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Rifle barely ejecting brass

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My 1973 Uberti in 357 hardly throws brass at all.  Running the lever hard it will go about 3 inches - should be more like 3 feet.


Started noticing this a few months ago and have since replaced the extractor and the carrier, but that has made no difference.


Any ideas where the problem lies?






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Things that make the 73 eject a fired case


1 -  extractor has to grab the rim of the fired case well enough to pull it out of the chamber and pin it against the bolt face

2 - cartridge support tab has to help that extractor by holding up the bottom edge of the rim so case won't slip down

3 - carrier block has to come up smartly and the top edge of it has to knock the case up and out of the top of frame,. So if you are running the lever quick, case should pop out.


Gotta be one or all of those things not working right.  Watch real closely as you run the gun.  It's all laid open right in  front of you.   


If it's not the extractor or tab, then could be the carrier is not coming up high enough.  Top surface of the ribs on the carrier should at least come up flush with the top of the frame opening around the carrier shaft.   Too low at Top Dead Center?   Then the lifter arm or the lever boss may be bent, worn down, etc.    Have an out of battery discharge recently that might have bent the lever or lifter arm? 


1 hour ago, Kit Carson, SASS 60183 said:

My 1973 Uberti


That's a real new model Uberti.  Has it got the v-8 motor?   :lol:  Figure you mean an 1873 model.   Unless you somehow got a firearm that Uberti proofed stamped in 1973 and you are reading the date code....


good luck, GJ



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Thank  you both.  The tab appears to be OK, and I can't see any problem with the carrier lifting up.  No OOB that I recall...




And yes, it definitely has a V-8 motor!  Oops.

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Check the tip of the extractor. The very tip may be worn or broken off. Does the extractor have good spring tension, or does it flop a bit? Is the top of the extractor flush with the top of the bolt when there’s nothing in the chamber?  If not and riding high, it could have some gunk underneath it and the bolt. I assume you’ve cleaned out the notch at the back of the chamber face where the extractor tip fits with the bolt closed?


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Some thoughts from an ordinary 1873 user:

  • When I changend the stock lifter and lever springs in my 1873s to wire springs, the ejection height got significantly lower. So, there might be an issue with your lifter spring?
  • I guess the ejection height also depends if a rifle is short stroked or not. Ubertis with a smoothed original long throw do require less force to cycle but the carrier moves slower (if not catapulted by a strong spring). I suppose you can generally kick the brass higher with a short stroke.
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