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    I watched in gobsmacked awe as The Wall was breached.
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    I’m no Roger Ebert, but here’s my take on Midway, the movie. If you consider CGI to be an abomination to cinema, don’t go. Personally, I thought they used the technology pretty well to complement the cinematic experience. Much better than in Red Tails if anybody saw that flick. If you want perfect historic and technical accuracy, stick to the zillion books and documentaries. If Woody Harrelson puts your knickers in a knot, stay away. Personally, I think he’s decent at acting, that’s what my admission price paid him to do, and he did a fine job portraying ADM Nimitz. At evening’s end, I’m glad I went. It was a great story told with a fair balance of accuracy and cinematic license. The heroes were portrayed as the good guys they were in real life. The Japanese of that era were accurately painted also. And wouldn't you you know it, the Good Guys won again, 77 years later. I might even see it again with my buddy.
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    I just got back from seeing the movie and I enjoyed it. Thought it was Great!
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    Well crap. I always was an over achiever. Picked up a matched, sequential pair of Uberti Cattleman 38 WCF yesterday. That makes three guns so far this month.
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    Please pass my thanks to Drake Robey for returning my SASS badge. I wasnt even aware that it was gone till it showed up in the mail. One question....how many clones of Branchwater Jack did you have operating that weekend. Every time you turned around, either he or one of his clones were making sure things were running smoothly (and well watered). Thanks to Buck, TDK and the whole NAR crew for a great shoot.
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    Howdy, So you were out of cleaning patches??????? Best CR
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    I had taken a poly-psy course as part of my occupational rehab after a broken back. We watched it all happen. The class was held at Austin Peay, where most Ft. Campbell soldiers went at the time!! It was interesting to see the different reactions from the soldiers and the civilian students. Many of the civilian kids were OBLIVIOUS to the situation in Germany, even thirty years ago! Most of them knew that the wall was there, but had no concept of the airlift or the tunnels or any of that!! The military students were celebrating!!
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    What he said ^^^^^ I think you're giving a lot of us way too much credit for having any sense though...
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    What’s the difference? By the way, doesn’t Bernie sound like this guy?
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    Like'n Missouri, more and more every day. OLG
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    Washington State Voters Organize Grassroots Effort to Repeal Controversial Gun Control Initiative 1639
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    I did a google search for images for "Happy Birthday USMC" and this is one that came up. I think a fair number of people here will appreciate it:
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    PLEASE DON'T use fillers with 777!!! Please read up on your powders. http://ns.hodgdon.com/loading.html "Triple Seven In Cartridges: Use data specifically developed for Triple Seven FFG only. Cartridge loads should be used exactly as listed in this pamphlet. You may safely use a card or polyethylene wad up to .030" in thickness to protect the base of the bullet. Loading density should be 100% with light compression not to exceed .100". Testing has shown that Triple Seven will perform best when the bullet just touches the powder. Allow no airspace between the base of the bullet and the powder. Do not reduce loads by means of filler wads or inert filler material such as Grits, Dacron or Grex. Do not heavily compress powder charges. The use of filler wads, inert fillers or heavy compression may cause a dangerous situation, which could cause injury and/or death to the shooter, bystanders or damage property. Do not create loads for cartridges not listed. Contact Hodgdon Powder Company for recommendations concerning other loads. *See WARNINGS below.
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    This is just wrong. Farts smell so that deaf people can enjoy them too. (I'm going to get into trouble for this one!!!)
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    It isn't all bad (excluding the elected officials, illegals, and homeless) IMO. I love where we live. The scenery and people are wonderful. We are not in a liberal county. It saddens me that most of the comments here on the Wire and FB are derogatory. Please do not tell us how bad things are here without offering some constructive criticism. We know it is bad here for many reasons. Please consider those of us who are still here as people fighting the GOOD fight or unable to leave. Please stop rubbing salt in our wounds
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    Do any clubs up in the cold weather regions start their shoots later in the day? Today it was darn cold at 8AM but by noon it was downright comfortable here in New England..... Just wondering if attendance is better or worse with a warmer start time
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    British soldier killed by shellfire in France during World War One is identified and finally laid to rest 102 years later thanks to an engraved SPOON found in his pocket 50 a year.
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    The process was begun in the Obama administration for two basic reasons: Jackson has fallen into disfavor with some of that ilk, largely because of his role in the Creek Indian wars, etc., and the admin also wanted a woman and an African-American on a bill. President Trump likes Jackson especially and doesn't want to see the change, however the process is under way but takes years. My own attitude has been that I don't like the change, but if it happens, Tubman is a good choice because, as I said above, she was a staunch Republican, a strongly devout Christian, and, in fact, she always went armed after she escaped slavery. She was a brave lady. In fact, when this was announced a few years ago, I got some real interesting looks from lefty friends when I pointed out those things!
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    Normally I would comment, "Pictures, or it didn't happen". But in this case none are needed
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    The reason is about as valid as why I own 3 sets of SAA pistols. Cause I can.
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    Well, that's impossible unless you have a carrier that is longer than 1.600" by about 0.100" at least, which no 73 clone has ever been made with! Rounds are too short if the 2nd round is what is stopping the carrier from rising, and you probably are not measuring carefully. A 1.560" cartridge should feed fine. A cartridge at 1.580" will be almost the maximum length a 73 should feed in 100% of the 73s. Go up to Driftwood's post and re-read and look carefully at the fine photos. Now, some early 73s (chambered in .38 spl) were made with a SHORTER carrier block, and those require a shorter cartridge length. Put a vernier caliper in the carrier shaft and measure it's length. All the 44-40's frames were made full length, I am pretty sure, and have a carrier and carrier shaft of right at 1.600". Most likely you have a badly beveled cartridge loading mortise in the frame. Hint - if you can make the gun feed well by sticking your finger in the loading gate and shoving the base of the cartridge there over to the left (straight in the carrier), then working lever, it is almost always the cartridge loading mortise not beveled. Here's how to fix and what a good one looks like. http://www.pioneergunworks.com/technical-info/ Then scroll down to and click on "66 and 73 frame modification" tech note. Good luck, GJ
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    Howdy, Chief AJ made a run of BB guns with his logo. All were the adult size. Looks like Daisy decided to run with the idea. The Chief might have a few left and he made a large loop lever too. Still being sold according to his website...…. Let me know if you manage to spin cock a Daisy.. Best CR
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    I started with a metal cart but it had two problems. One, it had smaller wheels. Two it was heavier than needed. So I went to buy some replacement wheels. I found they cost more than the plastic based cart with good wheels (wider and a little larger), so I have used that for about 12 years or so. I do not have a pick up so it must fit into the trunk of my car. Since we travel some, I always look for a little larger trunk so I have a Ford Taurus and a Chevy Impala, both with adequate trunks. The Chevy's was a little shorter, so I shortened the handles to more easily fit. If I had an even smaller trunk, I can use quick disconnects to hold the metal handle, then just remove them for a much more compact fit. I have my box always loaded, A few small tools, hearing protection,and replacement parts, about 75 rounds of shotgun shells and plenty of room for rifle and pistol ammo. That really helps so I can just load the box into the trunk and I'm ready to go. So it is a great time-saver before I even go to the range. And since it is two & possibly 3 pieces, it is easy to load & unload, and distributes weight well. I see many great carts, but you must have a pickup or SUV to use them. Then you have to load them into the vehicle - which is normally awkward. Since I'm getting older, I have to think of such stuff more. So I find module is much more versatile.
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    Court Action Is Expensive …And Time Consuming
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    Another testament to the difficulty and high cost of removing or repealing bad legislation!! It costs next to nothing to institute bad law and takes little time, comparatively!! It take millions of dollars and YEARS of judicial gymnastics to get bad law overturned!!
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    My favorite cap is one from my daughter's first command. Folks thank me for my service, and I say "I'll pass it along." When they ask, I say, "My daughter is the real cowboy. She just lets me wear the hat."
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    Facebook Is Making Millions Off A Nationwide Gun Permit Scam Guess FB is pro gun when benefits them financially.
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    USMC - the only branch of the military started in a bar.
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    Suicide Knob -Amazon
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    Thanks Angus, but my blood sugar's gone through the roof...….so I'll concede to you this time. Looks like Widder will get his cookies.
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    Battle of San Jacinto. As most all Texans know, the Battle of San Jacinto secured Texas Independence from Mexico. True Story: When living in Alabama, one Sunday in late April, we had a guest preacher dressed in very fine western wear preach a Sunday morning sermon at our church. The guest preacher claimed to be a Texan and was moving his Western Clothing business from Texas to Alabama. After the guest preacher's sermon that included references to the Alamo, I went up to him, knowing he would appreciate my question, and I asked, "Did you have a good San Jacinto Day?" He answered, "I'm not familiar with a San Jacinto Day. I lived in the southeastern part of Texas." I replied, "Sir, you are NOT a Texan!!" The guest preacher got very upset with my comment and complained to our pastor. The guest preacher wanted our pastor to invite him back to preach a one-week Revival. Our pastor did not extend an invitation.
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    There may not be an "I" in team but there is one in "WIN".
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    More accurately the statement should have been “The plane that helped save Britain” But I’ve seen the Garand touted as “The Gun that Won WW2”. That’s not entirely accurate either. Indeed, the successful outcome of the late unpleasantness was a team effort. Admittedly not always a smoothly functioning team. Kinda like an NBA team with a bunch of different personalities and egos. Who said there’s no I in team?
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    I worked at an Orthopedic Device manufacture for 20+ years. If your knee implant is 15 years old get yourself to your ortho surgeon right away! The UHMPE bearing in a knee joint is only expected to hold up for around 7 years depending on activity level. You need x-rayed to check the spacing between the femoral component and the tibial tray. Also the surgeon can check for possible loosening of either the femoral component or the tray (VERY painful if it happens). This is not OR level stuff, see your orthopod. I'm a diabetic also and have two total hips any hip related pain I'm headed right past the OR on the way to an Orthopedic specialist..
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    I've got to think about this. My blood sugar is getting high just thinking about 9 dozen of each........ OK, you win. I'll get you next time. Angus Wondering if it's still a Federal crime to steal the packages off the stage coach on the way to AZ GF's place. And if it'd be worth it. Widder, if the cookies don 't make it to AZ's place, and a box of cookies shows up at yours, I don't know nothin' about it.
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    What you are showing is .38-40 brass that has no bottleneck after firing! Did those cases lose part of the ends? If not, there is something wrong with the chamber, oversized at the front of the chamber. Are those cases reloaded after firing once? If so, the brass may have become workharded. If this is the first time the brass was fired, then the brass may not have been annealed sufficiently at the forward part of the case, at the factory. I haven't used Pyrodex in years, as I shoot mostly smokeless powder in cartridges, including .44-40, but when I did shoot Pyrodex, when it first came out, I never had problems with corrosion. Maybe they changed the formula after Dan Pawlek was killed in the explosion.
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    Wow! Sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I have the Mako Insert artificial half knee. It’s 9 years old now. I have no experience with what you went through but it sounds almost like you have an infection. When I got my knee done my doctor told me that if I had any dental work done to get antibiotics to ward off infection as the infection may also attack my knee insert. Sounds weird but that is what he said. Recently I had an abscessed tooth and oddly enough I had knee pain. The first in years. I went to the dentist and he gave me Ampicillin and scheduled me for removal of the tooth and implant surgery. Since taking the ampicillin my knee pain has also diminished. I highly recommend you see a specialist but also it might be a good idea to have your doctor give you a blood test to see if you have an elevated white blood cell count. This might indicate if you have an infection. I am not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV. I just have extensive medical experience through trauma, accidents and surgeries.
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    Yeah! but... then every stage had gun racks provided by local club. Sitting or standing loving on a couple of boxes of ammo, a 97 or 87 or double shotgun with a 73 plus lunch a a half a dozen bottles of water and a fully loaded gunbelt for 6 stages makes a $300 guncart look cheap.
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    Next year is my 60th class reunion. I've never been to one but I have an urge to go this time just to see who I have outlived. I'm not afraid of dying, but I'm not in any hurry, either.
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    Wasn’t complaining about the movie, just about the reviewer. The reviews seem to be quite mixed so far. It can’t be as bad as the lame Pearl Harbor I hope. Haven’t been to the movies in years. Nearest theater is 40 miles away and it’s not a good one. And they like to turn the sound system up to 11. I’ll wait for the video and watch it at home with my 3 Bs: Bedroom slippers Bourbon Babe
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    Keep reading, folks. Although the picture indeed was labeled incorrectly, in the body of the article they got it right. Actually not a bad review. Unfortunately, the film has that vegan anarchist looney tune Woody Harrelson [mis-cast] as Chester Nimitz.
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    http://www.oowss.com/SASS Rules Docs/Reload choices (edit Aug 2018).pdf
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    I can't condemn the good folks that live in California, New York, New Jersey, etc. Most just have to deal with the hand that God dealt them. I just thank God every day that I was born, raised, and live in Sweet Home Alabama.
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    There are many things about California I like. We lived there until I was 7. Still have relatives there in Concord and Moro Bay. Had some great times there at Ft. Ord and wine country vacations decades later. The state government is hideously incompetent of course. I can only hope things change for the better for the sake of my friends and family in the future.
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    I just read in the news this morning that nearly 700,000 CA residents fled to other states in 2018. Texas was the largest recipient of CA refugees, while Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona received most of the rest. The main reasons cited were the high cost of living and California's politics. https://www.king5.com/article/news/regional/nearly-700000-people-left-california-in-2018-and-many-moved-to-the-pacific-northwest/281-84e7c6c9-2aaa-488c-9d9a-600b8665ff1c Those who flee CA to get away from its repressive gun laws are welcome here in WA, but too often it seems the people who move here are goons who continue to vote liberal and try and make this place just like the mess they left behind.
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    They're probably betting on the notion that this will be all we can legally own soon.
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