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  1. One year I found some little cams, about like shoe polish came in marked "Naughty" and "Nice" and gave them to my employees with their Christmas bonus.They got the check a fished a can out of a box. One girl's mother came in the day after Christmas and with a huge grin asked me: Just how naughty was she?" She then handed me a huge bag of cookies.
  2. In my early days with a wife and two kids I would have liked to have had sandwiches and soup, but I got a second job rather than ask, or DEMANDING it for nothing or anyone. Where the hell do these dregs of humanity get the idea that they are OWED anything at all, not only by us but by anyone. ANY DAMN ONE AT ALL. Go back and demand it from where ever you came from and see how that goes for you.
  3. After being in the hospital the last two Christmases I approached this one with great caution and trepidation. I had almost come the think that Jesus didn't want me around for his birthday party. Well, I spent the morning at hame because I had some friends stopping by and at 3:00 I went to another friend's place where his wife and put out a wonderful meal, played with my dog and their three dogs, spent some time getting to know the one other guest, and didn't have a single mishap. Got home at 6:30 and watched TV for the rest of the night. I'm almost 82 and want maybe 20 more good Christmases before I leave. I hope you all had good times as well.
  4. I'd take the money in cash if I could video tape it (unknown the the person giving it to me), tell him or her to KMA, and walk away....and I'd watch my wealthy back for the rest of my life. I might even go public with it so if they came after me I'd have them by the 'nads. Might just take the whole thing to an honest official and ask for an honest reward. I'd want to tape that, too, simply in case my "honest official" turned out to a crook, too. Yeah, I'm crooked, too, but only to crooked people.
  5. Does anyone remember Joe Namath advertising "Manny Hose" on TV? They were touted as perfect for cold weather but the ads only ran for a very short time and I never saw an actual pair of them.
  6. Pi are squared is wrong. Pi are round. Corn bread and sheet cake are squared
  7. When I was in the Army and Marine Corps I would pick up the local dialect very quickly, even the "pace" of the language....and I still can. My son is the same way, but our ladies can't do it. Biggest challenge is learning native word usage because different words or usages of words will give you away pretty quickly I can go back and be in the native lingo almost instantly.
  9. Heinz was dropped by one of my favorite cafes. I don't use much catchup / ketchup/ catsup but I was curious. They told me a large number of their customers objected to Heinz because of their corporate stands on some political stuff and some just won't eat anything with high fructose corn syrup in it. They now serve some generic brand that meets their satisfaction and I'm told it tastes better. I'll likely never know because I don't use much of the stuff anyway. That's what Tabasco is for.
  10. Remember them? I just saw a modern version: a guy going into a smoke shop dropped a box and was still picking up the contents when I came by: about 200 marijuana leaves bronzed and with a clip pin on the back so they could be worn on your clothes. I asked where he got them and he said he makes them and that several smoke shops in the area carry them. They sell for $10.00 and he sells about 700 every two weeks all over the quad cities area. Whooda thunk it?
  11. That was in 1971 or 1972 and my memory isn't all that good, but seems like it (Famous Recipe Fried Chicken) was on University just two or three lots north (?) of Ponderosa Steak House on the west side of the road and close to a Denny's (?). There were about a dozen restaurants along that stretch of road. I started out at Ponderosa there, then moved to one further up north and west a few miles, and ended up at one in Pekin near the old TP&W railroad yards. I moved from there to Brown's Sporting Goods when they opened the new Pekin Mall.
  12. Kinda like TNT is like a wooden match.
  13. Miracle Whip has only one use in my kitchen. I was working for a fried chicken place in Peoria, IL and took their recipe for cole slaw...the best I ever tasted. (nothing else in that dump was worth any mention.) 1 part granulated sugar 1 part vegetable oil 1 part Miracle Whip 2 parts water We made in 30 gallon tubs and stirred it with what amounted to a electric outboard motor.
  14. My wife's Texan Jr that she got for her 6th birthday in 1952 is hanging on my wall. It has her initials burned in to the right gip near the top and her full name on the butt of the left grip. It's very valuable to me but I saw one like it in an antique store a few years ago complete with a holster and belt for $15.00
  15. Happens to the best of us. YesterdayI carefully made two pecan chess pies to my dad's recipe. It's been awhile since I felt up tackling it. used to be prize winning desert every Christmas time. After all the time spent preparing all the ingredients and carefully filling the shells, and baking them, I took one taste and flushed the whole thing. After thr holidays I;ll take a look at the recipe and see where I screwed it up. The boiled fruitcake turned out just right, though.
  16. I got more than one pocket. We ain't po' folks, y'know.
  17. Well, that goes to show you that you, Chris, and I all have good taste.
  18. Roos, you're a man of rare class. I'll share a drum of RSR that I got last year for Christmas.Don't use much any more. Have a great Christmas and at least a comfortable new year.
  19. Druther cut my own leg off with a wooden spoon than to buy an electric car.
  20. Had a police chief here who left his piece in the can. I don't think it was ever recovered. Don't know where he works now. In most of the gun shops where I worked we'd salvage someone's rep (including several LEOs...one three times) when they'd leave all manners of ordnance in the bathrooms.
  21. Still a flip phone that is simple enough I can use it. $71.00 out the door including all the hook up charges, $27.00 a month including some disaster insurance. It has almost none of the idiotic features that I don't need, it fits my shirt pocket, and it doesn't weigh much more than a large pocket harmonica.
  22. Do you know Christopher Trapani? He's a former business associate of mine, now a realtor guy out of Fontana, CA who is waging war against pineapple on pizza. Look him up on facebook and watch his really great and unusual TV ads.
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