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On 11/26/2023 at 7:40 AM, Presidio said:

I have little regard for our current government.  Therefore, I don't give a rats a$$ what they dictate.


My home.  My property.  


Nuff said.

But if the goobermint has outlawed or restricted your ability to buy something you're pretty much screwed.

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On 11/26/2023 at 10:09 AM, Gungadin said:

I watched a Youtube video a while back where the guy studied CFL's vs Incandescent and the real cost/benefit.


Between what he concluded and what I have learned thru experience and other reading and from my electrical engineer son:


  1. Incandescent is better for lights that are on for short periods, I forget the time, maybe <10 minutes.
  2. CFL's were more physically polluting, mercury?
  3. The failure mode of CFL's and LED's is usually the circuitry/transformer.  Rarely the bulb.  And that is where the interference comes from.
  4. All bulbs could last much much longer but there is no incentive for manufacturers to do so.
  5. A high percentage of these energy saving bulbs do not last as long as the time they use for the savings calculation.  I am told that soe country has caught on and requires the bulb to be certified and there is a mechanism to catch and enforce violating manufacturers.  These bulbs as best I can tell are not available in the USA.  And while the Feds forced us to switch they have done nothing about the quality.


Last year, I replaced two contractor grade incandescent fixtures in the basement with permanent LED fixtures.  The lighting is great, power usage good I assume but one started flickering and gave up after a year.  So I bought two more and rewired the new one in (not something a basic homeowner can do).  About a week later the other 13 month one started acting up.  There is no savings,  It is a big loss especially if you count time to install.  


In business school they teach you how to get the government to help your business thru legislation.  You think the light bulb people didn't use the environmentalists AGAIN?  Freon maybe the same?  Helmets on our kids?  And lets not get started on the cholesterol/statin of COVID Jab Hoax.  The government should do more educating and less forcing IMHO.


Yea THEY stuck it to you on light bulbs.  Maybe somebody makes a good one that doesn't interfere...it is the cheep circuitry.

They should go back to what the Constitution said the were allowed to do in the beginning and stop lining their own pockets and usurping citizen authority.

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14 hours ago, bgavin said:

Get a socket adapter from screw base male to female wall socket.
Run a short extension cord and remote mount the light X feet from the motor.

That's what I did. 


I got tired of the weak-xxx light from the one bulb opener socket behind the yellowed light cover. Got the adapter, ran the cord to an LED light bar on the ceiling behind the motor. Plenty of light, has lasted way longer than the bulbs did.


Edit: Double tap



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14 hours ago, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

But if the goobermint has outlawed or restricted your ability to buy something you're pretty much screwed.

Maybe so.  Maybe not.


Key word.  Stock up

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Here in CA, the gov't outlawed the Dan Wesson Kodiak 10mm, that I had my eye on.

Even in the Free States, the gov't requires a 4473 and DROS for a straw man purchase, so that is out.

As far as me ever owning a Kodiak... I'm screwed.
I see this as just another portent of things to come.

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