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Sometimes, I can be "that guy".

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There was a S&W SW9VE on an auction site recently with the original hard case/papers, four 15 round magazines, and a Galco belt slide holster with a starting bid of $125. Toward the end, I decided to enter a bid, and within a few minutes, one of the other bidders outbid me by one increment, so I waited until the 15 minute clock had about ten seconds left and bid one increment again. In a couple minutes, the other bidder outbid me by one increment. I'm easily amused, so I waited out the 15 minute clock again, and entered another bid increment. Repeat. At $180, I decided the joke had gone far enough and I was done, and... he dropped out, so my Father's Day present to myself is a like new S&W SW9VE, 4 mags, and a Galco Quick Slide holster. :lol:


I've got one in .40 - SW40VE - and it's been a reliable pistol, so we'll see. 

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At a sub 200 dollar price point - you did pretty well. 

The SWxxVE guns were the ones that got Smith sued by Glock for patent infringement (trigger design); you already own one in 40, so you know what they are.

Would they be my FIRST choice for carry or self defense?  No

But as an extra, a back up or a truck gun?  Nearly perfect.

And good cheap 9mm pistols are always nice to have to give out as gifts or others first pistols.

The Ruger P95 polymer pistols fall into this same category - cheap, bullet proof and reliable.

I own a few of these just to give away when folks start talking about buying Sccy pistols or Kel Tecs.

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I once picked up a Ruger Vaquero Birdshead in 45 Colt that the seller had set to end at 11 pm, on a three day auction.  I got it for $275.05, which was $5 higher than the next highest bid.  The seller, in his confirmation email, groused that I was getting a $600 (at that time) pistol for less than half price.  I agreed, and enjoyed that gun for several years before trading it.

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