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Painting aluminum question

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I want to paint some aluminum.


Cleaning it, degreasing it, etc.... is probably priority #1.


1.  Will Acetone hurt the aluminum?


2.  Is there a special paint I should use?


3.  is a Primer necessary?


FYI:  the aluminum I am wanting to paint is the backside of aluminum wheels for an automobile.

And I will probably use black paint, if that makes any difference.






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Acetone won’t hurt it. Read this: https://thecampingadvisor.com/can-you-use-acetone-on-aluminum/


Rustoleum makes an aluminum primer. It’s self etching. You will need to prime it to paint it. 

Check this out…it’s easier to give you a link than to type the process. ;)


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I found some paint made specifically for aluminum wheels at NAPA. Picked up some old wheels for my old truck. Wire(powered) brushed them to remove corrosion and clear coat. Painted with the rattle can wheel paint. It's gone 2 winters mostly just plowing my driveway, but gets out into the salt and sand. So far it's holding up. YMMV :rolleyes:

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I have reconditioned some old and crusty aluminum wheels by sandblasting with baking soda , washing with degreaser and using the NAPA paint for al. It worked well.



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