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My property is zoned for a maximum of two horses.  I have decided to find a Hollywood horse.  Here are my reasons:


1. Some are capable of almost impossible tricks and have many gaits, even to complicated dances.

2. They can run through any weather or clime for hours without slowing down, almost never falling or even stumbling.

3. They can go almost forever without food or water, even rest, and terrible climates and weather.

4. They are capable of carrying enormous loads for days on end, including saddles and tack covered in silver weighing as much as the horse does.

5. They are loyal beyond belief and protective of good people and indifferent towards bad ones, favoring kids and women.

6. They are wildly intelligent and intuitive, knowing when someone needs help to get of a well, off a roof, etc.

7.  They are almost all bullet proof, surviving horrible battles and gunfights without injury with humans dropping like crazy all around them. .

8. are apparently invulnerable to any known diseases and most injuries, such as falling down hills and canyons, being ridden by idiots, and such.

9. Most are fearless in the face mist danger from animals, man, and many natural phenomena.

10. They are generally noble-looking beasts, many are positively beautiful.

11. You can shoot from the back of a Hollywood horse any won't flinch nor try to get away. 

12. They seem to be vary durable and low-maintance animals.


How could I go wrong with a Hollywood horse?

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