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Question for the pistol smiths.

The Verdigris Kid

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Are the hands different for a short stroke revolver and a regular stroke revolver?


I have a Stoeger imported Uberti SASS PRO .45, the one with the lowered short stroked hammer. With the cylinder installed the cylinder will rotate and lock up as normal but the hand seems to be excessively long causing the hand to bind up trying to rotate the cylinder farther and not allowing the hammer to come to a complete full cock. If by chance the hammer does lock when you take your thumb off the hammer, barely touching the trigger will only let the hammer fall to the reloading shelf (3 click revolver) and not fall completely.

If the cylinder is removed the pistol will come to a full cock and the trigger will actuate the hammer correctly.

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It does sound like it is longer than needed. It also sounds like it isn't really going to full cock and the hand is not fully seating on the full cock notch on the hammer.

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The timing of the Uberti short stroke is very precise.  Advice that it might be this or it might be that is not going to fix the problem.  The trigger, hand, bolt and hammer are all different.  Here is just one critical adjustment.  On a regular stroke the sear is the tip of the trigger (green arrow) and it fits into the half-cock and full cock notches and there is quite a bit of cylinder rotation between half-cock and full cock.  On the short stroke the tip of the trigger (green) still fits into the half-cock but the full cock is a notch on the back of the trigger.  (Purple arrow.)  The parts are very hard to find so experimenting is not much of an option.  If the gun is under warranty send it back to Uberti or one of the distributors and get it fixed.  If the gun is out of warranty I would still send it back as parts are hard to get and not that many smiths can adjust them.



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