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LA homeowner defends himself

Rye Miles #13621

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This is crazy! He defended himself at his house and they revoke his CCW permit!:angry:


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The article even “implies” that the police didn’t even start investigating the incident until three days had passed. No one was killed, so just everyday police backlog of things that should be done if time permits, tells you how bad it is in LA.

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If “yelling” at policemen for doing a cr@p job is the new standard for getting your cc revoked we have reached the point that departments should be held liable for actual and consequential damages to an individual for failure to protect someone. No longer is it okay to “protect society, not the people” if it is in their power to remove what little protection is available to a citizen. 
Never forget, the path California blazes inevitably emboldens like minded politicians across the country!


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Gateway Kid

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Hope it is just temporary, I guess everything is temporary :rolleyes:.  The problem is the new antigun strategy is to overburden the courts with stuff that is clearly unconstitutional.  


Regarding CA leading, it is ridiculous.  The last VA governor tried to pass some environmental law that effectively said we will apply the CA Standards going forward.  I'm thinking if you are going to do that we don't need you or our other representatives....  Bet he was Soros sponsored.....

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It’s California!!  You can always count on the gooberment there to get things assbackward!!

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