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WTS: Dillon conversion kits/misc.

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I recently traded my 450s and Square Deals for a 750 so I don't need these parts anymore.

Square Deal:

1  SPF 38/357 tool head and conversion kit. (Missing one button) and  1 SPF 45acp tool head and conversion kit. Each set $85 plus shipping.

1  SPF 44mag/sp conversion kit and 1 44/40 conversion kit.  Each $60 plus shipping.

2 SPF strong mounts( no bin or bracket) each $45 plus shipping.

1 9mm tool head (no bolts) $25 plus shipping.

2  SPF low primer alarms $10 each plus shipping 

I have some miscellaneous parts in the pictures such as powder bars ( one silver one left), bullet seaters in 44 and 38 special,  SPF spent primers cups,  SPF primer tube, etc.  Make me an offer and we can go from there.  Need any other pictures feel free to ask.  I will put the 450/550 parts in another add. 





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I will take both of the low primer alarms @ $10 each. Also the 44 mag conversion for $60. How much for both a large and small powder bar along with a spent primer cup?


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I will take one of the small powder bars and the primer tube assembly and one of the strong mounts. Send me a message with the info on where to send the gold





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What is included on the 9mm tool head. Are the dies, shell plate and powder funnel there? Not sure what you meant by no bolts. They are reused when you change tool heads. Thanks EH

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It looks like you have some .38 SDB bullet seating stems in the picture. I'm interested in the semi wadcutter and maybe the wadcutter. How much would need shipped to 92583 ZIP code? 



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