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Machine Age Lamps

Yul Lose

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I don’t know if you folks have ever heard of this place but they have some pretty cool stuff. Way out of my league pricewise and not Mrs. Lose’s idea of decor  for our house but it is fun to look at some of the stuff that they build. Here’s a couple of examples. Their website is pretty neat. https://machineagelamps.com



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32 minutes ago, Bailey Creek,5759 said:

Looks like a 59 chevy dashboard.

57 Chevy Belaire, the ad says.

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The nautical stuff is pretty cool, the old Johnson and Evenrude motor lamps especially.

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Thanks Yul! Those are cool! A few years back I wanted to buy a ceiling fan that looked like the nose of a WW2 fighter plane with propeller. My wife was not as excited about as I was. -_-


Cool stuff on their website. 
Here’s a link to a table they make with a Shelby engine. There’s a bar/restaurant with a similar take, a Chevy 350 maybe, in Waynesburg PA. I doubt they paid 28 grand for it. 

The site wouldn’t let me copy the photos to paste here. 



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much like trench art , ive always found it interesting but not a collector , i did recently go through the international brewers museum in potosi wisc , that was an ovewhelming experience of such items - all related to beer [one of my favorite things in life]

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