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1911s anyone?


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22 minutes ago, ShadowCatcher said:

For some reason I keep forgetting my other 1911, a Browning 1911-22.

If we're going to play that way, put me down for three more - A Colt Ace, a Sig/GSG, and a POS Chiappa. ;)

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I’m down to only one 1911 currently and that’s because I plan to shoot Wild Bunch at some point. It’s great, a Colt WW1 repo that is an absolute tack driver and way too much fun to shoot. Sadly I passed on a couple 1911‘s at a local gun store several years back that should be in my collection now. One was the Colt Wiley Clapp Commander and the other was a Les Baer, the only one I’ve ever seen in person and it was perfect.

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