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Surprised at the age of my Winchesters

H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619

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I am in the process of "lettering" as much of my collection as I can.  I recently got my Winchester letters, and I was rather surprised to learn just how OLD my guns are.

I have 3 antiques, 9 guns made between 1903 and 1905, 3 made in the teens, and an outlier made in 1930.


I never realized how old most of these guns actually are.  I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, I mean, everything pre-64 is almost 60 years old now, and even pre-83 stuff is at least 40.  Still, it was a surprise to me.  I figured it was all pre-WWII, but I never thought most of it was made prior to WWI.

Just goes to show you that you'll never know what you'll find when you start researching the history of your guns.  

And no, nothing special or unusual came back on any of my Winchester letters, or the Parkers and Rugers.  I don't expect anything unusual on the Brownings, but I was surprised at how much info I got back on some of my Webley revolvers, including a copy of the bill of sale for one of them to the government of Israel.

We'll see what happens with the S&W's and Colts next. 

I wish other companies offered this service.  

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