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  1. For the record, I sent Mr. Dodge a personal apology to augment the public forum apology. Concur with Nimbles that benefit of the doubt would have been nice. Have been saving for this model for quite some time and Mr. Dodge's price is quite fair for the gun in such fine condition. Prior to reading Mr. Dodge's post, I had identified one in AZ that shows more wear but has been back to Colt. Therefore, the decision is based around more $$ for a better condition gun (to be expected) and time/effort required if the gun needs to go back to Colt. No argument that my post would have been better delivered privately to Mr. Dodge. However, the accusation that I have no interest in the gun or was trying to stir the part is inaccurate and baseless.
  2. Daniel Dodge: Please accept my apologies for offending you in any way. This was not the intent. I have been shopping a WW1 black Army for quite a while and have learned the majority have been previously sent back to Colt for corrective action. A PM asking about this clarification would have clearly been more appropriate. Again my apologies. Dutch: Per above, you are correct that a PM would have. been a better way to communicate on the subject. Your assumption/accusation that this was done to stir the pot and.disparage the seller could not be more wrong. Your post would have been just as effective in stating your message without taking shots at my character in the process. -TH
  3. Has the gun gone back to the factory for recall corrections? Or will new owner need to take care of that action? https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2009/7/2/colt-recall/
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