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Magazine Tube Replacement Pin

Popcorn Kelly

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I punched out my magazine tube pin for my Uberti 1873 and damaged it in the process, so I ordered a replacement.  The replacement pin, supposedly for an 1873, arrived and is just ever so slightly narrower than the original (perhaps the width of a piece of paper), but enough so that it doesn't bind in the opening - it simply falls through.  Suggestions?  Would Locktite Blue work or am I just asking for trouble?  Can I use something along the lines of plumber's tape?  Another source for the part?  

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I'm thinking maybe peen that pin, like tapping it in the center with a punch, to spread it a bit and make it tighter.  If that doesn't work, use Pettifogger's idea. :)

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Thanks for all the suggestions.  I tried bending the pin as suggested because I could try that immediately, only ended up breaking it after several attempts.  Glad I bought three replacement pins.  Am heading to Ace hardware tomorrow to look for a roll pin as suggested, and maybe an appropriately sized drill bit as a backup.  Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.  


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Do you have an accurate caliper and do you know how to make accurate measurements?  The pin should be .098" in diameter.  What is the diameter of the pins you have?  The closest drill bits are going to be number drills.  #40 would be .098" and #39 would be .0995".  2.5mm is .098" and a roll pin has a certain amount of spring to take up tiny variations in OD.  If you cannot find the proper size roll pin at your local ACE PM me your address and I will send you one.

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