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  1. Consistent firearm presentation is everything. There's usually a little glint of light coming from the top edge of the target. Wind flags are your friend. The targets don't move.
  2. Inline Fabrication are the folks you want to contact.
  3. We load 'em with an anvil and sledge over here.
  4. SASS Alias: August West SASS #: 45079 Location: Tucson, Arizona Territory How Long: Started shooting SASS in 1999 at the Oak Tree in the Wash, Joined SASS around 2000
  5. Can you be specific about where it is breaking? At the pivot? At the tip? Along the "spring"?
  6. If you do windows too, you're my huckleberry -- in a strictly Platonic sense.
  7. http://www.sportglasses.com Accept no substitutes!
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