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  1. Seems like if the humidity inside the safe is healthy for the gunz, it would be detrimental to the leather. And, vice-versa.
  2. Wonderful!!! Please keep us posted as your thoughts about the various dimensions you used evolve. Those decisions about dimensions must have occupied your thoughts for a good while. From here, it looks like you made some great choices. Thanks for sharing this!
  3. Spangenberg's Gunsmithing shop was located at 21 South 4th Street, Tombstone. The shop was connected to the store that fronts on Allen street. So, you could say it was at the corner of Allen and 4th Street (more or less). It was a wonderful store to visit twenty years ago. Lots of Colt's and Winchesters both old and new. You could get a nice set of cowboy action guns there and many of us did. Then, as time went along, the stock became more and more aimed (forgive me) to tourists. It went from Colt's, to clones, to pop guns, to rubber band shooters over about ten years. It was very, very sad to witness this transformation. The storefront is still there. The front part of the building is now "Can-Can Old Time Photos"; fronting at 336 E. Allen St. The phone number for that business is 520-457-3227. They may only be open on weekends.
  4. Be forewarned that going to Old Tucson Studios makes for a strong likelihood that you'll become THAT guy, who is a PITA, remarking during every, old Western Movie, that the setting is inauthentic.
  5. If I may opine.... Smacking an SKB to reset it is not only dangerous in the ways people have pointed out in this thread, it is also slow, and it is (potentially) harmful to the gun. Most are aware that the stock, as it meets the action, is a weak point on SKBs. The force imparted by whacking the butt stock is more than enough to crack the stock. In time, that's what will happen. Rather, use the barrel selector on the trigger to switch barrels. Practice doing it that way. It is safer, faster, and does no damage to the gun.
  6. Give it a couple of days soaking in KROIL (accept no substitutes!). These are so finely machined and fitted that the slightest burr or off-axis force can cause binding. It should move without hammering after the KROIL soak. I'd use a wood dowel if it were me.
  7. Get this!!! Read it!!! Take the actions it describes!!!
  8. Needs agitation. Needs tiny bit of something to make it acidic.
  9. I tried using a GoPro for a while, but the remote control from the phone was all but worthless. I recently got a Bluetooth clicker/button/remote thing-a-ma-jig that seems to work pretty well at controlling the phone remotely. However, of course, nothing is better than a pard controlling the phone and pointing it at you.
  10. Geez. It's an idea. A sketch. How you orient it on the range, and how you place the gun in it come with many alternatives. Also, the dimensions of the side-walls, base, angle, width, height have many alternatives.
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