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Broken Shell Extractors

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I was able to use my Broken Shell Extractor  to work it's magic in a pards .45 Colt rifle. (First time I used it since I bought it from Brownells  a few decades ago. Lucky I guess!)

When she went to look for one, there they were: GONE Seems ECHO has gone out of business.

We had a look on line but didn't notice and listing for the popular calibres we run into.

I found one selling a .45-70 extractor for Springfields and my M1 Garand, but that was it for the calibres I use. 

Are there any firms selling .38/.357, , 44-40 and .45 Colt extractors out there?

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One my one and only .38 case separation, Boogie's tool did not work, but neither did several other methods.  It was He!! getting it out.  However, I have heard good things about his extractor from others.

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This sounds stupid, but it works.

Double check to make sure gun is empty.

Close action.

Take a cleaning rod and pack the chamber with pieces of toilet paper or facial tissue. Pack it really tight and make sure it fills the entire chamber.

Then, open the action and the brass will push right out with the paper. 

Works better than the extractor tool and no special size needed. Much cheaper too!


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