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  1. Like shooting .38 specials in a .357 magnum chamber, it is acceptable to shoot 45/70 cartridges in the 45/90 chamber. Also, it is a simple thing to download the 45/90. Not to disagree with J.M., but around here, the 45/90 is desirable as a 1000 yard cartridge -- with 500+ grain bullets, of course. A 45/70 will put a lot of hurt on you too! The fit and weight of the rifle is important if comfort is the goal. And, proper shooting position makes a big difference in just how much of your body ends up black and blue after a session with either cartridge -- in my clumsy experience. I agree that the 45/70 is a better all-round choice. But, if 1,000 yard is in your future, the 45/90 will do a better job of getting you there.
  2. I've been running 3.3 grains of VV310 behind a 105 Badman Bullet for the past few years. I use the SAME charge in .38 and .357 cases. I've had no problems with primers backing out at that intensity, but it is on the light side of 'normal' for sure. 310 burns so much cleaner and more completely than 320. I predict you'll not go back.
  3. Would it have made a difference if we had promised to wash our socks?
  4. When I was a kid, there was a huge Outdoor Sports and Gun Show at the Exposition Center in Los Angeles. Took all day to walk around the whole thing. There was a "company"/dealer there names "Hawes" and he was selling the JP Sauer and Sohn single action pistols for less money that anything else at the show that went bang. We didn't have much money, so low price was important. My Dad bought a "Hawes" .22 single action, which looked just like the pistol pictured above. I use to dry fire that pistol endlessly. Fast draw, fanning, twirling -- all the stuff that was on T.V. at that time. In a few years, I had blown all the mortices out of the cylinder and the gun would no longer go to battery. Seeing this thread brings back lots of memories. Thanks!!!
  5. Shirley in our thoughts and prayers! What a generous, kind, and patient lady. Peace be with her.
  6. Consistent firearm presentation is everything. There's usually a little glint of light coming from the top edge of the target. Wind flags are your friend. The targets don't move.
  7. Inline Fabrication are the folks you want to contact.
  8. SASS Alias: August West SASS #: 45079 Location: Tucson, Arizona Territory How Long: Started shooting SASS in 1999 at the Oak Tree in the Wash, Joined SASS around 2000
  9. Can you be specific about where it is breaking? At the pivot? At the tip? Along the "spring"?
  10. If you do windows too, you're my huckleberry -- in a strictly Platonic sense.
  11. http://www.sportglasses.com Accept no substitutes!
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