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    the best part of test drive was my Gf cleavage
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    Usta just be called a "nut farm". Now days they prefer the fancier term, "online forum".
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    That's easy.....The Peanut Gallery.
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    Thanks you guys I showed my OCD Girlfriend all your pics I got a kiss and " Ok for a slob you are pretty neat "
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    You can not only do all that Doug but so much more...That car is a status symbol! The sticker price alone allows one to elevate themselves in status and self importance. Not to mention the smarmy attitude you can acquire with the car and the sudden urge to become anal about every little electron flowing to and fro (electrons actually travel one way, but I am on a roll here). One can utilize the car to get special treatment at hotels, restaurants and shopping malls via the need to constantly be topping off one’s batteries. Why you would get to park right up front in your own special parking spot! Your battery can be nearly full and you COULD park out with all the other riff-raff but no, all one needs to do is sidle up to the front of the lot and stick a plug in their car’s butt and “Wallahhhh”! Instant self-importance, status and ego boost because (use Mr. Howell voice here) “I need to charge my car and I need to do it now or I will not be able to go on. I am important! I am Special! I have things to do! OUT OF MY WAY, UNDERLINGS!” One is able travel in lanes built through taxing the working class dogs that bought evil evil gasoline to feed their lowly internal combustion powered conveyances. While doing so one can use the automatic driving system so that they can entertain themselves making faces at the lower lifeforms stuck in the heavier traffic lanes without having to watch the road and actually “drive”. Yes, this car can open up a whole new culture. A culture of status. A culture based on environmental elitism where the members can pompously look down their noses on several fronts 1. “I” am helping the environment! 2. “I” am not using fossil fuels. 3. “I” am worthy of higher status because: a. I paid more for the privilege b. I park in “special” parking c. I get special treatment from “The State” Yes Boys and Girls, owning a Tesla has it’s privileges and those privileges come with societal rank. You too can be a smarmy anal retentive snob with the stroke of a pen and a monthly stipend pulled from your bank account AND you can get the lower lifeforms that can’t afford YOUR level of status to help pay for it through “The State” and their tax dollars! It’s a new day, my friends. A whole new level of pompous dumbassery, propaganda and entitlement is upon us and people are lining up to be a part of it. If God didn’t want us to drive cars with internal combustion engines he wouldn’t have created petroleum!
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    Actually you would love us! We only cap at the loading table, having charged our chambers elsewhere, and each of us can/(could) get our guns ready to go as fast as any cartridge shooter. And each of us took great pride in pulling our share of posse chores, including running the timer. So there!
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    No apocalypse with this Governor! She's pretty awesome!
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    Receptionist “How can I help you, Sit?” Kit “A snake bit me and I think it’s poisonous!” Receptionist “ Why do you think that?” Kit “I got two holes in my arm, like fang marks.” Receptionist “How did you encounter the snake?” ”Well, I was tryin’ to roll it over to look at it’s belly and WHAM! It got me. Bit me hard” The receptionist hands Kit a small piece of card stock. ”Sir, here’s your sign....”
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    Why didn't Tim and Wilson think of that?
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    Gave me a thought. Not that it needs to be done as seems folks here figure it out pretty quick, but a couple "honey pot" posts would also capture these moles. Especially for stuff that does not exist: - WTB 20K Federal LP primers, will pay 2 cents each - ISO Recoil Spring and Double-stack Magazine for Old Model Vaquero - Need Percussion Cap Nipples for WB 1911 Bet Jose has all of that and more!
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    I was watching Don Knotts the other knight on AMC Channel. When he was getting on the train, his mother pulled out a 1875 Remington. Said your Father used it in the Civil War . I know they took a lot of libertys back then on props . It struck me a little Funny .
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    Eat outdoors, in a mild wind?
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    I know it’s wrong but my first thought was wench.
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    how did my dog read my mind
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    Nope .. you can't even plug in 110 cord to charge them Gas is the best energy . we can store it for months , move it very fast with no energy lost carry it in can for people who bought a car with No Gas gauge
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    I've been known to dabble a bit. This was a show during bike week in Az.
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    On long trips, I sometimes drive 800 to a thousand miles in a day. My wife will spell me for a couple of hours and I drive awhile longer! We stop for fast food, (which is neither) or pack a lunch and sometimes even a supper! This lets us get to the places we want to go to and spend more time leisurely enjoying the destination! An example would be, we left home at midnight, July 3/4, just outside of Nashville, and drove to Spearfish, South Dakota. We arrived in Spearfish in time to see the July 4th fireworks!! We also carried our motorcycles, our dog, and our guns on the trip. You can't do that with ANY of those electric cars!! I agree that they are good for some folks and might do for a grocery getter for our family, but they are STILL way short of what I need to travel the way I do!!
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    Don't ID the snake until it commits to voting against gun control
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    I wouldn't know that he was late for a birthday party, because I wouldn't have stopped in the first place.
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    I had a neighbor once where the Great Wall of China would not have been enough wall or fence or barrier. So glad when he moved... Good neighbors are gold. They can make your life so much better. That being said a house in the middle of 160 acres would be better.
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    one of Girlfriends friend is now a cougar " guys my age are old "
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    this one is kind of big but stilll so cute
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    Can't compete with you guys. All the mess is inside the cabinets. As are the other 4 reloading presses. (3 more SDBs and a Rockchucker).
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    I thought I was at least in the running for a MAJOR Award but after seeing Mr Johnson's crushing display -- I just feel SO inadequate ........ If I had a dog, I'd go kick it (kidding of course).
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    Yup! I seen ‘em do it! J-Bar and Fingers taught me a lot about managing Frontiersman, especially about simplicity and efficiency. Many thanks!
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    If those guy are worth a darn he won't have to ask. As a kid I had thousands of acres to hunt on simply because I always gave the land owner at least enough for a couple meals. I was a good neighbor as well and always closed gates and patched/reported damaged fences.
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    I never have to ask. Good folks.
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    Why? I hear it’s a rotten place.
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    Would you call it a spotter’s nightmare? 4 Frontiersman back to back
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    I used to use cigarette papers to roll joints. Far less impressive than what Mr. Ferraro did with them.
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    Photo taken circa 1975 at my Dad's place in Horseshoe Bend, ID. My (ex) wife demanded I practice in the truck and not in the house. Today, I still have the banjo. I put a new set of strings on it about 20 years back... didn't help a bit.
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    Tried to keep Kaya in her stand but she couldn't do it. Had to see dad's buck. Headed back out with her brother shortly.
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    Most folks are afraid that they won’t be able to conveniently wipe the Kamala Harris off of their Joe Biden!!!
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    Yer just a Piker Randy ...... Edit: Oh yeah - and this is my living room .....
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    I don’t know you decide?
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    Had these made years ago. Not the best setup for the game but I just liked the design.
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    Shadowcatcher, you can't fool me. You took that picture out of an RCBS catalog. Three-Foot, is that a wagon wheel light fixture? I couldn't back up to get a wider angle, but the entire 2-car converted garage looks like this:
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