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    About 7 or 8 years ago now, when we were really down and out, the choirmaster at our church wanted to help us out without seeming to be just giving us cash. He knew I like firearms and he had a WWII vintage FN .380 that his father had carried as a courier in Europe. He hadn't fired it in decades, didn't know anything about it. He asked me to clean it and then go over the basics of how it worked. I had him get a cleaning kit, CLP, etc. Spent about an hour or so working on it. Then another half hour going over the mechanics of it with him. He asked me, "How much are you charging me for this?" I said, "How about five bucks?" "FIVE BUCKS!?!?!? Here's $50." I knew he was trying to make it not seem like the charity it was, and I thanked him for that as well as for the cash. And for letting me work on his pistol.
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    The US Navy will pay tribute to the first female Navy jet pilot, Captain Rosemary Mariner. She passed away on January 24 following a long and brave fight with cancer. https://wtkr.com/2019/01/30/u-s-navy-to-conduct-first-ever-all-female-flyover-to-honor-female-naval-aviation-pioneer/amp/
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    I believe their main purpose is to annoy the shooters beside you.
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    Guys, lf you look at the post the SASS moderater took it off and said, for some reason nobody could sell items for other people. I sent them a personal e-mail and apologized. I made a mistake and I was ok with there removal of my post. My e-mail must have changed their mind because they put the post back up on the Sass classified page. I don’t look at the SASS page everyday.I keep everyone’s e-mail sent to me in the order I received them. I would not act on them because I was told not to. When I discovered SASS put my post back up I started where I left off with the e-mails. I’m sorry if I have offended anyone because I am not good with technology. I would still like to be me, I know that will not be ok with everyone. I have had the privilege of shooting in SASS for twenty years this July. The privilege is the people I shoot with. I can’t put into words how they make me feel. Thank you Cheyenne and Rudy for your kind words. You are a great example of the people in SASS. This experience has on classified page to me is not what Cowboy Shooters are really like in person. When I finish with these guns, I will sell items at local Shoots. This is for all the Cowboys I have shot with over the years. I love you guys. John Lee
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    bungee jump with a non-stretch rope Isnt that the euphemism for a hanging?
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    There's a life-size cee-ment statue of 'im in Clovis...
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    An antique shopper went into a local store and immediately fell in love with the small crockery bowl filled with very expensive antique marbles that the owner kept by his cash register. The shopper tried every trick he could think of before he just asked the dealer to sell him the bowl. I wouldn't have any thing to hold my marbles if I sold my bowl. The dickering continued until the dealer finally relented and sold the bowl to a very happy customer. After the customer was well out of sight the dealer went into the back room to a large crate labeled pet supplies. He got another rabbit waterer out of the crate, put it beside his cash register and put his marble back in their bowl. True story.
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    The news media, what a great source of info, they never get it wrong. A local "DJ" thinks something is amiss, he must be an expert. What makes you think all veterans are law abiding. So what is the age requirement of a drug dealer. Is there a residency requirement for drug dealers? Apparently this guy's disability didn't prevent him from shooting 4 cops. Maybe we should wait and see what happens with the investigation before we start bashing cops.
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    Howdy pard. Ive had several such and YOU need to listen to your doc. You feel fine because he is doing a good job with your pain meds. I had a similar experience after very serious surgery. I felt fine and wanted to go for a drive. A nurse stopped me and put me back in bed. If you aren't in pain that does NOT mean you are ready for action. Just have your pain meds turned off and see how you feel then. I double dare ya. Best CR
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    Ask for a specific list of the pros and cons, and the actual risk involved. Ask if another doctor can give an opinion as well. Err on the side of caution.
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    Charity with dignity goes a long way for both parties involved.
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    Never used Ballistol so I don't know what I'm missing. Been using water for past 50 years.
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    Not there ( meaning in the area to see local coverage), wasn't involved, won't defend or condemn. But I do know that serving warrants was one of the duties that made my heart rate increase and worried me the most. Cops always right? No. Cops always wrong? No. Let's slow down and see what they find. I can see it from the civilian side, too. Daughter and family had a situation that could have gone bad, but didn't. Won't go into details, but twenty eighteen can sound like twenty-eight ten if you're not careful.
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    Well, I have read a variety of stories about this shoot but none mention masked police officers, they all mention that these 2 weren’t saints. The news says that there were many officers involved. From what I gather these folks knew the police were there and it seems the man was laying in wait. The dog attacked and the police killed it. The man shot the first officer that came in and when he went down the wife tried to take the officer’s shotgun and was shot by following officers. The man went back into a room and came out firing again, presumably because he reloaded his revolver. He was shot after hitting 4 officers with gun fire. One officer was shot in the face and 2 in the neck. I can’t remember where the 4th was shot. This would tell me, a novice (at best) that this dude was shooting for the head or even the neck because he knew the cops would be wearing body armor. That’s my take on what I read in about 8 different articles. this article is 3 hours old...https://abc13.com/amp/disabled-veteran-and-wife-killed-in-shootout-with-police/5110865/
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    I had a thought that if I went in and pointed out the error, the owner would say something like, “When I had ‘WINE’ nobody came in, but now I get twenty or thirty students come in every day “
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    I'm sure all of you have heard about the shooting the other day. The official line is: 4 heroic police officers were shot while serving a drug warrent on heroin dealers. Both suspects killed. When police broke in the suspects opened fire on them. Now the story has changed from when I first saw it and read about it on the news. When I first read it the Chief of police said when they broke in a pitbull chaged at them so they killed it and the homeowner opened fire on them with a 357. From what I've seen and heard thus far on the news and just doing a little thinking about it, here's my alternate scenario: After receiving an anonymous(?) tip form an informant(someone with a grudge?), undercover police officers(in plainclothes and wearing skimasks?) attempt to serve a search warrant( shouting police, search warrant while breaking down their door?). When the dog does his job and goes after the intruders, they gun him down. When the homeowner tries to defend his home, they kill him. When his wife tries to help him, they kill her. Now if this is the way it happened, the police will never admit it. But the information out ther now says this couple had (virtually) no police record. They had liver there 20 or 30 years. More that one neighbor said on camera they don't believe the accusations. They were in their late 50s, and the man was a disabled army veteran. They certainly don't sound like your stereotype drug dealers. Marijuana and a "white powder"(being tested) were found at the scene. Nothing about any black tar heroin. 3 rifles and 2 shotguns taken. Hardly an arsenal(except to the media). Now I'm not the only one who thinks things might not be what they seem. One of the DJs on the radio show I listen to said this morning that things weren't "adding up". Had someone broken into MY house under these circumstances, I suspect the results would have been about the same. Doesn't make me a drug dealer who should be shot down. And I'm not going to argue with anyone about the validity of so called "no knock" warrants. There's no such thing. Not at MY house. Someone wants to serve a warrant on me, they can knock on my door and we'll take it from there. They want to break in, they're criminals and will be treated as such. And I don't care if courts HAVE said "no knock" is OK. They are unconstitutional. I can read the Bill of Rights for myself. I don't need it "interpreted". Too much of that crap now. Anyway, my point is don't always believe the official police line. Or what the media reports. Wait for FACTS. If there ever are any. I figured that out long ago, even before I saw the mess down in Olmos Park, TX. If you believed the police there, the open carry activists were actually Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde, etc. (Hint:check it out on youtube)
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    Those of you from the Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and beyond area will recall JD Redeye. Sadly he passed away Monday at the age of 83, much too soon. I always valued him as a friend and mentor. I pray that his wife Ann can find peace in time. http://www.magnoliareporter.com/obituaries/article_24506578-241c-11e9-811f-4f70f7881bd8.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=user-share&fbclid=IwAR06vfK85wE5uospw2d-_nJZVR9R6-aX-vEmpyfBW--IoKLX_l2oAJTWo_Q
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    “It’s law enforcements job to protect even drug dealers” I guess you been smoking the dealerswacky weed!?
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    Yes, Gambler, who are correct about the sarcasm. Confrontation on the street better? Possible high speed chase, bystanders hit by gun fire. Anything can go wrong with any plan. Improper intel, poor planning? I don't know. Done of us do. I just get a little tired with the second guessing and agenda driven statements.
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    You asked for the SW. How about Texas ? Comin At Cha is right on the Texas, OK,La,Ar border. We have a multi day match that can include your choice or shooting that starts with our monthly Sept 20-21 then straight on to CAC 2019 that starts on Sept 23-28 . More shooting than one could ever want. 12 Stage monthly, 4 stage warm up,4 stage Pro Steel,4 stage Wild Bunch,12 stage main match, 12 stage 2nd category match. Check us out www.badlandsbar3.com . Come on out to Texas early and stay for the music. Oh Yea did I tell y we do a lot of shooting??? See Ya in the Badlands. T-Bone
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    An anonymous tip is not enough to get a judge to sign a warrant. That barely passes "reasonable suspicion," and is clearly NOT "probable cause," which is required for a warrant.
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    OLG: Correct my friend. The key is to re-direct the gases as seen in this thermal-image:
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    It depends. If it's made within the last year it's probably good; several have reported the latest batch of Remington made Marlins are fine. If it was made more than a year ago, then probably not worth looking at.
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    I wore a blindfold to the range one time. I never knew what I was missing.
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    I could just imagine the magazine changes.
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    A 1911 jam?? No c'mon you gotta be kidding me!!!
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    The tram ride up the mountain in the evening is pretty good, as well as old town. Jax T
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    I just copy the link if it YouTube. I don’t bother if it facebook.
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    Ask your nurse; she and the other nurses know which are the good docs and which aren’t. When you can talk confidentially of course.
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    I'm not disputing that, but I get a bit tired of the LEOs rallying before the truth is out. That's as bad as the news media doing the same thing. Just for the record I'm about as pro-cop as anyone you'll ever meet. I have no issue at all with the many I've met since moving to Arizona, but I personally knew some really bad cops in SoCal... worked part time with three of them at different times.
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    Always helps to wait until the facts are in. This seems almost a forgotten thing nowadays.
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    Actually, moose milk: A mixture of water-soluble oil and water. Cleans the fouling and leaves the oil behind when the water evaporates. Before Ballistol became all the rage, muzzleloaders used any water soluble oil. If I remember correctly we used to use one marketed by NAPA I usually use 70 - 80% water and 20-30% Ballistol A lot of folks use Murphy's Mix, also called PAM, 1/3 each Murphys oil soap, rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. Hot soapy water has worked for me for 35 years. After cleaning, I blow 'em dry & lube 'em down. --Dawg
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    Works just fine, but you'll get a lot of varying opinion's. Just give it a try and see if you like the result's.
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    I think I'd rather use Windex with VINEGAR to clean it and Eezox or Frog Lube to wipe it down with after that. Ballistol is great during the matches.
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    Man of few words, I like that. I agree. No. Local clubs can and do offer same or similar at normal or special matches. No need for a new official category.
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    Be careful. Those Outlaws get a might touchy when you start using the word "hang".
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    Have you ever seen a guy shooting a 1911 gunfighter style have a jam?? I have.. It was extraordinarily dangerous.
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    When bad shoots go down the investigations almost always reveal any screw ups that the agency did. The claim that the police will never admit it is simply not correct but it is the pervading attitude of those who have not studied incidents like this. Tell, could you please provide a link or source to this information? I can't find anything on line yet.
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    This was my drive to work this morning....
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    Here is the problem with rust in the magazine tubes and why a stainless spring won’t solve the problem. As Coffinmaker said, a lot of the Italian rifles seem to come with the mag tubes pre-rusted. The reason is that some of the residue from the blueing salts wasn’t flushed from the tube. When the tube is cleaned with a petroleum based cleaner, the salt residue is NOT removed because salt is not soluble in petroleum products. Salt IS soluble in water. To to prevent rust in your magazine tube, clean it like you would clean a black powder rifle - with hot soapy water. You only have to clean it once like this to remove all of the salt residue. After that keep it clean and lubed or waxed or whatever is your preference and it will stay rust free. Also clean the stock magazine spring with the hot soapy water the same way and you won’t need a stainless spring. Salt is hygroscopic, meaning that it attracts and absorbs moisture from the air. If you just cover the salt residue, it will still attract moisture as soon as the cover wears off. I live in Florida, which is about as humid as it gets. My hunting guns, including guns that I duck hunted with never had a problem with the mag tube rusting. Some of my ‘97 shotguns and original ‘73 and ‘92 Winchester’s are over 100 years old and were used hard in a humid Florida climate. None of them have rusting problems in their magazine tubes. My Uberti ‘73’s did have rust problems in the mag tubes until I cleaned them with hot soapy water. Now, no more problem.
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    I always think it is best to look up the poster's SASS Club and find out who might be a good reference. Also look up the old scores, if posted, to see if person really does shoot there. Lots of different ways to check out a seller.
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    Man , what a deal ! Good for you Tyrel !
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    Dutch-----don't know how they get by with it but ya can still get bulbs at dollar stores that get pretty hot------they not fully like old fashioned bulbs----instance being 100 w bulb label reads only uses 88 w---this type is what they came up with just before ban went into effect & they still allow em to be sold-----cheaper than the led's & such but they don't seem to have a long life span!!
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    I've had both...a big fireplace and a pellet stove. I personally love the pellet stove. I don't have to screw around with the wood and the ash normally only needs to be cleaned out of the pellet stove about 1/2 way thru our winter season. Depending on the winter here in SW Colorado, usually a ton of pellets (50 bags) will do the job. Pellet stove are adjustable for the amount of heat produced (contrary to what was earlier stated). There are 4 heat settings and 4 fan settings. I have a 35' x 30' great room with cathedral ceiling and our pellet stove really does a good job. This winter, which has been colder than normal (and more snow too), I've used a ton of pellets already and will probably need to burn another 1/2 ton. I am paying $250.00 per ton. It comes a ton to the pallet. They load it into my P/U and I unload it into my garage myself. They also make inserts that slid into regular fireplaces that convert them. Only once have I had my electricity go out when I was using the pellet stove. I got out my Honda 1000 gen and plugged the pellet stove into an extension cord to the generator outside. No more wood for me!
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    ROOP County Days and Nevada State Wild Bunch Championship in Reno Nevada. 5 day event. 1 days for WB, 1 day for practice for Long Range and Main Match, 1 day of side matches, and 2 days of SASS main match. Why this? Tom Horn category at the SASS match. big bore single action and or lever action in BP and or Smokeless for all 12 main match stages. No cowboy rifle for that category. And.....real long range out to 750 yards. No speed rifle for long range. Ike Not the South West but West.
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