enough to have a party for the entire department.
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