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He was a solid patriot and was dismissive of that kind of ballyhoo!


A superb actor and an avid and voracious reader.  Before it was partially destroyed by a fire he had an enormous library in his home!!


A humble hero!!

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Here's another that many folks do not know about:


The beloved character Montgomery “Scotty” Scott in “Star Trek” once stormed Juno Beach as a member of the Royal Canadian Artillery. Upon landing, Doohan killed two enemy snipers. That night, while crossing between command posts, Doohan was hit with six bullets from a nervous Canadian sentry.

The bullets struck his legs, chest, and right hand, causing the amputation of his middle finger.

The bullet to his chest was stopped by a silver cigarette case given to him by his brother.

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There were so many of them who served, among them, Charles Durning. From Wikipedia:

Durning served in the U.S. Army during World War II. He was drafted at age 20. On June 6, 1944, Durning was assigned to the 1st Infantry Divisionand was in one of the first waves of American troops that landed on Omaha Beach during the D-Day invasion of Normandy.[8] After being wounded by a German anti-personnel mine in the bocage, he spent six months recovering.


Durning was reassigned to the 398th Infantry Regiment with the 100th Infantry Division, and participated in the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944. He was discharged with the rank of private first class on January 30, 1946.


For his valor and the wounds he received during the war, Durning was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and three Purple Hearts.

His badges included the Combat Infantryman Badge, Expert Badge with Rifle Bar and Honorable Service Lapel Pin.

Durning received the French National Order of the Legion of Honor from the French Consul in Los Angeles in April 2008.

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One more - Eddie Albert. What’s unusual about him is he was already a successful actor before the war. Yes, there were others like Jimmy Stewart who saw combat, but most became famous after the war. From Military.com:


During the Battle of Tarawa, Albert earned a Bronze Star with Combat "V." He fought in the first wave of combat that lasted for three days. After most of the shooting was over, he was sent back to the site of the battle to salvage any equipment he could find. Because of coral reefs in the area, Marines couldn't land directly on the beach and had to get off their boats 500 yards from shore.

Enemy combatants started picking them off, and soon the waters were filled with more than 100 wounded and many more dead. Albert disregarded his mission to grab equipment and began pulling Marines to safety. He took 47 in total and oversaw the rescue of 30 more.

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